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A closer look at the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution -- II

Last week, our blog started providing some basic background information on the Fifth Amendment, which sets forth several distinct constitutional protections and limits on police procedure. As always, the intent was to help shed some light on the sometimes confusing area of criminal law.  

What are the penalties for federal drug trafficking charges?

Due to the detrimental effects of drugs and other illegal substances, Florida has enacted some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. Readers should note that many drug crimes can be prosecuted on either a state or federal level. If you are facing drug charges and are going to be prosecuted in a state court, you are dealing with less serious charges as compared to federal drug charges. Federal drug charges can trigger mandatory minimum prison sentences and hefty fines.

Boy's confession leads to his mother's arrest on drug charges

Law enforcement officers handle drug-related cases every day. Here in Central Florida, local residents are aware that police officers and other law enforcement officers use different methods in gathering reports of possible drug activities. These reports are usually validated and thoroughly investigated to acquire substantial evidence against the accused person. Once police have gathered sufficient evidence, they issue a warrant that can lead to a person's arrest on drug charges in Orlando. But, a person arrested on drug charges has the right to establish a defense to fight the charges.

Driver faces drug charges after car accident in East Manatee

Drug cases are common in Florida. Local law enforcement agencies, state police and federal agencies work hard to prevent the distribution of prohibited drugs into and around the state. Officials use various methods, such as traffic stops to nab individuals who might be trafficking in drugs, or even just using recreational drugs. Sometimes, drug offenders announce themselves to police when their behavior is influenced by drug use.

Police arrest man for cocaine and other drug charges

In Orlando, Florida, law enforcement officials painstakingly follow all leads that can lead to the apprehension of people involved in drug crimes. And once a person has been apprehended for drug crimes, the accused is likely to face severe penalties, depending on the charges. For example, a person caught with a specific amount of drug may be charged with misdemeanor possession, while a person who was caught carrying a large quantity may face a more serious charge such as drug distribution or trafficking.

Prosecutor faces drug charges after police find meth

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Florida. To address the situation, law enforcement authorities are very strict when it comes to the possession of a prohibited substance, even in very small amounts. A person found in possession of drugs, even if that person is unaware of having such a substance, can face drug charges.

Federal drug charges filed against 42-year-old Florida man

Drug charges alone can lead to serious consequences for any Florida, resident. Federal drug charges, on the other hand, can result in even more damaging repercussions, including a possible maximum prison sentence in a federal prison. For a resident facing drug charges, immediate legal action may be necessary in order to help offset these damaging charges.

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