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November 2011 Archives

DUI on Thanksgiving Weekend

Police are actively looking for DUI drivers on Thanksgiving weekend. Law enforcement in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Osceola, and Volusia County will be out in force making sure the streets are safe for families travelling this Thanksgiving weekend. Whether you are travelling in Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Longwood, Altamonte Springs or Winter Springs or going out of Central Florida, please make sure you follow all traffic laws and do not drink and drive! 

Students at Risk for Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Throughout the state, Floridians are feeling the impact of state and local government budget shortfalls. For some, the cutback in services is an inconvenience. Others -- including the thousands of Central Florida students who have to walk to school every day because funding doesn't exist for bussing -- are regularly put in harm's way.

Florida Bill Would Give a Second Chance to Juveniles

child hands in handcuffsSince we here at the Umansky Law Firm in Orlando build our criminal defense  practice around the concept of second chances, the new bill being called "The Second Chance for Children Act," currently being discussed by the State Senate captured our attention. State Senator Mike Bennett is responsible for this bill and spoke passionately at a recent Senate hearing about the second chance extended to him as a youth. Hanging with the wrong crowd, Bennett repeatedly landed himself in court for such violations as under-aged drinking, fighting and "general hell-raising." The judge at the time, Lynn Silvertooth, threw Bennett a life-line. He insisted the young man join the military and be out of town within two weeks, "or else." Bennett joined the navy and never looked back.

Lawyer With Traffic Tickets Gets a Warning From a Judge

Lawyers who get traffic tickets for speeding are not immune from Traffic violation law. A seminole county judge dressed down a DeLand lawyer who had multiple speeding tickets. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a lawyer from Deland who had multiple tickets was in front of Judge Jeri Collins who warned the lawyer that he "was a loaded gun on the road".  Speeding kills and judges are treating these civil cases almost as serious as criminal traffic violations.

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