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Category: Second Chance

Commutation of a Sentence in Florida: Jumpstart your Life by Getting Out of Prison Early

What is a Commutation of a Sentence in Florida[1]? Look at it this way: Is your husband or wife serving a lengthy prison or probation sentence?[2] Is your father, mother, son, or daughter wasting away in a penal institution? Perhaps you, a family member or loved one is serving a long prison sentence in the …

NACDL Second Chance Month

Second Chance Month begins this April, and the NACDL is emphasizing how essential it is to recognize this time of year in America’s communities and society by speaking with Members of Congress. This month focuses on the importance of preventing crime, respecting the law, and providing second chances to those who break the law. It …

Dr. Shebovsky and Dr. Eric Feiter Generously Donated $3,000

Dr. Jeffery Shebovsky and Dr. Eric Feiter generously donated $3000.00 dollars to the Second Chance of Florida Foundation, this donations will help three young adults pursue their education and achieve a better future. This is not something uncommon for Dr. Shebovsky and Dr. Feiter, since their whole approach towards their company is helping their patients …

Congratulations to Our 2017 Scholarship Winners!!

We had the pleasure of honoring our 2017 scholarship winners at our annual Second Chance Luncheon this past week. Both students received a $1,000 scholarship with the help of Staples and Sherry Lambson of South Milhausen, P.A. 2017 Second Chance of Florida Scholarship Winners Maiya Smith Maryam Oginni We wish them both the very best …

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