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August 2012 Archives

Florida Supreme Court Tackles Life Sentences for Juveniles

Sentencing for juvenile crimes is a hot-button issue in Florida and one that is overdue for some resolution. In May 2010 the United States Supreme Court ruled in Graham v. Florida, holding that juveniles who have not killed a person may not be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Over 75 juvenile inmates in Florida became eligible for resentencing - more than any other state.

Orlando Police Department Updates Vehicles in the Fight Against DUIs

The Orlando Police Department (OPD) has released a statement on the effectiveness of the DUI Enforcement Team. In 2011, under the oversight of the team, law enforcement personnel made close to 4,500 traffic stops at checkpoints and through patrols. In addition, police affected almost 300 arrests in Orlando. In light of this, the OPD has decided to give the team 10 additional vehicles with the latest equipment to aid them in their enforcement of traffic violations and in the apprehension of DUI offenders. The patrol cars have been updated with speed-tracking devices and video cameras in both the front and back seats. The recordings from the cameras can be submitted as evidence in court during the prosecution of DUI cases. The newest technology will enable law enforcement personnel to more easily capture those who run red lights or stop signs or break other traffic laws. In addition, police officers will increase their effectiveness in neighborhood safety as they watch for impaired drivers in the community. 

OC Sheriff Accused of Under-Reporting Thefts

orange county florida sheriff's carA lawsuit has brought forth allegations that the Orange County Sheriff has released incorrect crime data when he reported fewer burglaries than those that actually occurred. The under-reporting was especially an issue at hotels near Disney World. The lawsuit implies that the OC Sheriff's actions were based on an attempt to be politically correct and possibly increase tourism to the area. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) collects and organizes the crime data. The sheriff responded by claiming that the lawsuit was ludicrous and founded on untrue charges against him by a political opponent who only wants to discredit him. He insists he does not want to present a false image of the statistics. 

Mandatory Minimums and Private Prisons in Florida: Part Two

In a previous post, we discussed the idea that reforming mandatory minimums, rather than privatizing the prison system, is likely the best solution for over incarceration and prison overcrowding in Florida. First, we noted that mandatory minimum sentences provide unnecessarily harsh consequences for crimes that do not always warrant prison time. Additionally, we discussed the significant financial costs and general damage done to Florida's justice system as a result of those harsh sentences. With that overview, we can now further examine the widespread problems caused by mandatory minimums, and the resultant push for increased privatization of the prison system.

Mandatory Minimums and Private Prisons in Florida: Part One

Earlier this year, Florida barely escaped a dangerous push to privatize 29 prisons in the state. The legislation aimed at privatizing prisons was introduced, in part, to address the serious overcrowding in Florida's prisons. This significantly dangerous overcrowding can partially be attributed to Florida's severe mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

Residents want Cluster Buster Ordinance that Targets Sex Offenders in Orlando

In Orlando, some Florida property owners are not content with the particular location of their home. One man residing in western Orlando has now learned that there are more than 50 sexual predator map around orlando sex offenders all living in his community. With 53 convicted sex offenders just 1/4 mile from his home, his concern has become quite vocal. In some instances, groups of sexual predators have been released from prison and clumped together in one house, one apartment building, or even one hotel. For this Orlando neighborhood, the laws concerning who can reside there are not too restrictive. Yet there are many nearby cities which have enacted stringent rules governing the living quarters for sexual offenders. 

State Court Ruling Jeopardizes Millions of Dollars in Fines

Many drivers throughout the state of Florida have gone to their mailboxes and received an unwelcome surprise - a ticket for running a red light with their image captured on film. The resulting fines have resulted in millions of dollars in income across the state. In 2010, a law was passed permitting the cameras. This is an issue we've discussed in two previous blogs, Red Light Skepticism and Are Red Light Cameras Here to Stay? However, the city is now appealing a case that challenges the fines from the cameras before the law was revised. An attorney for the city of Orlando, Florida, David King, reported that an appellate case before the state Supreme Court could jeopardize millions of dollars in fines. King explained that if the city loses the appeal, they will need to return all the monies collected from the fines. The case does not affect monies collected after the legalization of the cameras. The city is fighting the case and hopes that the state judges will uphold the legality of the red-light cameras prior to 2010. The ruling will not impact fines collected after the law was implemented.

Orlando Cop Car Cameras, But Now Garbage Truck Cameras?

Orlando is in the process of spending $200,000 to install video cameras in 75 city garbage trucks in an effort to reduce accidents and insurance costs. These cameras have been operating on the trucks for free since January, and city officials believe they are already making a difference. The cameras, mounted on the dashboard of the trucks, will sense any sudden movements and record the event for 12 seconds. 

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