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Category: Theft

I’m Being Investigated for Embezzlement at Work. What Should I Do?

A common reason a person may go from the office to the courtroom is embezzlement. An embezzlement crime is the misappropriation of funds by a person in a position of trust or power. Company insiders like CEOs, CFOs, managers, and even secretaries can often find themselves in trouble if they engage in this behavior. Continue …

Do Certain Crimes Really Spike During the Holidays?

The holiday season, while filled with love, laughter, and joy, isn’t always relaxing. For most people, running around doing last-minute shopping and spending money is chaotic and stressful. What’s deemed as “the most wonderful time of the year” is often not the case for those who can’t afford gift-giving or have no family to spend …

Walmart Robber Sentenced to 26 Years for Robbery With Deadly Weapon

This past June in Orlando, local WalMart employees and customers became part of what seemed like a scene out of a cops and robbers movie after Catrell Ivory entered the store and held workers at gunpoint. According to Police Reports, this wasn’t Ivory’s first brush with the law. In 2017, he successfully held up two …

FL House Supports Bill that Would Increase Felony Theft Threshold

**Update** As of July 2019, Florida’s Felony Theft Threshold is $750. Still far lower than in other states! Florida state statutes define the criteria for theft and misdemeanor theft. The threshold for misdemeanor theft is stealing any item with a value of $1 to $750. The threshold for felony theft (otherwise known as grand theft) …

South Bay Woman Charged with Shoplifting at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is not a usual target for thieves, or at least it wasn’t until earlier this year when authorities arrested a 52-year-old woman for shoplifting in Florida’s SeaWorld Orlando park. Police charged her with grand theft and retail theft after they discovered that her car contained more than $300 worth of merchandise – including stolen …

Retail theft can encompass more than just shoplifting

When we hear the term retail theft, we automatically envision people attempting to leave a store with something for which they did not pay, perhaps concealing a single item under their coat or brazenly walking out with a full shopping cart. While this is an accurate depiction, it fails to account for the various other …

Can you be arrested for contracting without a license? – II

Last week, our blog began discussing how home improvement projects are always underway at any given time in any given neighborhood here in Orlando. We also discussed how those undertaking relatively complex or labor-intensive projects may want to proceed with caution, as they could be performing work that requires a contractor’s license. Indeed, we started …

Can you be arrested for contracting without a license?

If you were to drive around any neighborhood here in Orlando, chances are very good that you would see a seemingly endless assortment of pickups, vans and/or trucks parked in front of homes, a sure sign of some manner of home improvement project taking place. While many of these home improvement projects are generally small …

Understanding more about the theft of trade secrets under federal law

Last time, our blog discussed how those employees who misappropriate business information that could properly be classified as “trade secrets” will likely find themselves facing a civil lawsuit, as well as criminal charges under state law. It’s important for employees to understand, however, that the fallout from allegations of trade theft is not necessarily confined …

Understanding more about the theft of trade secrets under state law

From scientific data, marketing information and customer lists to business codes, technical blueprints and recipes, there is a host of business information that could properly be classified as “trade secrets.” Indeed, it’s safe to say that businesses assign a great value to this information, so much so that many have their employers execute non-disclosure agreements …

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