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Tag: sex crimes

14 Arrested in Lake County Online Sex Sting

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 14 people as a result of a recent sex sting. The weeklong operation involved detectives posing as children, between the ages of 13 and 15, online. Acting as potential prey, detectives arranged to meet with the suspects in the Golden Triangle area with the intention of having sex. …

Supreme Court Rules Sex Offenders Allowed to Use Social Media

Sex-Offender Social Media Ban Thrown Out by Supreme Court On Monday, the Supreme Court overturned a North Carolina Law that restricted use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Justices argued that social media has become one of the most important sources of information in our society and restricting access to these …

New measure aims to tackle backlog of sexual assault kits

Back in January, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released the results of a rather shocking survey, which determined that there were 13,435 untested sexual assault kits across the state. In light of the reality that these kits contain valuable DNA evidence that could not only identify potential suspects, but also establish the innocence of …

Teens face major penalties for taking, having certain ‘selfies’

It is no secret that teenage years can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Young people are testing boundaries and taking risks, trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. With that comes the high chance of making mistakes and bad decisions. Technology is only making it easier to make these mistakes. …

New Orange County Ordinances Provide Lifeline For Victims

Human trafficking continues to be a serious problem throughout Florida, particularly Orange County. In fact, it is the third highest state for reported human-trafficking cases; trailing behind Texas and California. In an effort to combat sex trafficking, Orange County commissioners recently passed an ordinance which will initially require strip clubs and massage parlors to display …

Craigslist ad for sex leads to wrongful arrest

A 2011 child-sex sting in Orange County didn’t quite go as planned, despite netting 50 arrests. In fact, for one man, a father of four and a federal corrections officer, it didn’t turn out as he hoped at all. The man responded to an ad soliciting sex and agreed to meet the woman he had …

Legislation would limit drone use by those convicted of sex crimes

The current gadget of choice for people of all ages is not a phone, a video game system or any sort of electronic device. Rather, it’s a drone, meaning those remote-controlled flying devices powered by several propellers that can fly to great heights, hover and turn on a dime. Indeed, many of these drones are …

Societal costs high for sex crime convictions in Florida

A certain stigma comes with having a sexual conviction on your record. As if being listed on Florida’s public sex offender registry and the national registry isn’t enough, there are also the possible personal and professional repercussions. Add into the mix a residency ban, which is a real thing in certain areas, and the fallout …

How Florida has mistakenly identified people as sex offenders

If you really stop to think about it, your driver’s license or state ID card contains a wealth of personal information outside of just your name and address. Indeed, it outlines whether you want to donate your organs in the event of a serious accident, whether you require corrective lenses and whether you have been …

What are the Penalties for Traveling to Meet a Minor in Florida?

Travelling to meet a minor is a serious criminal offense that is not taken lightly in the State of Florida. The penalties are stiff and the prosecution shows no mercy for crimes that involve children. To help answer the questions that are asked after an arrest, we have outlined the details of the “travelling to …

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