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June 2014 Archives

Police arrest man for cocaine and other drug charges

In Orlando, Florida, law enforcement officials painstakingly follow all leads that can lead to the apprehension of people involved in drug crimes. And once a person has been apprehended for drug crimes, the accused is likely to face severe penalties, depending on the charges. For example, a person caught with a specific amount of drug may be charged with misdemeanor possession, while a person who was caught carrying a large quantity may face a more serious charge such as drug distribution or trafficking.

Florida man crashes with police car, arrested for DUI

Federal and state governments prohibit drunk driving in all 50 states in order to save lives. It is a way to prevent a driver from causing an alcohol-related accident and injuring or killing others. Preventing drunk driving may also save someone from a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, a Florida man learned these lessons the hard way after he crashed his car into a police cruiser.

Man in jail faces a new grand theft charge

Taking someone else's property is against the law. In Orlando, Florida, and anywhere else in the nation, theft charges can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the stolen object. Theft charges may stem from various illegal activities including burglary or entering a private premise, robbery or taking someone else's property using force and armed robbery or committing a robbery while using weapons. Each charge comes with a unique set of penalties that can lead to a prison sentence and fines upon conviction.

Judge faces criminal allegation of drunk driving

For an ordinary citizen, facing criminal charges is enough of a daunting task. Allegations alone can cause damage to a person's reputation. So when a resident, who holds a particular position or is highly-respected in the community, is faced with criminal charges, the stakes are a lot higher. A Florida judge has found herself on the other side of the bench after being charged with driving under the influence.

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