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Tag: Theft charges

Retail Stores Are Now Using Facial Recognition to Catch Shoplifters

In the last couple of years, many retail stores have been incurring huge losses resulting from shoplifting. However, with the new technology of using cameras with high quality face-recognition, they have been able to identify shoplifters and, in several cases, big spenders. How does this works? When shopping, you are likely to see cameras snapping …

Florida couple faces theft charges

Theft crimes can range from minor criminal offenses such as shoplifting to serious offenses like grand theft and fraud. Taking someone else’s property with the intent to deprive that person of the property is called theft. In Orland, Florida, it is a common knowledge that theft charges depend on the nature of the offense. Some …

Theft charges are difficult to deal with; we can help

Generally, theft is the act of taking another person’s property with the intent to deprive that person of such property. In Central Florida, readers may be familiar with the most common form of theft, which is shoplifting. This criminal offense can be either a minor or serious offense, depending on the value of the stolen …

Gas station’s daily customer faces robbery and theft charges

Theft is the act of taking another person’s property with the intention of depriving the victim of that property. Orlando, Florida, readers may be interested to learn the differences between some of the different types of theft such as burglary and robbery. Burglary refers to entering someone else’s property and taking something inside that property, …

What is the meaning of “theft?”

Orlando, Florida, residents are familiar with the term, “theft,” because this term is often heard as the reason for arrest. Theft charges are perhaps one of the most common offenses in Florida and perhaps throughout the United States. Theft is a broad term that basically refers to stealing or taking someone else’s property with the intent to …

Former YMCA employee arrested on grand theft charge

Theft – taking someone else’s money or property – is often a betrayal of personal trust. As is the case with many state laws, Florida law distinguishes theft as petty or grand based on the amount involved and the way it was taken. Both types of theft charges come with their own unique penalties that …

Man in jail faces a new grand theft charge

Taking someone else’s property is against the law. In Orlando, Florida, and anywhere else in the nation, theft charges can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the stolen object. Theft charges may stem from various illegal activities including burglary or entering a private premise, robbery or taking someone else’s …

Couple charged in alleged heist of $85,000 in eyewear

Orange County, Florida readers know that theft charges come with serious consequences. Possible jail time and hefty fines may be imposed. Damage to an accused individual’s reputation is also a negative outcome to consider. A couple is currently facing such possibilities after they were accused of and charged with stealing nearly 300 pairs of eyeglass …

Two individuals accused of theft from Florida university

There are many different types of theft charges. Theft charges can range from shoplifting to burglary, to armed robbery and other serious forms of stealing. In each case, the specific requirements that prosecutors must prove to show that a theft occurred will change. Additionally, the penalties for each case will change depending on the specific charges. Therefore, …

Students and Alumnus Accused in Test Theft Case

Three people were arrested this week for an alleged scheme to steal and sell tests at Florida International University. Two of the individuals are current students at the school and one is a graduate. Many students are probably under the impression that obtaining a copy of a test without permission is a violation of the …

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