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What constitutes an alibi when it comes to criminal defense?

Allegations of criminal activities can lead to life-altering consequences for people in Florida, including jail time, fines and other penalties. However, all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. To avoid conviction, the accused has to craft a solid criminal defense. The failure to do so can increase the chance of a conviction. It is important for people facing criminal charges to determine which types of defense arguments best suit them. One of the many defenses that can be used is an alibi defense.

Former science teacher arrested on sex crime charges

Sex offenses by the nature of the crimes are usually sensitive cases. In Florida, specifically in Orlando, sex crimes often involve cases of rape, child pornography, child sexual abuse and prostitution. Each sex crime comes with unique penalties. Anyone who is facing sex charges must defend themselves against the damaging allegations to avoid serious repercussions, such as jail and inclusion on the list of sex offenders.

Overview of the self-defense plea in a criminal assault charge

Anyone can be accused of a criminal offense. Before a sentence is imposed, a person accused of a crime will often be subjected to a trial to determine if that person is guilty of the offense. The accused has the right to establish a strong criminal defense to contest the damaging allegations. Many types of criminal defense are possible; one of which is self-defense. People accused of criminal assault may be interested to learn more about the self-defense plea and how it can help fight a criminal assault charge.

The difference between sexual assault and rape in Florida

Central Florida readers know that accusations of sex crimes should be addressed very carefully. Any one accused of such offenses is often ostracized by the public, which in turn, results in damaged reputation. Different types of sex crimes exist and each offense carries unique sentences and penalties upon conviction. Rape, one of the most common types of sex crimes, was already discussed in a previous post. Readers, who want to learn more about sex crimes, may also be interested to know the difference between rape and another common sex crime, sexual assault.

We can be your shield in your fight against criminal charges

Laws are made to maintain peace and order in the community. Central Florida readers are aware that each criminal offense can bring various consequences such as probation, fines, mandatory minimum sentences, and other penalties. If convicted, some severe criminal offenses can leave a permanent dent on your record. The good news is that anyone accused of a criminal offense has the right to tell his or her side of the story in an effort to prove his or her innocence of the criminal allegations.

Florida woman faces a criminal charge due to lewd act

Criminal charges may stem from any number of illegal activities. Floridians know different penalties are levied for each criminal offense. An Orlando, Florida, resident can be charged with an offense that can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level. Most criminal offenses lead to fines and other penalties or prison sentence. Once a person is apprehended for a crime, that person has the right to a strong criminal defense.

Rape: an all too common sex crime

Central Florida residents know that sex crimes are sensitive topics often involving allegations of lewd conduct by one person toward another. Some of the most common forms of sex crimes are possession of child pornography, sexual assault, online solicitation, prostitution and rape. Each of these offenses comes with unique sentences that can lead to stiff fines and penalties. When a person is charged with a sex crime, it is important for that person to fully understand the nature of the charge. By doing so, the accused will be able to learn how to defend him or herself against the charge.

Judge faces criminal allegation of drunk driving

For an ordinary citizen, facing criminal charges is enough of a daunting task. Allegations alone can cause damage to a person's reputation. So when a resident, who holds a particular position or is highly-respected in the community, is faced with criminal charges, the stakes are a lot higher. A Florida judge has found herself on the other side of the bench after being charged with driving under the influence.

High school teacher battles numerous sex crimes allegations

A Florida resident's professional and personal life can take a turn for the worse if they are charged with a sex crime, because these types of crimes are sensitive matters. Many times, suspects are unnecessarily judged by their peers and the community even before a case goes to court. Sometimes however, immediately seeking a legal solution to the dilemma can help suspects clear their name.

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