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Tag: drug offenses

Helping teens facing possession charges through difficult times

One of the inescapable realities of parenthood is that there will come a time when your child makes a mistake that seems completely out of character and which catches you completely off guard. For example, maybe they broke their curfew, earned a poor grade in one of their classes or were issued a speeding ticket. …

Florida man accused of flakka importation avoids conviction

With the manufacture and distribution of synthetic drugs spanning state lines and even continents, law enforcement is often hard-pressed to keep track of the different kinds of drugs being sold. In recent years, however, various synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinones (commonly called bath salts) and products sold as Molly have been made illegal on the state …

Can the police search my car if they smell marijuana? – II

Last week, we started exploring whether law enforcement officials have the right to search a person’s car during the course of a traffic stop if they smell marijuana. Specifically, we started exploring State v. Betz, a case which very much seems to indicate that they can indeed conduct such a search. In today’s post, we’ll continue …

Can the police search my car if they smell marijuana?

There is often significant confusion when it comes to the issue of traffic stops by law enforcement officials and, in particular, what they are legally permitted to do as far as searches are concerned. In particular, one issue that understandably might not be entirely clear to the general public is whether law enforcement officials here …

What does Florida law have to say concerning drug paraphernalia?

When it comes to drug-related offenses, there are terms that seem entirely foreign and steeped in legalese, terms that require no explanation whatsoever, and terms that fall somewhere in the middle. Regarding this last category, it includes those terms that the general public has certainly heard of in the context of drug crimes, but may …

Pharmacy board looking to improve access to prescription drugs

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how the Florida Board of Pharmacy has attempted to crackdown on the problem of prescription drug abuse and its associated fatalities via the now infamous “Standards of Practice for the Dispensing of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain.” We say infamous because these rather exacting standards have resulted in …

Florida narcotic crackdowns leave patients without medication

Imagine that you suffer from a condition that leaves you in excruciating pain on a regular basis. Now imagine that you were not able to get any medication for it – even though your doctor prescribed it. This may seem like an unlikely scenario, but it is exactly what is happening to people throughout Florida. …

The 5 Most Unique Drug Trafficking Techniques

Drugs that make their way into the United States follow the simple rule of supply and demand, being that no matter how many resources you use to stop the supply, drug traffickers always find a way to meet the demand. Last year the US seized almost 2.5 million pounds of marijuana and almost four thousand …

Drug offenses involving cannabis in Florida

There are many drugs that are illegally distributed in Florida. Each drug carry unique fines and penalties, some of them leading to lengthy prison sentences and costly fines. It is important for Orlando, Florida, residents to understand each drug offense so they know the penalties attached. One of the most common drug offenses stem from …

What are the mandatory sentences for drug trafficking in Florida?

In Florida, where drug crimes are more common, local residents may have heard about various drug offenses, including drug possession and drug trafficking. These two common types of charges carry unique penalties. If you were charged with drug possession, this could mean that authorities discovered or found an ample amount of drugs in your possession. When …

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