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The Harsh Realities of Solitary Confinement

Local Police Collecting DNA Samples from Innocent Citizens

Collecting DNA and creating databases is a growing trend among local police departments all over the country. While it’s common to take DNA samples from convicted criminals, that information is usually stored in a national database, which local police can’t access. Since DNA collection technology has gotten cheaper, police across all 50 states are now …

Eleven Arrested in Child Pornography Sting in Polk County

A retired teacher and a former Walt Disney company employee are among 11 suspects arrested in a Polk County child pornography sting operation. Florida takes child pornography charges extremely seriously and the law requires severe punishments for anyone violating these child welfare laws. Strict punishments mean that those who are falsely accused often have a …

Over 450 Surrender Guns Due to Red Flag Laws

The shooting that took place at a Parkland, Florida high school paved the way for tighter gun restrictions throughout the state. Among the new laws is the state’s “red flag law,” which police are using to identify people they believe pose a threat to the community. In just one central Florida county, a dedicated team of …

Firing a Warning Shot at an Attacker Deemed Legal in Florida

Building upon Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense, Governor Rick Scott signed a law that allows citizens to show firearms and fire warning shots to would-be attackers. The law came about after a Florida woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a gun at her husband, who consistently abused her. Although the husband …

4 Arrested in Polk County Massage Parlor Operation

Police in Central Florida often target massage parlors to sweep for signs of human trafficking. Recently, deputies with Polk County police arrested four in a massage parlor operation in Davenport. The focus of the operation was to identify human trafficking victims who might be working for these businesses against their will.   Four female massage …

Traveling Pulse Memorial Makes Stop in Orlando

To commemorate those who lost their lives at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, over 1,000 people contributed to constructing a memorial that has toured the country. June marked the second anniversary of the massacre, widely recognized as the second-largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The memorial, which features paintings of the victims and other …

Woman Files Lawsuit Against UCF Frat Over Revenge Porn

A UCF fraternity is in hot water after an Arizona woman filed a lawsuit claiming one of its members posted revenge pornography to a secret Facebook group without her consent. Allegedly, members of Delta Sigma Phi created a Facebook page called “the Dog Pound” to post graphic images and videos of their ex-lovers without the …

Does a DUI Affect Gun Rights in Florida?

A first DUI is among the most severe misdemeanor crimes in the state of Florida. A DUI conviction can never be expunged or sealed from your criminal record, meaning it will follow you for life. It only takes one DUI to lose your driving privileges, while other freedoms may be stripped upon subsequent convictions. If …

Operation Southern Shield in Effect in Florida

There is no shortage of aggressive drivers on Florida’s highways. Driving almost anywhere in this state can be a frustrating experience; unfortunately, venting through dangerous driving habits puts everyone at risk. Speeding is a factor in a significant portion of fatal accidents, which is why Operation Southern Shield is in town to patrol Orlando drivers. …

How Parents Should Respond to School Shooting Threats

Most of us are no longer surprised when a mass shooting takes place at school. As a nation, we have gradually become desensitized to violence in our society; still, that doesn’t mean that we no longer live in fear of becoming victims. Our youth are especially saturated with awareness about school violence — from active …

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