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Tag: criminal defense

Understanding the Florida DOC’s work release program

In recognition of the fact that many incarcerated people would perhaps be better served by doing something besides spending all of their days and nights behind bars, the Florida Department of Corrections has long had a Community Release Program in place. While there are multiple facets to this Community Release Program, the one that is …

Don’t Underestimate The Driver’s License Laws in Florida

While it can be easy to broadly proclaim that you would never consider getting behind the wheel without a valid driver’s license under any circumstances, it’s important to remember that things aren’t always so cut and dried. What if you forgot to renew your license last week and your child suddenly needs to be picked …

What are the criminal consequences for leaving the dog in the car?

While there are animal lovers of all stripes, it goes without saying that the pets most likely to be found in homes across the Sunshine State are dogs. Indeed, many of us are guilty of going to great lengths and expending great sums in order to ensure our four-legged friends are as happy and healthy …

Florida’s new civil asset forfeiture law could be a game-changer

A police procedure that has generated considerable criticism among not just criminal defense advocates, but the general public is civil asset forfeiture. Indeed, a recent survey conducted by the Drug Policy Alliance determined that as many as 84 percent of registered voters here in Florida had serious concerns about the practice. For those somewhat unfamiliar …

Florida man accused of flakka importation avoids conviction

With the manufacture and distribution of synthetic drugs spanning state lines and even continents, law enforcement is often hard-pressed to keep track of the different kinds of drugs being sold. In recent years, however, various synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinones (commonly called bath salts) and products sold as Molly have been made illegal on the state …

What does it mean to be charged with criminal mischief? – II

Last week, our blog began exploring how those accused of engaging in conduct that we would generally classify as vandalism – keying a vehicle, placing graffiti, egging a house, etc. – can face charges for criminal mischief. To recap, Florida law defines criminal mischief as “willfully and maliciously injur[ing] or damag[ing] by any means any …

What does it mean to be charged with criminal mischief?

Anyone whose vehicle has been keyed, home has been egged, fence has been ruined by graffiti or property has been vandalized in some other way knows all too well just how maddening, frustrating and costly the experience can prove to be. In recognition of this reality and the need for a suitable deterrent, the state …

Committed advocacy for those facing hit-and-run charges

When most people learn about a recent hit-and-run accident on the Internet or nightly news, they confidently think to themselves that they could never do anything like that under any circumstances. While this attitude is certainly laudable, it is perhaps overly simplistic, as it fails to account for the reality that the conditions under which …

A closer look at Florida law and the use of recording devices – II

Last week, we started discussing how Florida law is structured in such a way as to provide considerable protection to citizens regarding the interception and disclosure of communications made orally, electronically or by wire. Specifically, we explored how the eavesdropping law dictates that both in-person conversations and electronic communications cannot be recorded without the consent …

A closer look at Florida law and the use of recording devices

While advances in modern technology have served to enhance our lives to a considerable degree, they are not without their pitfalls. Indeed, now more than ever we have to be concerned about our privacy thanks to everything from high-definition cameras small enough to fit inside pens to the voice recording software found on almost all …

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