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Category: Blog

What Should You Do If You’re Accused of Business Fraud?

Fraud is considered a form of theft that deceives others while extorting compensation and money from unsuspecting individuals. Florida laws take fraud very seriously, and those accused could face harsh repercussions. While there is an increasing number of cases dealing with fraud and theft, there are just as many falsely accused.  Consequences for business fraud …

How to Prevent Being Tricked into a False Confession

Criminal confessions have always been the strongest indicator of guilt. However, once DNA started being used to prove guilt, light shone on just how common wrongful convictions and false confessions are. The Innocence Project, a nonprofit legal organization that exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA evidence, reports that 26% of wrongful convictions involved a false …

Amusement Park Rides Can Fail. Here’s What You Should Do Next

Millions of people worldwide visit Central Florida every year to visit one of our multiple amusement parks. From riding roller coasters to eating churros, visiting a theme park should be a fun experience. Guests should not feel an immediate threat of danger. However, two teens in late March went through a frightening experience at Old …

Catalytic Converter Theft Rises in Central Florida and Throughout the United States

It seems that there is an increase in catalytic converters thefts not just in the Central Florida area but around the country. Since mid-March, a wave of these thefts swept through Volusia, Flagler, Lake, Marion, and Seminole counties. These converters are easy to take off cars, and thieves can steal them within two and three …

What Kind of Protesting is Still Permitted in Florida?

In the United States, the freedom of speech and protest is a constitutional right provided by our government. Generations of American citizens used the ability to protest to advocate opinions on legislation and human rights. For many Florida residents, peacefully assembling in regards to lawmakers’ choices is an essential part of their lives.  On April …

Consequences That Might Make You Reconsider Texting and Driving in FL

Life never seems to stop, and our phone connects us to friends, family, and our job. When we’re driving, it’s tempting to check notifications or quickly text back an important message, but nothing is more precious than your life.  Texting and driving laws in Florida aim to reinforce and protect these principles by upholding strict …

Universal Orlando to Allow Maskless Guests…If They’re Fully Vaccinated

If you live in or have ever traveled to Orlando, Florida, then you know that Universal Orlando is one of the most popular theme parks. Being one of the most prominent attractions in the city, the park took a hefty blow when the global pandemic caused it to close its doors temporarily. While the parks …

Overcoming Vehophobia After a Serious Car Wreck in FL

Driving anxiety is common and is often triggered by a specific driving situation, such as heavy traffic or highway driving. However, if there is a persistent fear of driving and it is stifling a person’s quality of life, their anxiety could actually be a severe phobia. What is Vehophobia? Vehophobia (also known as amazophobia) is …

Can Protestors Be Arrested for Burning the American Flag?

In November 2016, shortly after the presidential election, Donald Trump posted on Twitter that nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag and that anyone caught burning one should be punished. He suggested that flag burners should be penalized by a loss of their citizenship or by spending a year in jail. However, the …

Can I Be Responsible for Someone Else’s Driving in Florida? 

Many people do not realize that they could be found liable for someone else’s driving. These cases arise when you allow a friend or family member to drive your car. Your vehicle insurance will act as the primary coverage, and the driver’s insurance acts as a secondary or excess insurance, if necessary. If your car …

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