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November 2012 Archives

When Employers Retaliate Against Legal Use of Marijuana

Some states have legalized recreational marijuana use. Other states have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes. However, marijuana use is technically illegal everywhere under federal law. So what rights, if any, do employees have if employers retaliate against them for legal marijuana use under state law, which is illegal under federal law?

Don't Get Gobbled Up in a DUI Checkpoint This Thanksgiving

According to the Orlando Sentinel, FHP troopers will be on duty this holiday on a mission to catch Thanksgiving drivers who are speeding to and from their destination. In Orlando, Florida Highway Patrol officers will set up a speed enforcement checkpoints in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 4 just north of Lee Road. FHP pilots will fly in the air tracking the speed of cars and trucks and motorists will be pulled over for speeding and other violations.

Red Light Camera Victims Could See Refunds

If you received a red-light camera in Florida between 2008 and 2010, you may havered traffic light camera your fine being refunded to you in the coming months. The Florida Supreme Court is reviewing cities that installed red-light cameras prior to the 2010 passage of a bill authorizing red-light cameras statewide. The bill cleared the Legislature but not have been as substantial as the grounds for the fine currently administered. The bill was successful in creating a statewide system and fee of $158 per violation. Several cities and counties across the Sunshine State installed cameras before they were approved by the Legislature, leading to a showdown at the Supreme Court. 

Legal First and Second Hand Smoke?

The month of November has been full of change in America, and especially in the states of Colorado and Washington where the legalization of recreation marijuana use is beginning to affect both those who smoke and those who don't. The statewide legalization of marijuana was voted into effect as the national elections took place. Marijuana is the second most popular mood-altering substance, following closely behind alcohol. In 1996, California opened the door to treating people with terminal or chronic diseases by smoking marijuana to reduce pain. Marijuana was sold in doctor's offices and pain clinics and the patient was issued a card identifying that they were prescribed marijuana for health reasons. There are presently 18 states with medical marijuana laws, and four waiting to be voted in. 

Pharmacists in Cross-hairs in Florida Pill War

Florida has become ground zero in the war on prescription pills on America's streets. In recent years, the number of shady doctors and fake prescriptions has soared in the Sunshine State. Law enforcement agencies and the federal government began the process of dismantling a thriving drug industry on the black market by targeting doctors writing bogus prescriptions and dealers of the powerful pharmaceutical companies. The latest tactic might prove to be the most effective in stopping the black market prescription pill industry. The DEA and state officials are taking down the pharmacists and pharmacies that fill bogus prescriptions. In 2011, two CVS locations in Sanford, FL, were banned from carrying prescription narcotics such as Oxycontin and Hydrocodone. Pharmacists in these stories filled prescriptions they knew were bogus. Managers within the CVS stores also allowed these actions to take place. 

Prostitution Stings Still Focus for central Florida

woman soliciting sex approaching carOfficers in Orange County, Florida performed a sting that resulted in 42 arrests for prostitution and related charges. The two-night sting was executed by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation in Orlando. Undercover officers portrayed potential customers and arranged to meet the women at local hotels. One woman was arrested twice during the sting, once on each night. A number of the women arrested had made arrangements online via and other websites. is thought to be a way for Orlando's sellers and buyers of sex to connect. Despite its reputation, the site has been helpful to law enforcement when human trafficking is being conducted. They have been known to proactively contact law enforcement if the signs of human trafficking are detected.

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