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Orlando Criminal Defense Law Blog

Theme Park Employees and Former Educator Face Child Pornography Charges

On Friday, November 8, the Computer Crimes Unit of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested 17 men on child pornography charges. Among those arrested were two Disney employees and a former Florida educator. The sting was named “Operation Guardians of Innocence: Fall Haul.” According to Polk Sheriff Grady Judd, “The people arrested during this operation …

Walmart Robber Sentenced to 26 Years for Robbery With Deadly Weapon

This past June in Orlando, local WalMart employees and customers became part of what seemed like a scene out of a cops and robbers movie after Catrell Ivory entered the store and held workers at gunpoint. According to Police Reports, this wasn’t Ivory’s first brush with the law. In 2017, he successfully held up two …

New Study Shows Teens with ADHD Have a Higher Risk of Car Accidents and Traffic Violations

Every parent worries at some point about their child getting behind the wheel. For young drivers especially, there are plenty of outside distractions they face, including electronic devices that take their attention off the road and put them at risk for getting into potentially devastating accidents. Recently, however, research has been released indicating that young …

Summer Means Underage Drinking is in Full Swing in Florida

The summer months in Florida are long and hot. Along with trips to the swimming pools, beaches, and theme parks, popular activities for local teens also include long nights out with friends. More often than not, long nights out lead to parties that involve binge drinking and potentially dangerous decisions. In the state of Florida, …

Tips for Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Every year, Floridians look forward to a long summer day filled with American history and celebration of their personal freedom on the Fourth of July. As one of the most recognized party days of the year, cities spare no expense when planning parades, fireworks, and local community events for their residents. This means that many …

Winter Park Man Booked on Enticing a Minor Charges

Recently a Winter Park man pled guilty to federal charges of distributing child pornography and enticing minors to send more images via the online messaging app Kik. The defendant faces a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life in prison. Homeland Security agents in the Orlando area successfully followed up on a tip …

Common Fireworks Accidents and How to Avoid Them

“And the rockets red glare! The bombs bursting in air!” Excuse the excitement, but Fourth of July is just around the corner and the patriotism is palpable. Red, white, and blue plastic plates and U.S.A. flag napkins are selling out all around the nation as people prepare to put their American pride on display. The …

Grandma Arrested for Possession of CBD

Disney World is everyone’s idea of a dream vacation. Awesome roller coasters, exciting  attractions, and endless fun—it’s a must-experience trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime … kind of like the way a trip to jail is an experience that stays with you forever. But don’t ask us; ask Hester Burkhalter. What started as a …

Do Whatever You Can to Avoid Driving Drunk this Memorial Day Weekend

If you drive drunk, you will be caught. Driving drunk is extremely dangerous, and if you are caught, your life can change forever. This Memorial Day weekend, you should take every precaution to ensure that you do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Every memorial day the police presence is increased, and this year …

Did Orlando Police Officer Violate Policy by Shooting into a Moving Vehicle?

Police officers are authorized to use deadly force in situations where the risk of imminent death or great bodily harm is high. Deadly force, while authorized in those circumstances, is often a complex situation, since the perception of what constitutes the likelihood of great bodily harm can be highly subjective. If an officer believes he’s …
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