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Florida Approves Smoking Medical Marijuana

The debate over legalizing marijuana continues to be a polarizing political issues in America today. Despite this polarization, sweeping reforms have been made across the county, particularly as it relates to medical marijuana. States like California and several others have either partially legalized marijuana by allowing its use in a medical context or have fully-legalized …

Child Struck and Killed by Semi While Riding Bicycle in South Orange

On an otherwise quiet day in South Orange County, 10-year-old Kevin Pope was on his bicycle, crossing an intersection that displayed a ‘Walk’ sign. Knowing he had the right-of-way, Pope peddled across, as he probably had done countless times before. That quiet, calm day ended abruptly when a semi-truck entered the intersection at the same time …

Umansky Law Firm Stands Up for Client’s Rights In Recent News 6 Interview

At The Umansky Law Firm, defending the rights of our clients is priority number one. As criminal defense attorneys, it is our duty to stand up for the rights of those who are wronged by the criminal justice system. In a recent sit-down interview with reporter Erik Sandoval from WKMG-TV News 6 Orlando, Umansky Law …

Interstate 4 Ranked as the Nation’s Most Dangerous

According to a report by GPS tracking company Teletrac Navman, Interstate 4, which runs from Tampa to Orlando, Florida, was named the most dangerous highway in the United States. The company collected data to determine that the highway experiences 1.24 deaths per mile. Many of these tragedies unfortunately occur due to negligent driving. Areas to …

FL House Supports Bill that Would Increase Felony Theft Threshold

Florida state statutes define the criteria for theft and misdemeanor theft. The threshold for misdemeanor theft is stealing any item with a value of $1 to $300. The threshold for felony theft (otherwise known as grand theft) is stealing goods worth $300 or more. For example, If a defendant takes an item of $300 or …

What Type of Doctor Should I See after a Car Accident?

The frightening experience of a car accident may bring pain and unbearable stress. When you are in an accident, it’s vital to see a medical provider as soon as possible. Never underestimate the long term results of a minor impact as they often do cause injuries that do not appear right away. The doctor you …

Australia Bans Travelers with DV Convictions

If you are planning to get away this summer to a more tropical locale, having a domestic violence charge on your record may bar your entry to some countries on your bucket list. This is a reality in Australia, which is already well-known for its stringent visa requirements when it comes to a visa applicant’s …

Man Found with Weapons in Orange County Jail

Earlier in February, Orange County police reported arresting a  man who had loaded weapons and drugs on his person. After transporting him to the jail, an additional third loaded weapon was found in the man’s pant leg while undergoing a body scan. This incident has raised questions about the protocol officers follow during an arrest, and …

7 Spring Break Driving Safety Tips in Orlando

It’s almost time for Spring Break, which means plenty of families and individuals will hop in their cars and come to Orlando to enjoy the sun and the great atmosphere. Both residents and tourists should keep in mind that Florida experiences a lot of car accidents. It’s important to stay safe while on the road, …

NACDL Second Chance Month

Second Chance Month begins this April, and the NACDL is emphasizing how essential it is to recognize this time of year in America’s communities and society by speaking with Members of Congress. This month focuses on the importance of preventing crime, respecting the law, and providing second chances to those who break the law. It …
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