Can they actually charge both?


They can charge both typically when a person is arrested; they found themselves charged with travelling to meet a minor, solicitation of the child via computer and often, attempted sexual battery or attempted molestation as well.


So how many charges are all typically on the sting like that?


Typically 3 to 4 charges are what people are looking in.


You had mentioned using a computer, is that the same as soliciting a minor?


It's part of it. For the purpose of the statute, if you use the computer, it's the use of the computer to hook up with a child that fits in with the statute.


Now, these are not real children, are they?


No, the cases that have been prosecuted in Central Florida are exclusively cases where law enforcement has set up stings. The undercover individual acts as either a child or the parent or a guardian of a child.


They charged attempted sexual battery. Is this attempted sexual battery on a fake person, or a made up person?


That's exactly correct, and I don't think the public realizes that is the way these stings have been carried out. There never is an actual child that's being propositioned or put in any danger. It's all being completely manufactured by law enforcement.


Are you saying that this crime doesn't even exist in general, or is there a reason why law enforcement might be attempting to prosecute these crimes?


I'm saying that the idea of this crime is certainly terrifying. In American society today, there is nothing that freaks people out more than the idea of someone being a child predator. But if you look at the statistics, at least in central Florida, since the statute came up in 2007 there has never been an actual arrest based on this happening for real. It's all been based on these police stings.


Do you remember Brian Williams getting on air and he being there with the video camera, these guys are walking in, you know, with flowers and candy and all these stuff, and then they get nailed at the doors, is that kind of the same situation?


That's exactly the same situation.

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