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Category: Drug Offenses

Orlando Police Department Arrests More than 50 Alleged Drug Dealers 

In June, the Orlando police department arrested 53 fentanyl dealers after a 9-month investigation that officers dubbed “Operation Good Call.” Nine of the arrests were linked to fentanyl overdose deaths, while police arrested eight others after allegedly selling fentanyl to an individual who was later saved with Narcan. The remaining 36 arrests came from information …

Why Cannabis “Sniff Tests” Don’t Work for Police Anymore

You may be familiar with the idea of probable cause, which states that an officer of the law must have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed before they can act on an unwarranted search of someone’s private property. In many circumstances across Florida, this was used by law enforcement to conduct a “sniff …

TSA Catches Man with 22 Pounds of Meth at Orlando Airport

In late January, Orlando International Airport (MCO) TSA officials caught a California man trying to board a plane with 22 pounds of crystal meth. A TSA agent conducted a random search of his bag at the gate. Police charged the man with trafficking of amphetamines over 200 grams, making it one of the largest drug …

How Serious is a Cocaine Possession Charge in Florida?

Both the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and Florida Statute 893 consider cocaine to be a substance that has a high potential for abuse or dependence. There has been a 57.1 percent increase in cocaine-related deaths between 2015 and 2016 in Florida. Cocaine use has steadily grown because of its short-term stimulating euphoric physiological effects; however, …

Employee Rights Regarding Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana laws are in a state of flux throughout the country, but the unfortunate truth is that cannabis is still a Schedule I drug that’s banned at the federal level. Eleven states have legalized recreational use of cannabis, and in these states, it’s generally treated similarly to alcohol in that employers do not need to …

Why Shipping Marijuana in the U.S. is a Bad Idea

Although attitudes about marijuana have become more accepting, and more states are legalizing recreational use, the fact remains that marijuana is federally prohibited. In Florida, there are several marijuana charges you may face at the state level. However, sending marijuana or a substance that derives from it by mail can bring federal charges. If you …

Florida is Decriminalizing Weed City By City. Is Legalization Next?

According to the ACLU, more than half of all drug arrests in 2010 were for marijuana. There are many reasons to decriminalize weed, not least of which is reducing the number of people who get incarcerated for nonviolent offenses. The criminalization of marijuana causes many people to lose their jobs and benefits, and negatively impacts …

5 Bills That Could Change How Marijuana and Hemp are Treated in Florida

As we draw nearer to the 2020 election, it seems likely that recreational marijuana will be on the ballot in Florida. Yet, Florida lawmakers have already been plagued with challenges regarding the regulation of cannabis and hemp, two industries that are now worth billions of dollars. Throughout the state, lawmakers seeking to keep up with …

Hemp Legalization is Making it Harder to Prosecute Marijuana Crimes

On Nov. 3, 2019, the NYPD seized a 106-pound hemp shipment bound for a CBD business thinking it was illegal marijuana and boasted about it on social media. Under the recently-approved Federal Farm Bill, hemp is now treated like any other crop. Despite the shipment having all the necessary paperwork to prove its legitimacy, an …

Grandma Arrested for Possession of CBD

Disney World is everyone’s idea of a dream vacation. Awesome roller coasters, exciting  attractions, and endless fun—it’s a must-experience trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime … kind of like the way a trip to jail is an experience that stays with you forever. But don’t ask us; ask Hester Burkhalter. What started as a …

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