The following text found in this guide has been mostly transcribed from Gary Schwartz's participation on the "Registration X" Radio Show. This event occurred Sunday, September 30 th 2012. The radio show host was Donavon Lace and there were different participants on the show that called in.


In the manner which these internet sex stings are being done - are they not going by the Legislation, or are they finding loop holes in Constitutional law, or does it just come down to kind of a case by case situation?


It is a case-by-case situation, but it's my position that basically they are casting the net too wide. They are being too aggressive in bringing people in to try to describe them as sex offenders and then try to convince them to hook up with these mythical kids who may and may not exist. Briefly, and I know we're going to get into this throughout the show, but one of the ways that they most often do this is to put an ad on a website like Craigslist, or Backpage, and the ad won't even mention sex with the minor. It may say something to the effect of "single mom looking to teach her daughter about life". And because on a place for casual sex, like Craigslist for example, people are online looking for adult sexual encounters. There isn't anything illegal with that. So, a person may respond to that ad. It is law enforcement personnel posing as a single mother, and the individual surfing the web with no intention to have any sex with the single mom's kid, who again doesn't exist. But the officer will push, and keep bringing a kid up and often what happens is that the defendant in the case will give in and say "all right" because they feel like they have to say anything to have sexual relations with the adult, but they never have any realistic intention to meet a child at all.


OK. So, an individual answers an ad, goes over there, he tells the person that he needs to know what they're dealing with here, and a person reveals himself not to be a child, but to be a grown man. Yet they still arrested him. How was this possible?

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