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5 Household Items That Could Cause Injuries if They’re Defective

The United States has one of the largest consumer markets in the world, making the average American home a collector of household goods. When someone buys a product, they assume that the item is working and adequately performs its function. However, there are many instances where trusted devices are defective and cause harm to the …

What is Considered a Valid Excuse for Missing a Court Date in Florida?

  If you have been told to appear in court, it is best to consider it a demand andnot a suggestion. While there are times when it is not mandatory that you actually appear in court, like a minor traffic ticket that can just be paid, most of the time it is in your best …

What Constitutional Rights Do Undocumented Immigrants Have?

The current “zero-tolerance” policy toward violation of immigration policy by the Trump administration has led to a call for action to protect the legal rights of immigrants. A clear understanding of how the United States Constitution applies to undocumented immigrants will determine what rights they have when it comes to legal representation, access to the …

Gift Ideas for Your Injured Loved One Around the Holidays

The holidays are all about giving thanks and celebrating with family and friends. It’s a time for gathering together, sharing stories, and indulging in delicious foods. It’s also the time of year for gift-giving—a gesture that expresses appreciation for those you love. Gift-giving is a rewarding experience, especially if it’s for an injured loved one. …

Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida

There is no shortage of aggressive drivers on Florida’s highways. Driving almost anywhere in this state can be a frustrating experience; unfortunately, venting through dangerous driving habits puts everyone at risk. Speeding is a factor in a significant portion of fatal accidents, which is why Operation Southern Shield is in town to patrol Orlando drivers. …

Construction Defects Can Cause Serious Slip and Trip Injuries

Construction Defects Can Cause Serious Slip and Trip Injuries A defect in the sidewalk leading up to a business has cracks due to poor workmanship, and an elderly woman trips and breaks her hip. The stairway in an apartment building collapses as a young man is traveling on the stairs, causing a fractured leg, rib …

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