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June 2012 Archives

Only 7.5 Percent of Orlando Squad Cars Will Have Cameras

Eyewitness testimony is not always available when a person is stopped for a DUI. When the person charged with the DUI appears in court, the arresting officer's testimony is given more credence than theirs. Without corroborating evidence, such as a video tape of the incident, the charged often faces hefty fines or jail time. Installing dashboard cameras would seem to be beneficial to both the police and those who have been arrested. A true accounting of the incident would be caught on film, eliminating any personal interpretation of the events from either party. However, only 3.25 percent of the Orlando police force currently have dashboard cameras. But another 16 vehicles are slated to receive cameras this month, doubling the percentage. 

Task Force Focuses on Brevard County Safety

The task force, "Game Over Task Force," consists of city, state and federal agencies working together to promote the safety of Central Florida residents. As of June 1, 2012, they had initiated the arrests of more than 700 violent and dangerous criminals. A typical day for task force members might include the surveillance of residential homes in order to prevent burglaries. In one situation, they surrounded the suspects who surrendered their weapons without resistance as they left the victim's home. Jawaun Graham and Tibia Hair were found guilty of committing armed burglary with a firearm. 

Cocoa Beach Recruits New Part-time Law Enforcement on Beaches

cocoa beach police car at sceneBrevard County has recently adopted a new program within their law enforcement of their beaches, which may or may not be indicative of how other beaches around America could handle minor law infractions. To handle the huge crowds that go to Cocoa Beach, the county has hired eight part-timers to enforce minor infractions like drinking on the beach, glass bottles and illegal grilling. They are called Beach Rangers, and they are on duty every weekend from 7am to 7pm to issue warnings for these offenses. If incidents get out of hand, or those warned get belligerent, the Beach Rangers are in close contact with the CBPD who would then take over. 

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