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Category: Criminal Defense

Newlywed Chris Coffey Dies After Hit-and-Run in Florida

Chris Coffey and his wife married on September 11, 2021. The couple had been together for ten years. On Sunday, September 12, they were on their way to celebrate their honeymoon when their truck was hit by a white Dodge Charger merging onto Interstate 95. Florida Highway Portal reported that the newlywed’s truck, when struck, …

Can I Legally Carry a Taser in Florida?

In Florida, you aren’t required to have a license to buy or carry a stun gun or taser as long as it’s being used for self-defense. However, other scenarios in which these devices may be used have certain restrictions. If you own a stun gun or taser, it’s essential to educate yourself on the various …

What Should You Do After Being Hurt on an Electric Scooter in Orlando?

Electric scooters have popped up in cities and on campuses all across the Sunshine State in recent years. Not only are electric scooters an excellent way for Florida’s tourists to go from one attraction to the next, but they are also a great way for citizens to travel in a more eco-friendly way from one …

3 Tips for Staying Out of Trouble This Halloween

Halloween is a night of tricks, treats, and no shortage of mischief. While Halloween may seem like a night of fun and harmless games, things can take a turn for the worst and end up getting you in trouble if you are not careful.  The Umansky Law Firm is an award-winning criminal defense law firm …

“Home Improvement” Actor Arrested After Accusations of Strangling Girlfriend

On average, almost 20 people are abused by an intimate partner every minute in the United States. This staggering statistic affects both women and men and is an unfortunate abundance in today’s society. Unfortunately, for the girlfriend of Home Improvement Star, Zachery Ty Bryan, the issue of domestic abuse and battery became all too real …

What to Do if You Have Been Wrongfully Accused of Cyberbullying

While bullying was once reserved for cafeterias and playgrounds, the nature of the digital age has provided additional platforms for unkind behavior to take place. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social platforms, while intended for social connection, often become a breeding ground for cyberbullying. As a result, cyberbullying has become a global issue, causing …

Staying Safe on Your ATV in Florida This Summer 

As summer comes to a close, now is the time to participate in all of your favorite summer activities before fall begins. All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are a popular source of summer fun in Florida. Whether used for recreation or sport, ATV users need to remember to remain alert and attentive as they ride.  Umansky …

The 5 Most Common Juvenile Crimes in Florida 

Children are bound to get into trouble, but the situation can turn serious quickly when the law becomes involved. In Florida, there were a little over 45,000 juveniles arrested between 2019 and 2020. As a parent, you teach your kids right from wrong, but sometimes the situation can escalate past your ability to help.   If …

Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Health Inspectors

Public health inspectors are frontline government workers who enforce local and state health regulations. Health inspectors in Florida have the authority to issue fines, suspend business licenses, and can even order emergency shutdowns if there are enough health and safety violations. All environmental health professionals and health inspectors in the state must abide by Florida’s …

Failure to Report a Conviction or Plea for Lab Technicians

In simple terms, a lab technician is a medical professional who conducts lab tests on specimens and records and reports the results. Lab technicians have a range of responsibilities, including preparing solutions, collecting data, analyzing samples, and maintaining lab equipment. A career as a lab technician has many unique benefits, including workplace flexibility, behind-the-scenes work, …

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