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Category: DUI

Orlando Police Have Zero Tolerance for DUI during New Year’s Celebrations

Like any other year, celebrations rang in the New Year around the world—despite being in the middle of a pandemic. As a holiday that serves to welcome new beginnings and say good riddance to the past, many people washed down 2020 by imbibing in alcohol. Although this year has been challenging for most, Orlando Police …

Can Sober Drivers Fail Field Sobriety Tests?

There’s nothing more frustrating than being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit—especially when it’s something as serious as a DUI. Unfortunately, innocent people are arrested all the time after failing field sobriety tests. The reality is that these tests are easy to fail, regardless of whether you’re sober or inebriated. Due to the potential …

Can My DUI Be Expunged in Florida?

Getting a DUI can be a traumatic and regretful experience. When law enforcement pulls you over and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measures at a level of .08 or higher, then you are illegally operating your vehicle and will face harsh consequences.  However, if you were pulled over and arrested for a DUI, but never …

What Factors Determine Fault in a DUI Case?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense that carries serious consequences. Many times, when an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they do end up getting involved in an accident. DUI accidents can be severe and cause serious injury, even death. Contrary to popular belief, just because …

Can I Get a DUI for Sitting in a Parked Car While Drunk?

So you’re on the way home from a bar and realize that you’re a bit more tipsy than you initially thought. Rather than continue driving and risk getting a DUI or causing an accident, you decide to pull into the local Walmart parking plaza, recline your seat, and sleep it off. One would assume that …

Tips for Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Every year, Floridians look forward to a long summer day filled with American history and celebration of their personal freedom on the Fourth of July. As one of the most recognized party days of the year, cities spare no expense when planning parades, fireworks, and local community events for their residents. This means that many …

Do Whatever You Can to Avoid Driving Drunk this Memorial Day Weekend

If you drive drunk, you will be caught. Driving drunk is extremely dangerous, and if you are caught, your life can change forever. This Memorial Day weekend, you should take every precaution to ensure that you do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Every memorial day the police presence is increased, and this year …

Understanding a Per Se DUI Arrest

Most people are familiar with the term “per se,” which in Latin translates to “by itself.” While it’s often used in casual conversation, when the term is applied to DUI cases by law enforcement, the use of “per se” is anything but casual. If you’re arrested on per se DUI charges, it’s important to know …

Can I Get a DUI Charge if I Pass the Breathalyzer?

Under Florida law, it is illegal for someone to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 or higher, or operate a vehicle with impaired faculties. If one does drive a car and is pulled over, it is still possible to be guilty of a DUI despite a low BAC. To understand how …

Utah Implements Lowest BAC in Nation…Again

Utah’s local government has taken measures to fight the problem of drunk driving in this new year. The legal limit for drinking and driving in the state is now officially 0.05 percent. This went into effect on Sunday, December 30, 2018, ensuring that New Year’s Eve revelers would have to keep their celebrations in check …

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