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Category: Criminal Defense

Catalytic Converter Theft Rises in Central Florida and Throughout the United States

It seems that there is an increase in catalytic converters thefts not just in the Central Florida area but around the country. Since mid-March, a wave of these thefts swept through Volusia, Flagler, Lake, Marion, and Seminole counties. These converters are easy to take off cars, and thieves can steal them within two and three …

What to Do after Being Arrested as a Tourist in Florida

Millions of people visit the Sunshine State every year to relax at one of our beautiful beaches or enjoy a day at one of the many world-class theme parks. While most follow our laws, others do not. Some may engage in reckless or illegal activities, causing police officers to arrest them. An out-of-state arrest can …

Florida Man Shot and Killed During a Home Invasion

A 20-year-old man died during a home invasion in Orlando on April 20. Local police officers received calls about a shooting near Curry Ford Road and found the man shot inside an apartment at Canopy Apartment Villas. Emergency services took the victim to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Police have not given any …

How Do Criminal Cases Move Through the Florida Court System?

Entering the criminal justice system as a defendant can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect during your trial. Criminal defense cases have many steps, spanning from a defendant’s initial arrest up until their sentencing hearing. To get a better understanding of the process by which criminal cases are moved …

When Are Police Officers Required to Turn on Their Body Cameras?

Cases of police brutality have continued to spike in recent years, and national protests against it have made the news repeatedly. The conversation around police misconduct has prompted many Americans to become more critical of law enforcement and wary of their presence. Since 2014, many states have introduced body cameras into their local police departments …

What Are the Consequences of Skipping Jury Duty?

At some point in your life, you’ll be summoned to jury duty by a local, state, or federal court. Taking time out of your day to serve as a juror can be an annoying interruption to your usual activities. However, jurors play a significant role in determining someone’s future and help protect our fundamental rights. …

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer If Police Contact Me for Questioning?

When speaking with a police officer in the State of Florida, it is important to understand the rights that you have as a citizen. If you are contacted for questioning, it may be anxiety-inducing if you are not sure what steps to take. Police interrogation may seem intimidating, but is it a situation that warrants …

What to Do When You’re Arrested for the First Time in Florida

An arrest can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know what to expect. You might not realize you’ve done anything illegal, or a bad situation may have gotten out of control. Regardless of the circumstances, you still have rights, and you should remain calm to avoid jeopardizing your case in any future legal action. While …

Failing to Report a Conviction or Plea to the Florida Real Estate Commission

If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense in Florida, and you are a licensed real estate agent, the repercussions can take a toll on your mental health, finances, social life, and job. What’s more, you may also have to endure court appearances, fines, and a suspension or revocation of your professional real estate license. …

Do You Have the Right to Resist an Unlawful Arrest?

To arrest you, a police officer must have a warrant for your arrest or probable cause to believe you committed an illegal act. In some cases, you may not have committed a crime, or a police officer has no probable cause. Is it legal to resist an unlawful arrest? Resisting an unlawful arrest is a …

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