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Tag: drug charges

METHAMPHETAMINE BUST: Six Arrested in Polk County

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, just revealed that a two-month long drug investigation has resulted in the arrest of six individuals for trafficking large quantities of methamphetamine. Polk County law enforcement officers recovered more than 6 pounds of meth, five guns, and several thousand dollars. Of the six arrested, one was here illegally. Ignacia Munoz-Delgado …

The 5 Most Unique Drug Trafficking Techniques

Drugs that make their way into the United States follow the simple rule of supply and demand, being that no matter how many resources you use to stop the supply, drug traffickers always find a way to meet the demand. Last year the US seized almost 2.5 million pounds of marijuana and almost four thousand …

How much do you know about flakka?

Law enforcement officials at both the state and federal level are now sounding the alarm about flakka, a designer drug that has recently exploded in popularity across much of the U.S., including right here in the Sunshine State. Indeed, statistics show that in Broward County, police have responded to over 275 incidents involving flakka in …

Penalties for abusing prescription drugs in Florida

Because of the addictive effects of some drugs, they are strictly prohibited in all states, including Florida. Individuals need to understand that each drug is viewed and treated differently in court and the severity of drug charges depends on the kind of drug and amount confiscated. Some drug charges fall into a misdemeanor category while …

Drug offenses involving cannabis in Florida

There are many drugs that are illegally distributed in Florida. Each drug carry unique fines and penalties, some of them leading to lengthy prison sentences and costly fines. It is important for Orlando, Florida, residents to understand each drug offense so they know the penalties attached. One of the most common drug offenses stem from …

What are the penalties for federal drug trafficking charges?

Due to the detrimental effects of drugs and other illegal substances, Florida has enacted some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. Readers should note that many drug crimes can be prosecuted on either a state or federal level. If you are facing drug charges and are going to be prosecuted in a state court, …

Synthetic Drug Charges Dropped Against Seminole County Liquor Store Owner

Prosecutors have dropped the charges against a Casselberry liquor store that was raided for supposedly selling illegal synthetic drugs. After seizing hundreds of packets of what was thought to be synthetic marijuana back in January, only two tested positive for illegal substances. Store owner Doug Markovitz was charged for selling synthetic marijuana, but after producing paperwork …

Lake County Residents Help Take Down Clermont Drug Ring

There are fewer drugs on the street of Clermont today as a successful four-month investigation has resulted in charges for seventy-four suspected drug dealers. The investigation was named “close to home” after local citizens notified law enforcement of drug activity occurring in local supermarket and restaurant parking lots. After heavy surveillance and several undercover stings …

Boy’s confession leads to his mother’s arrest on drug charges

Law enforcement officers handle drug-related cases every day. Here in Central Florida, local residents are aware that police officers and other law enforcement officers use different methods in gathering reports of possible drug activities. These reports are usually validated and thoroughly investigated to acquire substantial evidence against the accused person. Once police have gathered sufficient …

Driver faces drug charges after car accident in East Manatee

Drug cases are common in Florida. Local law enforcement agencies, state police and federal agencies work hard to prevent the distribution of prohibited drugs into and around the state. Officials use various methods, such as traffic stops to nab individuals who might be trafficking in drugs, or even just using recreational drugs. Sometimes, drug offenders …

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