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December 2014 Archives

How to Avoid a DUI At The 2015 Super Bowl In Arizona

super-bowl-arizona.jpgJust four short years after hosting its first Super Bowl in 2011, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is about to host its second. Thousands of football fans from all over the country will convene in Glendale, on the west side of Phoenix, ready for tailgating and celebrating the two best teams in football face off for the 49th annual championship game.

Phoenix, and the cities surrounding it, offer a multitude of entertainment options. Phoenix has fantastic museums and theaters, as well as some of the country's best golf courses. The Phoenix Zoo and Wildlife World Zoo are wonderful family destinations. For those traveling alone or looking to have a good time, Phoenix and the areas surrounding it offer a fantastic nightlife. Tempe's Mill Avenue is a popular spot with several popular bars and hangouts like Endgame, Moonshine Whiskey Bar, and World of Beer. Shopping Districts such as Tempe Marketplace and Westgate, which is settled right next to University of Phoenix Stadium, offer a variety of restaurants and bars as well such as the Yard House, the Thirsty Lion, and Margaritaville. The Phoenix Metro area is also a growing craft beer hub. Arizona Wilderness brewery was recently voted best brewery in the world by Rate Beer, and the West Valley (the western part of the Phoenix Metro area) has five breweries within only a few miles of the stadium including Freak'n, Saddle Mountain, Peoria Artisan, Dubina, and 8-Bit Brewery. With all of these fantastic options and the tailgating that's sure to take place, visitors would be wise to take note of Arizona DUI laws to avoid ruining the trip. Arizona's DUI penalties can be serious, so it's important to be familiar with what could happen if anyone were to be pulled over for driving under the influence. Here are the penalties a DUI charge could result in: Misdemeanor DUI/DWI (BAC .08-.149): A conviction will result in 10 days in jail, required DUI classes, a suspended license for 90 days, an ignition locking device for 1-year, and fines up to $1,500. Extreme DUI (BAC .15-.199): Consequences for a conviction include 30 days in jail, required DUI classes, a suspended license for 90 days, an ignition locking device for 1-year, and fines up to $2,700. Super Extreme DUI (BAC .2.0 or above): Individuals convicted of this can expect 45 days in jail, required DUI classes, a suspended license for 90 days, an ignition locking device for 18 months, and fines up to $3,200. Felony or Aggravated DUI: This would result in a minimum of four months in prison for a 3rd offense in seven years, receiving a DUI with a child (under 15) in the car, or receiving a DUI while driving with a suspended license. Although a DUI charge can be intimidating, there are options if you need to defend yourself against DUI charges. Some possible defenses include: Proof of Defective Testing Equipment - This includes out-of-date certification of testing equipment by the DHS Stopped Without Probable Cause - Law enforcement must have probable cause to stop any vehicle. Not Operating the Vehicle (No Actual Physical Control) - The driver must be in the act of operating the vehicle, not just sitting in it. Violation of Civil Rights - You have the right to speak with attorney if you ask law enforcement to speak with one. Any delay could be a violation of your civil rights.

District fire chief faces driving under the influence charges

There are many reasons why drunk driving is strictly prohibited all over the United States, including in Florida. First, drunk drivers are prone to errors, endangering their lives and other people's lives as well. Second, drunk drivers often drive too slow or too fast, which is a common cause of motor vehicle crashes. All drivers need to understand that they can be pulled over if there is probable cause or a sign that they are intoxicated. Suspected drunk drivers are likely to face charges that can lead to serious repercussions.

Florida couple faces theft charges

Theft crimes can range from minor criminal offenses such as shoplifting to serious offenses like grand theft and fraud. Taking someone else's property with the intent to deprive that person of the property is called theft. In Orland, Florida, it is a common knowledge that theft charges depend on the nature of the offense. Some theft offenses fall into misdemeanor category while others are felony offenses. People who are charged with theft need to determine the nature of their offenses so they can build a solid criminal defense.

What are the consequences of commercial drunk driving?

Drunk driving cases are common in Orlando, Florida. Drivers who have consumed a little or a lot of alcohol can be charged with drunk driving, if they get pulled over and the officer believes that the driver is intoxicated. A series of sobriety and blood-alcohol level tests may ensue to confirm police suspicions. Readers should understand that passenger vehicle drivers may face different penalties compared to commercial vehicle drivers of trucks or cars when it comes to drunk driving.

How we defend people accused of drug crimes

State and federal laws prohibit the production, distribution and use of various illegal substances such as cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin. Every day, Florida residents read or hear about people being charged with drug crimes. In fact, some of those charged have been wrongfully accused of crimes or are victims of circumstances over which they have little control. The only way for anyone accused of such a crime to fight the charges is by establishing a strong criminal defense that tackles evidence, procedures and prosecutors' arguments. Failure to do so can increase the chances of conviction.

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