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Will a criminal record stymie your travel plans?

While sitting down to plan a trip abroad is undoubtedly a very exciting proposition, it also stands to be a lot of work. That's because you have to make sure you have a host of items taken care of ahead of time, including plane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, tour plans, currency exchanges, vaccinations and travel-related shopping trips to name only a few.

An introduction and explanation of robbery charges in Florida

Theft is a general term used for criminal offenses that involve taking another person's property. Orlando, Florida, residents may be more familiar with common theft offenses such as shoplifting, burglary and robbery. Each offense can have far-reaching consequences, depending on the amount of stolen property. How the crime was committed can also define the type of theft charge. For example, burglary refers to entering someone else's property to take someone else's property with no intention to cause harm. Robbery, on the other hand, is a different matter.

Florida couple faces theft charges

Theft crimes can range from minor criminal offenses such as shoplifting to serious offenses like grand theft and fraud. Taking someone else's property with the intent to deprive that person of the property is called theft. In Orland, Florida, it is a common knowledge that theft charges depend on the nature of the offense. Some theft offenses fall into misdemeanor category while others are felony offenses. People who are charged with theft need to determine the nature of their offenses so they can build a solid criminal defense.

Florida woman faces a criminal charge due to lewd act

Criminal charges may stem from any number of illegal activities. Floridians know different penalties are levied for each criminal offense. An Orlando, Florida, resident can be charged with an offense that can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level. Most criminal offenses lead to fines and other penalties or prison sentence. Once a person is apprehended for a crime, that person has the right to a strong criminal defense.

Educator arrested on child pornography allegations in Orlando

A criminal charge is the result of an investigation into any wrongdoing or illegal activity. Here in Central Florida, readers know that local authorities are always investigating reports of possible illegal activities in order to keep local residents safe. Each criminal charge may fall into different categories such as misdemeanor, felony or a federal offense. Each charge is unique and can lead to different punishments if the accused person is convicted.

Man in jail faces a new grand theft charge

Taking someone else's property is against the law. In Orlando, Florida, and anywhere else in the nation, theft charges can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the stolen object. Theft charges may stem from various illegal activities including burglary or entering a private premise, robbery or taking someone else's property using force and armed robbery or committing a robbery while using weapons. Each charge comes with a unique set of penalties that can lead to a prison sentence and fines upon conviction.

Man faces theft charges for allegedly stealing baby clothes

Criminal charges, such as theft and fraud, are known as crimes of dishonesty, and just the accusation can color a person's reputation for life. Allegations can adversely affect an Orlando, Florida, resident's current employment status and ability to acquire future employment as well. A conviction will make it even more difficult for a person to salvage his to her reputation and professional life.

Florida teen charged with felony after prank escalates

A 15-year-old Florida high school student has been arrested and charged with a first degree felony after what school administrators described as a prank that sent a teacher to the hospital. The boy apparently added some hand-sanitizer to his teacher's soft drink as a practical joke, which the county superintendent said was consistent with his previous behavior of joking around. School officials say that they do not believe he intended to hurt the teacher. Unfortunately in this case the teacher was injured in the process and went to the hospital after drinking some of the tainted beverage and becoming physically ill.

Social media postings lead to arrest for Florida man

Police in Palm Beach County, Florida recently arrested a man that they suspected was involved in a string of local robberies. The arrest occurred after police became aware of some photos that he had posted to his Instagram account displaying potentially illegal activity. In particular, the photos displayed the man holding what appeared to be a gun, which he is prohibited from owning because of a past felony conviction.

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