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Federal Law and child pornography in Florida

There are many laws that govern how sex crimes are treated. Sex crimes are divided into different categories, ranging from sexual assaults, such as rape, to criminal offenses involving children, such as the possession of child pornography. Readers in Central Florida understand that the government protects the children's well-being, and this is why crimes involving children often carry severe penalties.

Rape: an all too common sex crime

Central Florida residents know that sex crimes are sensitive topics often involving allegations of lewd conduct by one person toward another. Some of the most common forms of sex crimes are possession of child pornography, sexual assault, online solicitation, prostitution and rape. Each of these offenses comes with unique sentences that can lead to stiff fines and penalties. When a person is charged with a sex crime, it is important for that person to fully understand the nature of the charge. By doing so, the accused will be able to learn how to defend him or herself against the charge.

Sex crime investigation leads to arrest of 16 in Orlando

Lewd conduct or any form of malicious intent toward another person is not tolerated in the state of Florida. Here in Central Florida, law enforcement officers often conduct investigations and entrapment operations to prevent sex crimes, such as rape, prostitution and possession of child pornography. Authorities also aim to protect children from sexual predators who are soliciting sex on the Internet.

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