You have mentioned travelling to meet a minor is punishable by 15 years prison. Is that what everyone gets for that type of offense here in central Florida?


Typically not. On some rare occasions, it's possible to get probation up to about 16 months via department of corrections.


What is the typical sentence range for soliciting a minor for sex utilizing a computer and travelling to meet a minor in Orlando?


There had been mandate for a supervisor to offer a 5 years department of corrections in every one of these cases. That since changed and often what they're offering is to drop all the charges, except for travelling, and then offer what you score, (on a score sheet) which is about 22 months of prison followed by life time designation plus sex offender probation.


But that's not a guarantee, because every prosecutor is different in how they approach the cases, is that correct?


That is correct, but in Orange County there really is, at this time at least, (Jan 2013) there is only one prosecutor in Orange County handling these cases.


Right, but that could change. There is a new administration coming on, and we don't know, you don't know what is going to happen, is that right?


That is correct.


Is there a way that these sentences for soliciting a minor or travelling the meet a minor are different by county?


They are different by county. There obviously will be different prosecutors and there are different counties. And these cases will be a different priority in those different counties.


Politics come in to play with this all in these types of cases.


Some officials are very aggressive, and make it their mission to clean up these situations. They talk about these stings with a great deal of pride in operations. That does on some level make it harder to negotiate in County like Polk. The word that you use is "aggressive" and I think the aggressiveness that has been utilized in these stings by, for example law enforcement at the Polk County sheriff's office.


You're not commenting on any particular law enforcement detail, because law enforcement, for the most part, is trying to do their jobs and do them in the way that's complying with the law. But in some cases they may over step their bounds.


That's exactly correct.


And from what I understand, because there are political pressures, there is a chance that they may overly pursue these charges, or be overly aggressive.

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