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Operation Right Track

Operation Right Track

Children who become entangled with law enforcement early in their lives put their futures in harm’s way. Understandably, parents of at-risk teens or juvenile offenders may feel frustrated that their children have gone astray. Often, they might not know where to turn when their children pick up delinquent habits and fail to obey their authority. …

Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida

There is no shortage of aggressive drivers on Florida’s highways. Driving almost anywhere in this state can be a frustrating experience; unfortunately, venting through dangerous driving habits puts everyone at risk. Speeding is a factor in a significant portion of fatal accidents, which is why Operation Southern Shield is in town to patrol Orlando drivers. …

Construction Defects Can Cause Serious Slip and Trip Injuries

Construction Defects Can Cause Serious Slip and Trip Injuries A defect in the sidewalk leading up to a business has cracks due to poor workmanship, and an elderly woman trips and breaks her hip. The stairway in an apartment building collapses as a young man is traveling on the stairs, causing a fractured leg, rib …

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