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A closer look at the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Anyone who eagerly tunes in each week to watch a favorite television crime drama has more than likely gained a passing knowledge of everything from police procedure and crime scene investigation to courtroom tactics and, of course, constitutional rights.

Death of Unborn Child Warrants a Separate Criminal Charge

A bill making the death of an unborn child a separate crime from an offense against the mother has passed the Florida House. H.B.759 passed on a vote of 74-43 on Thursday and includes the provision that criminal charges would apply even if the perpetrator did not know the woman was pregnant. A similar bill has already cleared several committees in the Florida Senate. The wording of the bill suggests that any point of gestational development is covered, creating contention among the bills many opponents. Opponents point out there would be an increase in pregnancy tests on women injured or killed as the result of a crime. 

Parramore Residents Push For More Cameras to Deter Crime

A neighborhood led drive is happening to prevent crime in one of Orlando's local neighborhoods that is inundated with crime. More than a few hundred of the inhabitants of Parramore have put their signature on a petition requesting police to place additional cameras on the roads where they live because they trust that where there is more surveillance there is less crime. "It is recognized that the populace wants them, the churches want it and the companies want them," Harvest Church Pastor Glendy Hamilton assertively declared. A representative with the Orlando Police Department said that neighborhood in Parramore already possess 36 IRIS surveillance units. Though, when Channel 13 News perused the chart of current IRIS surveillance units, almost half of the units were situated in business regions close to the administration edifices like the Orlando Police Department, the federal courthouse or the Amway Center. 

Tips For Preventing Home Burglary

According to crime statistics, the most violent crime for residents in Central Florida are victims of residential burglary. Compared to Orlando having 24 murders, police have investigated over 3,000 home burglaries in 2012 alone. Police still receive and respond to approximately 7 calls a day for home burglaries. For residents who want to make their home undesirable and want to become proactive against potential criminals, a free home-survey service through law-enforcement agencies are available.

Shifting the Perception of Domestic Violence

An Orange County woman won a measure of justice after years of waiting. Her ex-husband received a 20-year prison term followed by 10 years of probation for hitting her in the head and attempting to choke her. Reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson case, the defendant made headlines as he held off police for hours in a residential area. The hard-fought case came after several setbacks. Prosecutors delayed filing charges. The victim was chastised by the courts when she asked for an order of protection. The defendant acted as his own lawyer, which enabled him to contact his wife. Her home was demolished by tear gas, so she rented a room in another home after her divorce. But at 58, the woman found the courage within to press through. She doesn't think she could have persevered if she were younger. During the first six months of 2012, domestic-violence homicides increased 29 percent from those in 2011 in Florida. One professor observed that many victims don't even contact the police and cited the complexities of domestic violence dynamics.

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