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May 2014 Archives

Florida guidance counselor pulled over for drunk driving

Florida residents often measure the seriousness of DUI charges based on their consequences, such as fines, license suspension and even jail time. Those repercussions are indeed worrisome but they should be more concerned about the immeasurable damage a drunk driving conviction can bring to their personal reputation.

Prostitution Sting in Polk County nets 96 arrests

Over 96 people were arrested for prostitution and lewdness charges among other in a Polk County Sherrifs sting this past memorial day weekend. In operation "when will you learn", detectives in Polk county ran a prostitution sting using Backpage to post adds to lure unsuspecting people to a Comfort Inn where the police would arrest them once they knocked on the motel room door in a prearranged meeting. While Polk County Sheriff Judd was quoted in conducting this operation to prosecute traffickers in prostitution, most of the arrests seems to involve "johns" and not the traffickers they were seeking. According to the Orlando Sentinel article, most of the people arrested were men looking for adult women online for sex. By the name of the operation, you can tell this is not Sheriff's Judd first rodeo.


DUI PHOTO RESIZED 185591283.jpgEvery year, drivers get arrested for DUI in great numbers on Memorial Day. Please be safe and do not drink and drive. Have a plan of action if you plan on drinking. Get a cab, designated driver or do not get near a car this weekend if you plan to drink.

Prosecutor faces drug charges after police find meth

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Florida. To address the situation, law enforcement authorities are very strict when it comes to the possession of a prohibited substance, even in very small amounts. A person found in possession of drugs, even if that person is unaware of having such a substance, can face drug charges.

High school teacher battles numerous sex crimes allegations

A Florida resident's professional and personal life can take a turn for the worse if they are charged with a sex crime, because these types of crimes are sensitive matters. Many times, suspects are unnecessarily judged by their peers and the community even before a case goes to court. Sometimes however, immediately seeking a legal solution to the dilemma can help suspects clear their name.

Florida legislator in hot water after DUI charge

Drunk driving charges come with serious consequences. A DUI charge can result in a hefty fine, suspended driving privileges and possible incarceration. However, the damage of a drunk driving charge goes beyond such penalties. A conviction can tarnish a suspect's personal and professional reputation. Such a consequence has severe implications for a Florida resident who is on the other side of the law.

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