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Anti-Texting Law in Florida Now in Effect

On October 1, 2013 a new law in Florida has taken effect banning texting for the purpose of nonvoice interpersonal communication while driving your car, truck or other motor vehicle. The texting ban statute includes all of the behavior you CAN NOT do while driving but also sets forth so many exceptions, it will make your head swivel. Before we even go there can anyone tell me:

Speeding at a Glance

Citizens of Florida are not allowed to operate their motor vehicles at a speed that is greater than what is reasonable, given the current and potential conditions and hazards. There are statutory speed limits for specific roads: 70 MPH for highways, 55 MPH in all other instances, and 30 MPH for business and residence districts. Doing so is a violation of Florida's traffic law, and will resolve in a speeding ticket and a fine. The amount of the fine in a non-adjudicated case, ranging from $25 to $250 is dependent on the extent of the violation, i.e. how much you were going over the speed limit. In an adjudicated case, where you are likely challenging the speeding ticket, the fine cannot be more than $500, unless you were caught speeding in a school or construction zone.

Each Traffic Stop Holds Potential Harm

When you have someone who does not respect the system that is designed to protect the citizens in Orlando, then they are subject to the consequences. On Tuesday, 23 year old, Demetrius Patterson was denied bond after shooting an Orlando police officer in the abdomen after being pulled over for reckless driving in the Washington Shores area. Officer Jason Hajek was working the graveyard shift as he typically does, when he pulled over the vehicle with Patterson and another passenger. Patterson opened fire on Officer Hajek, shooting him in the abdomen. Hajek returned with a shot that hit the defendant's foot, and as he was calling for back-up as the vehicle took off. Patterson was found and arrested at his cousin's house, which was near the shooting location. Any shift that a police officer is out in the public is potentially dangerous. Fortunately, Officer Hajek escaped serious injury that night from the shot in the abdomen. Patterson used a 44-caliber pistol, which sent the bullet between the slight gap in the officer's vest and his gun belt. The bullet was removed at ORMC, and Hajek is now resting comfortably.

Texting While Driving Increasing in Severity

A bill introducing a ban on driving while texting has received bipartisan support as it passed its first hurdle on the way to becoming law in the state of Florida. For some lawmakers in Florida, simply issuing a citation or traffic ticket for texting while driving is not enough when there have been reported accidents because of texting negligence that have resulted in deaths. In such cases, some Florida politicians are calling for a charge of vehicular homicide to be introduced when drivers causing accidents are known to have been texting. This comes with a close regard to the fact that many studies have shown drivers engaged in texting are more oblivious to their surroundings on the road than those impaired by drugs or alcohol that are behind the wheel.

A Ban Against All Cell Phone Use for Drivers?

holding an arrangement of different color phonesThe National Transportation Board is campaigning a ban against all cell phone use while driving in all fifty states. The investigative agency stated that all states should ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices, except in emergencies. 

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