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Category: Legal Rights

What is Considered a Valid Excuse for Missing a Court Date in Florida?

  If you have been told to appear in court, it is best to consider it a demand andnot a suggestion. While there are times when it is not mandatory that you actually appear in court, like a minor traffic ticket that can just be paid, most of the time it is in your best …

What Kind of Protesting is Still Permitted in Florida?

In the United States, the freedom of speech and protest is a constitutional right provided by our government. Generations of American citizens used the ability to protest to advocate opinions on legislation and human rights. For many Florida residents, peacefully assembling in regards to lawmakers’ choices is an essential part of their lives.  On April …

Can Protestors Be Arrested for Burning the American Flag?

In November 2016, shortly after the presidential election, Donald Trump posted on Twitter that nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag and that anyone caught burning one should be punished. He suggested that flag burners should be penalized by a loss of their citizenship or by spending a year in jail. However, the …

What Constitutional Rights Do Undocumented Immigrants Have?

The current “zero-tolerance” policy toward violation of immigration policy by the Trump administration has led to a call for action to protect the legal rights of immigrants. A clear understanding of how the United States Constitution applies to undocumented immigrants will determine what rights they have when it comes to legal representation, access to the …

Can Police Force You To Turn Over Your Phone and Online Records?

Thanks to the advancements of connectivity in technology, our phones have become personal vaults of information. From our bank account information to a constant GPS tracking system of our whereabouts, the online records in these smart devices can reveal a significant amount of private information we hold dear. If this information should be seized or …

Hey Google, Can Police Access My Smartspeaker Voice Recordings?

It’s understandable to assume that if you’re alone in your home or outdoors with no one else around, calls made on your smartphone are totally private. In some cases, you would be wrong.  Voice Assistant-powered smart speakers are listening in on your calls, as well as eavesdropping on your daily activities. For those who presume voice …

Employee Rights Regarding Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana laws are in a state of flux throughout the country, but the unfortunate truth is that cannabis is still a Schedule I drug that’s banned at the federal level. Eleven states have legalized recreational use of cannabis, and in these states, it’s generally treated similarly to alcohol in that employers do not need to …

Can Police Search My Car Without a Warrant in Florida?

Police are allowed to pull over motorists for a wide variety of traffic infractions, from broken tail lights to distracted driving to having an expired registration, so long as they have reasonable suspicion that a driver broke the law. Whatever the reason may be, being pulled over by a police officer can become an even …

What You Need to Know if Your Child is Arrested

No parent wants to find out that their child committed a crime or helped others do so. But most parents understand that kids, especially teenagers, make poor decisions that may be impulsive and highly illogical. Sometimes, these decisions land them in handcuffs or mark them as suspects in criminal investigations.  No matter how many times …

Have Ex-Felons Had Their Rights to Vote Fully Restored in Florida?

Last year, Florida voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of Amendment 4, a ballot measure to restore the right to vote to 1.4 million ex-felons who have repaid their debts to society but never had their voting rights restored. As one of just three states in the U.S. that bans convicts from voting for life, a …

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