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Category: Criminal Defense Articles

When Does Self-Defense Become a Crime in Florida?

Self-defense is a legal defense an attorney may use under certain circumstances when their client faces criminal charges. For example, pointing a gun at someone and intentionally pulling the trigger is an unlawful act. However, that act might have been self-defense if you had a reasonable belief that the other person would severely or fatally …

What Kind of Protesting is Still Permitted in Florida?

In the United States, the freedom of speech and protest is a constitutional right provided by our government. Generations of American citizens used the ability to protest to advocate opinions on legislation and human rights. For many Florida residents, peacefully assembling in regards to lawmakers’ choices is an essential part of their lives.  On April …

Can Protestors Be Arrested for Burning the American Flag?

In November 2016, shortly after the presidential election, Donald Trump posted on Twitter that nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag and that anyone caught burning one should be punished. He suggested that flag burners should be penalized by a loss of their citizenship or by spending a year in jail. However, the …

Florida Becomes First State to Teach Kids about Trafficking Prevention

Florida has become the first state to require schools to teach K-12 students about child trafficking prevention. The state ranks third in the nation for human trafficking cases. In 2018, there 767 reported cases, nearly 20% of which involved minors. Human trafficking crimes include sex and labor trafficking, where an individual is forced or coerced …

Dog Theft on the Rise as Demand Increases During COVID-19

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people purchased or adopted an animal. Most looked for dogs to satisfy their need for companionship during isolation. Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions. Since the pandemic began, more pets, like small and easy-to-grab breeds and puppies are stolen and resold by thieves. Not only are people …

What Am I Facing for My First Probation Violation?

After a court convicts someone of a crime in Florida, they can face several different penalties. Judges may sentence some criminal offenders to jail or prison, but many serve probation instead. The criminal justice system views probation as an alternative to jail. If a judge sentenced you to probation, it is essential to work with …

Understanding Your Rights If You’re Accused of Video Voyeurism

Advancement in technology moves at lightning speed. It seemed like just yesterday we had to prop up our bulky video cameras onto our shoulders if we wanted to record something. Today, we have the ability to make cameras that are the size of a fingertip, and almost everyone carries a video camera in their pocket …

What Charges Can or Cannot Be Expunged in Florida?

Sealing and expunging are legal mechanisms that prevent public access to a person’s criminal history. In 1995, Florida enacted its Sunshine Law, which grants public access to all non-sensitive government records. While the Sunshine Law benefits Florida residents looking to hold local government entities accountable, they present a roadblock for Florida residents with a criminal …

Does Florida Need Prison Reform Legislation?

Last January, Florida lawmakers got a warning that the state’s prison system was facing a crisis. Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch said the system was suffering from low salaries and mandatory 12-hour shifts, while gang violence and poor working conditions were exacerbating these problems. That was still a month before the coronavirus pandemic …

Commutation of a Sentence in Florida: Jumpstart your Life by Getting Out of Prison Early

What is a Commutation of a Sentence in Florida[1]? Look at it this way: Is your husband or wife serving a lengthy prison or probation sentence?[2] Is your father, mother, son, or daughter wasting away in a penal institution? Perhaps you, a family member or loved one is serving a long prison sentence in the …

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