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Anti-Texting Law in Florida Now in Effect

On October 1, 2013 a new law in Florida has taken effect banning texting for the purpose of nonvoice interpersonal communication while driving your car, truck or other motor vehicle. The texting ban statute includes all of the behavior you CAN NOT do while driving but also sets forth so many exceptions, it will make your head swivel. Before we even go there can anyone tell me:

Another Fourth of July on Its Way

Fourth of July Weekend

fourth of july fireworksWith the 4th of July only a few days away, people are planning their first holiday of the summer. Memorial Day and Labor Day are also huge holidays that bracket summer vacations, but Independence Day is a nationwide holiday where most families are off school and work. Since the Fourth falls on Thursday this year, many employers are giving their employees Friday off as well, which means a four day weekend. AAA predicts almost 41 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home to celebrate Independence Day. Orlando is Top Destination

Every year over 55 million visitors travel into central Florida, and most of them spend time in Orlando. The Fourth of July weekend, and the following two weeks are the peak season for Orlando tourism, and reports that Orlando is the top destination for July 3-7, 2013. The managing director of the Hyatt Regency, Paul Tang, is enthusiastic about having a great season this year. He comments that bookings for the hotel are strong. Orlando is a fantastic destination because there are so many ways to celebrate the holiday when planning ahead. 

John Goodman Goes Back to Court in August

The DUI Conviction of Multi-million Dollar Mogul John Goodman A DUI trial can be complicated, as the DUI manslaughter case of John Goodman proves last year in 2012. It is so important to have a skilled and experienced criminal defense DUI attorney to represent your case, if something like this should happen, so your rights are completely protected. John Goodman, a Palm Beach Polo Club owner and is standing in line for a tremendous inheritance was charged and convicted in May of 2012 for DUI manslaughter when he smashed his Bentley in the vehicle that killed 23 year old Scott Patrick in Wellington. Patrick was killed at the scene, and Goodman went to trial and was, and sentenced to 16 years in prison. His attorneys have been extremely busy this year, and Goodman has been granted a retrial in August, 2013. The First Trial Antics Leading to a Second The first trial, in May 2012, would have been legal, cut and dry, if it weren't for a particular juror that many say lied to get on the jury. Dennis Demartin from Delray Beach came to the trial with another agenda in mind, and he often made the courtroom his private circus. 

Hit and Run Awareness Kicks Off in central Florida

Florida Highway Patrol met with families who have lost a loved one in a hit and run accident on Monday. The meeting was designed to bring closure to the loved ones, and also to bring awareness to the hundreds of thousands of drivers that pass through Central Florida. FHP reported that there have been over 70,000 hit and run accidents in the state of Florida during 2012. Out of that total number, over 17,000 people were injured, and in 168 of the cases reported last year, the driver of the hit and run vehicle killed someone before they left the scene of the accident. The loved ones of these victims want the public to know that their family members were real people, with real lives. One example that is all too real is the case of Aaron. He was riding a moped along Goldenrod Rd. when a light-colored sedan hit and killed him, and then left. FHP refers to these fatal crimes as the driver using their vehicle as a weapon with fatal results. 

Orlando Cop Car Cameras, But Now Garbage Truck Cameras?

Orlando is in the process of spending $200,000 to install video cameras in 75 city garbage trucks in an effort to reduce accidents and insurance costs. These cameras have been operating on the trucks for free since January, and city officials believe they are already making a difference. The cameras, mounted on the dashboard of the trucks, will sense any sudden movements and record the event for 12 seconds. 

Why You Don't Want to be Drunk Driving in Orlando During St. Patrick's Day

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, people may be preparing for a fun night in Orlando, full of drinking and socializing. However, Orlando drivers who plan to drink on St. Patrick's Day may find themselves spending the night in jail if they try to drive home afterwards. Florida police intend to enforce DUI laws more seriously on St. Patty's Day weekend than they have in the past in order to reduce the risk of serious accidents on this traditional drinking holiday.

Former Congressman in Accident on Way to Fundraiser

ORLANDO -- Congressional candidate Alan Grayson was allegedly at fault in a car accident last Saturday afternoon when he police report he ran a red light and struck a public bus. The former member of the House of Representatives was on his way to a fundraising event for his election campaign when he reportedly drove his Mercedes through the light at the intersection in downtown Orlando. 

ATV/RV Accidents in Florida

Driving an ATV can be a very thrilling experience. Being on the open road can make a person feel as though he or she is invincible. Most people have so much fun while they are driving that they forget about all of the risks that are involved. Even if one is a careful driver, he can still be struck by another ATV. An ATV can change a person's life for the worst. An individual may have to spend several weeks in the hospital to recuperate from injuries should something happen. They may also lose their job if they miss too many days at work. Additionally, people who have been involved in ATV accidents may also have trouble paying their medical bills after the recovery process. 

A Ban Against All Cell Phone Use for Drivers?

holding an arrangement of different color phonesThe National Transportation Board is campaigning a ban against all cell phone use while driving in all fifty states. The investigative agency stated that all states should ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices, except in emergencies. 

Students at Risk for Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Throughout the state, Floridians are feeling the impact of state and local government budget shortfalls. For some, the cutback in services is an inconvenience. Others -- including the thousands of Central Florida students who have to walk to school every day because funding doesn't exist for bussing -- are regularly put in harm's way.

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