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February 2011 Archives

Orlando Disney Bus Collides with Tractor Trailer Leaving Five Injured

An early morning crash on February 14 left five injured after a Walt Disney World bus collided with a semi truck on Boggy Creek Road in Orlando. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the five who were injured in the crash were transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The bus driver was among the people injured in the auto accident.

Valentines Day and Drunk Driving

People want an excuse for any holiday to drink and drive, whether it is Christmas, Halloween, or celebrating when they find out they're a godfather or a finalist in a fantasy football league.  Sometimes, people drink out of sorrow or sadness, which can be an unfortunately situation for some during the love-centric holiday of Valentines Day. 

Why do Celebrities Shoplift?

Lindsey Lohan is the latest in a long history of celebrities to be charged with shoplifting. According to new sources, Ms. Lohan is going to be charged with Grand Theft for stealing a necklace. It always boggles my mind why people who have so much money, fame and stardom would shoplift. Why do celebrities with money need to shoplift?

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