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April 2013 Archives

Florida to Act on Orders of Execution More Quickly

preparations for lethal injectionSometimes when legislators are facing dramatic budget cuts, they make smart choices that ultimately benefit their constituents while saving money at the same time. Unfortunately, at other times legislators either use the excuse of budget cuts to pass controversial and harmful legislative agendas or simply look in the wrong places for the answers.

Cyber Thieves Targeting Infrastructure

thief committing a cyber crimeAlthough it may seem as if cyber fraud is already rampant online, cybercriminals are coming up with new and even more malevolent ways to attack people online in exchange for greater pay-offs. Over the last couple of months many cyber thieves have started to target elements of website infrastructure such as hosting services, domain naming services, and certificate issuing authorities. Their effort is to spread malware farther and more efficiently. CTO and chairman of Marble Security, Dave Jevans, stated that the criminals are now targeting infrastructure elements of the internet and each attack is very well planned and orchestrated to have very severe results. By attacking hosting services cyber thieves are able to gain access to thousands of websites at one time allowing them to quickly get spread their malware. They also attack email servers so that they can get to millions of messages daily and millions of email addresses. Jevans explained that once a cyber criminal is able to get into an email provider they can send out email filled with malware to millions of users that have no reason to distrust the company that appears to be the original sender.

Parramore Residents Push For More Cameras to Deter Crime

A neighborhood led drive is happening to prevent crime in one of Orlando's local neighborhoods that is inundated with crime. More than a few hundred of the inhabitants of Parramore have put their signature on a petition requesting police to place additional cameras on the roads where they live because they trust that where there is more surveillance there is less crime. "It is recognized that the populace wants them, the churches want it and the companies want them," Harvest Church Pastor Glendy Hamilton assertively declared. A representative with the Orlando Police Department said that neighborhood in Parramore already possess 36 IRIS surveillance units. Though, when Channel 13 News perused the chart of current IRIS surveillance units, almost half of the units were situated in business regions close to the administration edifices like the Orlando Police Department, the federal courthouse or the Amway Center. 

Celebrity Arrest Round Up

As the award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested on April 19 for disorderly conduct in Georgia, she supposedly told the officer who arrested her that he would be on the national news. However, that didn't seem to deter the state trooper from taking her and her husband, who was accused of drunk driving, into custody. Witherspoon's lawyer arranged a deal whereby she will attend a pre-trial intervention program so that she doesn't have a conviction on her record, according to court personnel. She has about 30 days to comply with the program requirements. However, her embarrassment at the circumstances surrounding the arrest affected publicity events she had planned. She cancelled interviews scheduled for an upcoming movie although she did attend the film's premiere on April 21. At the time of her arrest, she was in Georgia working on a movie. Her husband was stopped for a DUI near Atlanta after the trooper saw him veering out of his lane. She allegedly told the trooper that she didn't think he was a real law enforcement officer. He told her to stay in the car, but she got out of the vehicle and allegedly told him she had the right to do so since she was an American citizen. 

How to Avoid Consensual Police Encounters

man speaking with a police officerIn today's society, average citizens are finding themselves in "consensual conversations" with police officers that are leading to more trouble then they initially thought would happen. Due to the fact that police officers carry guns, handcuffs, are seen as authority figures, and ultimately have the power to arrest you, many people appear to be intimidated by the police and are more forthcoming with information because they feel like they're obligated to answer questions. In reality that is simply not true. You are by no means required to speak with a police officer, unless it is for the purpose of an investigation, or of course if the police officer has a reasonable suspicion that you in fact committed some type of crime.

Tips For Preventing Home Burglary

According to crime statistics, the most violent crime for residents in Central Florida are victims of residential burglary. Compared to Orlando having 24 murders, police have investigated over 3,000 home burglaries in 2012 alone. Police still receive and respond to approximately 7 calls a day for home burglaries. For residents who want to make their home undesirable and want to become proactive against potential criminals, a free home-survey service through law-enforcement agencies are available.

State Effectively Targets Prescription Drug Trade

The prescription drug epidemic escalated across the nation about 10 years ago. Sometimes called "hillbilly heroin" - people began prescription drug use to satisfy old drug habits or to start new ones. The epidemic reached to Florida where the startling statistics shocked many. Physicians bought record numbers of one of the prescriptions, oxycodone. 

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