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Category: Boating Accidents

Who’s Liable for Injuries on a Rented Boat in Florida?

Boat rentals are a popular activity among both Florida residents and tourists. They provide a unique opportunity to explore our waterways, but they can also pose a serious threat to passengers. Even if the cause of an accident seems clear to you, determining liability for injuries from a rental boat can be hard to do. …

Frequently Asked Questions About Boating Under the Influence

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol is the leading cause of fatal boat accidents. Each year, Florida has the most boating fatalities nationwide, one-third of which result from alcohol use. Boating under the influence (BUI) is a serious offense. In Florida, law enforcement agencies have increased their efforts to enforce BUI laws. If you …

If I Get injured While Water Skiing, Who Is Liable?

Two teenage girls recently got seriously hurt after their jet skis crashed near Sandsprit Park in Stuart, Florida. Police reported that they had severe injuries to their legs and lower regions and were taken to a local hospital where their condition was described as serious but not life-threatening.  Water skiing is also a popular activity …

How Can You Determine Fault in a Boating Accident in Florida?

Boating and jet skiing alike are two sports that many enjoy in the Sunshine State. Central Florida is home to many freshwater springs and lakes that locals often choose for their water sports activities before making the drive to the east coast’s Atlantic Ocean, or the west coast’s Gulf of Mexico. Boating is a lot …

All About Boat Accidents and How They Compare to Car Accidents

At nearly 1 million registered boats, it’s no surprise that the Sunshine State has the most registered boats in the United States. With no shortage of pristine waterways to explore, riding a boat is a favorite outdoor activity throughout Florida. Boat ownership is a rewarding experience, but it’s not without risk. Just like owning a …

Boating Under the Influence and Labor Day

Labor Day is fast approaching. Central Floridians will be out on their boats on the Conway and Butler chain of lakes and further east on the St. John’s river and the intracoastal. Please make sure you keep safe as alcohol is the number one cause of death in boating accidents last year. Unlike a DUI case, where …

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