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Five of The Craziest Reasons to Get Arrested at a Tailgate

Woman_in_Custody_at_Dolphins_Game.jpgWe are officially in the throes of football season in America. While students and fans enjoy open alcohol container policies across college campuses and tailgate lots there is always a small group of people who seem to take the party too far. Here are five people who should have just stayed home on game day.

1.  Game of Drones: A university of Texas student was arrested on September 9th for flying a drone over the football stadium during a game. Police reported a second drone being flown during the game but the owner of that one cooperated with police so no charges were filed. I wonder what the charge is for flying a drone while under the influence. Click here to read more...

2.  Urine for it now: In 2008 during the Indiana vs. Ball State game an Indiana fan was arrested for urinating in a cup and was purportedly going to throw it on Ball State fans. After an usher smelled the cup and reported the liquid did in fact smell like urine authorities were called to the scene. Click here to read more...

3.  I have a Streaking Suspicion: In 2012 a Texas Tech football fan was arrested for streaking during the game. Oddly enough, alcohol was said to have not played a factor in this one. Click here to read more...

4.  Chug this or you don't get an allowance: In September of this year a Tennessee Volunteers fan forced his 15 year old son to binge drink during a game against Oklahoma. The 15 year old was found passed on the floor. Click here to read more...

5. Dog keg stand (No Pun needed here): According to Time Warner Cable News, a man attending an off campus party at the College of Brockport: State University of New York was photographed making a dog do a keg stand. After the picture was posted on the twitter account @SUNYPartyStory police began an investigation for animal abuse. As it turns out the dog didn't even belong to the accused and had been stolen from its owner. Click here to read more...

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