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March 2012 Archives

Car Crash This Morning on West Colonial Involves 11 Injured

There was a terrible car crash on West Colonial Drive this morning, involving fivecrash on colonial drive, orlando, fl vehicles. The accident took place at around 8:45 am near the intersection of West Colonial Drive and Paul Street. One of the five vehicles was a church van, carrying disabled passengers. The van ended up on its side, and the passengers were trapped as a result. Orange County Fire and Rescue responded to the scene, and had to extricate six people from their vehicles, before they could prepare them for transportation. 

Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI

The famous singer and ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown was arrested during the early afternoon hours on Monday. The 43 year old Brown was suspected of driving under the influence of a controlled substance after being pulled over in Reseda for talking on a mobile phone while driving. After being pulled over the patrol officers decided to do a standard sobriety test on the celebrity, and it was then around 12:20 pm that he was arrested and taken to the Van Nuys correctional facility by LAPD.

"Stand Your Ground" Law Often Stands Up in Court

In 2005, Florida enacted the "Stand Your Ground Law" which gives the right of its citizens to protect themselves should they feel threatened by another person. The law specifically states that, under certain circumstances, individuals need not retreat and can use whatever force necessary, including deadly force, to protect them or their property from harm. However, the law does not allow an individual to pursue another individual and claim self-defense under the law. 

What a Juvenile Needs to do to Receive Life in Jail

small child behind barsApproximately 2,300 people are locked up for life for crimes they committed before their 18th birthday. This is a heated issue whereby lawyers, states and judges cannot seem to agree. The US Supreme Court is now confronting this highly charged and delicate criminal law topic: Should people convicted of killings as teens be locked up for life without chance of parole or should they get a second chance?

What Defense Is There for DUI-Manslaughter?

The case of allegedly drunk driver John Goodman in Wellington, Florida provides an example of how attorneys can approach DUI-manslaughter. Typically, there aren't many affirmative defenses to this type of crime; if the defendant failed a sobriety test, then he is presumed to have been drunk. However, in Goodman's case, he was not given a sobriety test, so his case hinges on whether or not the prosecution can prove that he was intoxicated, and his defense team is also taking advantage of several other possible defenses. 

Why You Don't Want to be Drunk Driving in Orlando During St. Patrick's Day

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, people may be preparing for a fun night in Orlando, full of drinking and socializing. However, Orlando drivers who plan to drink on St. Patrick's Day may find themselves spending the night in jail if they try to drive home afterwards. Florida police intend to enforce DUI laws more seriously on St. Patty's Day weekend than they have in the past in order to reduce the risk of serious accidents on this traditional drinking holiday.

Former Congressman in Accident on Way to Fundraiser

ORLANDO -- Congressional candidate Alan Grayson was allegedly at fault in a car accident last Saturday afternoon when he police report he ran a red light and struck a public bus. The former member of the House of Representatives was on his way to a fundraising event for his election campaign when he reportedly drove his Mercedes through the light at the intersection in downtown Orlando. 

How Familiar Are You With Levels of BAC?

man taking finger to nose test at nightEvery one that drinks occasionally has had the experience of being drunker than they thought they were. Alcohol, even in small amounts, can impair your physical and mental abilities -- including your motor skills, more than you may realize. A typical man of 170 pounds, ingesting one drink every twenty minutes will raise his blood alcohol content quickly, becoming functionally impaired. 

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