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Will a criminal record stymie your travel plans?

While sitting down to plan a trip abroad is undoubtedly a very exciting proposition, it also stands to be a lot of work. That's because you have to make sure you have a host of items taken care of ahead of time, including plane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, tour plans, currency exchanges, vaccinations and travel-related shopping trips to name only a few.

The 5 Most Unique Drug Trafficking Techniques

Ddrone.JPGrugs that make their way into the United States follow the simple rule of supply and demand, being that no matter how many resources you use to stop the supply, drug traffickers always find a way to meet the demand. Last year the US seized almost 2.5 million pounds of marijuana and almost four thousand pounds of cocaine along the Mexican border. However, as the government pursues new measures to strengthen the border by ramping up narcotics programs and enforcing strict drug trafficking laws, smugglers are only getting bolder in their tactics. Here are some of the craziest ways that have been used to smuggle drugs into the country in the last few years.

Penalties for abusing prescription drugs in Florida

Because of the addictive effects of some drugs, they are strictly prohibited in all states, including Florida. Individuals need to understand that each drug is viewed and treated differently in court and the severity of drug charges depends on the kind of drug and amount confiscated. Some drug charges fall into a misdemeanor category while others are felony or federal offenses. In this blog post, readers will learn more about prescription drugs and how possession of prescription drugs may lead to a drug charge.

What are the mandatory sentences for drug trafficking in Florida?

In Florida, where drug crimes are more common, local residents may have heard about various drug offenses, including drug possession and drug trafficking. These two common types of charges carry unique penalties. If you were charged with drug possession, this could mean that authorities discovered or found an ample amount of drugs in your possession. When it comes to drug trafficking charges, authorities may have confiscated a large quantity of prohibited substance and they believe that you intended to distribute or sell the illegal drug.

Lake County Residents Help Take Down Clermont Drug Ring

486038781.jpgThere are fewer drugs on the street of Clermont today as a successful four-month investigation has resulted in charges for seventy-four suspected drug dealers. The investigation was named "close to home" after local citizens notified law enforcement of drug activity occurring in local supermarket and restaurant parking lots. After heavy surveillance and several undercover stings deputies had enough evidence to search seven homes where they seized $140,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and prescription pills. They also seized twenty three vehicles, twenty guns and over $30,000 in cash.

Boy's confession leads to his mother's arrest on drug charges

Law enforcement officers handle drug-related cases every day. Here in Central Florida, local residents are aware that police officers and other law enforcement officers use different methods in gathering reports of possible drug activities. These reports are usually validated and thoroughly investigated to acquire substantial evidence against the accused person. Once police have gathered sufficient evidence, they issue a warrant that can lead to a person's arrest on drug charges in Orlando. But, a person arrested on drug charges has the right to establish a defense to fight the charges.

Prosecutor faces drug charges after police find meth

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Florida. To address the situation, law enforcement authorities are very strict when it comes to the possession of a prohibited substance, even in very small amounts. A person found in possession of drugs, even if that person is unaware of having such a substance, can face drug charges.

Heroin ring busted in Orange County, drug agents say

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation is at it again. On November 20, 2013, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation arrested sixteen (16) people for allegedly racketeering and trafficking heroin in the Central Florida area in an investigation known as "Operation Chupa Cabra." The Agents obtained arrest warrants for all of individuals and did a major round up of all of the players. An arrest warrant means that a Judge felt that there was at least probable cause to believe that these individuals were involved in this illegal activity. These arrest were in addition to four (4) other arrests, allegedly connected to the same ring, that were arrested earlier this year.

FDA Cracking Down on Unprescribed Hydrocodone

The FDA is urging tighter restrictions on Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is an opioid painkiller that is found in prescribed drugs like Vicodin, Lortab and Norco. The FDA wants to reclassify Hydrocodone as a more restrictive drug like oxycodone and morphine. By reclassifying them, the government is hoping they will be harder to obtain legally and illegally. Doctors would no longer be able to call in a prescription to the pharmacy. Instead, the consumer must go to the pharmacy with a prescription in writing.

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