Criminal Case Results

Battery Domestic ViolencePretrial Diversion Program Successfully completed, charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-00133A / Seminole / Judge Jerri CollinsJan-19
DUI Property Damage or Personal InjuryNolle Prosequi (charge dropped)State v. 2018-CT-003033 / Osceola / Judge Hal EppersonJan-19
Careless DrivingAdjudication Withheld - Traffic SchoolState v. 2018-TR-037894 / Osceola / Judge Heather O’Brien18-Oct
Driving Under the InfluenceAdjudicated Guilty with 12 months probationState v. 2018-CT-003032 / Osceola / Judge Hal C. Epperson Jr.19-Jan
Violation of ProbationProbation modified and reinstatedState v. 2017-MM-001155A / Seminole / Judge Frederic Schott19-Jan
Violation of Probation: Possession of cocaine, possession of cannabisNo conviction, charge droppedState v. 2016-CF-004151-A-O / Orange / Judge Bob LeBlanc19-Jan
Domestic Violence BatteryNolle prosequi – charges dropped on the Friday before trial (hired for expunge)State v. 2017-MM-003789 / Lake / Cary Rada19-Jan
Battery (one prior for Domestic Violence); Tampering with witness to hinder communication with law enforcement; Aggregated Battery (Domestic Violence)No Information Notice – All charges dropped. Client was PRR looking at a mandatory 15 year prison sentence. We coordinated a meeting between the alleged victim and the State Attorney and got a signed affidavit declining prosecution. We followed up with the State and convinced them to drop all charges despite independent evidence.State v. 2018-CF-016597 / Orange / Dan Traver19-Jan
Client hired for a motion for Early Termination of ProbationProbation revoked and terminatedState v. 2018-CT-003328 / Orange / Andrew L. Cameron19-Jan
Grand TheftWithhold of adjudication, 24 months probation and theft class. Early termination possible after 12 months.State v. 2018-CF-001705-A / Seminole / Melissa Souto19-Jan
Possessions of Marijuana <20 grams; Possession of ParaphernaliaWithhold of Adjudication, $200 fine, No Probation, Court Costs with 90 days to pay; Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-03550 / Orange Arendas19-Jan
Violation of Probation on dealing in stolen property; Grand Theft Third Degree of a motor vehicleProbation reinstated, probation terms modified. I got the probation reinstated and maintained the withhold even though he’d committed a new crime (and pled to it) of NVDL, so he didn’t lose his driver’s license or get labeled a convicted felon. Pretty good!State v. 2018-CF-005834-A-O / Orange Judge Dan Traver19-Jan
Driving Under the Influence- First Degree MisdemeanorAttorney was able to get the State Attorney to agree to Pre-Trial Diversion. Once diversion program was completed the charge was dropped (Nolle Prosequi).State v. 2017-CT-6214-A-O / Orange / Judge Wayne Shoemaker19-Jan
Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm) - Second Degree Felony; Domestic Battery by Strangulation - Third Degree FelonyNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped); Nolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-106650 / Orange / Judge John Jordan19-Jan
Grand Theft 3rd degree FelonyReferred to Drug Court, charges dropped after successful completion of Drug CourtState v. 2017-CF-009825 / Orange / Judge James A. Cramer19-Jan
Leaving the scene of a crash with property damage and unattended vehicle- Second Degree MisdemeanorCharge was brought down to an infraction (Failure to give information or render aid) and ordered to pay a fine of $169State v. 2018-CT-032967-A / Brevard / Judge Michelle Naberhaus18-Nov
Battery Dating Violence- First Degree MisdemeanorCharge DroppedState v. 2018-MM-032621-A / Brevard / Judge Thomas James Brown18-Aug
Client hired for a Modification of ProbationMotion was granted to allow contact with children as authorized by Family law Court and defers to family court regarding contact with children. The court denied the motion to delete GPS monitoring and exclusion zones after 9/1/19 after victim has moved to Spain.State v. 2016-CF-002872-A / Seminole / Judge Melanie Chase19-Jan
Possession of Cocaine- Third Degree Felony; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-First Degree MisdemeanorD had existing warrant out for drug charges in another state prior to this case. D plead no contest to the bench. Adjudicated Guilty with 22 days credited jail time for both charges.State v. 2018- CF- 016621-A-O / Orange / Judge Bob LeBlanc18-Dec
Petition to extend injunctionPetitioner requested to extend the injunction for protection against stalking. It was denied, we represented the Respondent, injunction dissolved.Petitioner v. 2015-DR-019413-O / Orange / Judge Alicia L. Latimore18-Dec
Client hired for a Violation of ProbationCourt granted motion to recall warrant and revoke and terminate probationState v. 2007-CF-019215-A-O / Orange / Judge Elaine Barbour19-Jan
Violation of Traffic Control Device.DismissedState v. AAJ7GVE / Seminole / Judge Christopher Morrison19-Jan
Traffic Infraction- Unlawful SpeedAdjudication Withheld with a $129.00 fine and $33 court cost payment.State v. 2018-TR-108910 / Orange / Assigned Judge 5519-Jan
Grand Theft Third DegreeNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-CF-003104 / Osceola / Judge Elaine Barbour18-Nov
False Report About Planting a BombCharges dismissed after client acquitted during trial.In Re 2018-CJ-002667 Orange/ Judge Robert J. Egan19-Jan
Selling motor vehicle with serial # removed/alteredCharges droppedIn Re 2018-CJ-000749 Osceola/ Judge Heather P. Rodriguez18-Dec
Tampering with Physical Evidence and  Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharge Dropped and Adjudication WithheldState v. 2018-CF-010815-A-O Orange/ John Marshall Kest18-Dec
Fraudulent use of Credit Cards (<$100)Charged DroppedState v. 2018-MM-000984-A-O Orange/ Gail A Adams18-Dec
Fraudulent use of Credit Card to obtain more than $100 in valueAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-CF-001498-A-O Orange/ Gail A Adams18-Dec
Burglary of Dwelling and Grand Theft of $100 or more from DwellingAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-CF-000513-A-O Orange/ Gail A Adams18-Dec
Petit TheftAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-MM-008182-A-O Orange/ Tina L Caraballo18-Dec
Petit Theft of $100 or MoreAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-MM-004368-A-O Orange/ Gisela T Laurent18-Dec
Disorderly ConductCharge DroppedState v. 2018-MO-001810-A-O Orange/ Criminal Division A18-Dec
Charge is Operating a Business with an Occupational LicenseCharge DroppedState v. 2018-CO-001246-A-O Orange/ Andrew L. Cameron18-Dec
Carry Firearm in Place Prohibited by LawAdjudication WithheldState v. 2018-MM-009246-A-O Orange/ Elizabeth J. Starr18-Dec
Petit Theft (M2)Charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-001486 Osceola/ Stefania C Jancewicz18-Dec
Introduce Contraband in county facility (F3); Possession of cannabis < 20 gramsCharges dropped; adjudication withheldState v. 2018-CF-010753-A-O Orange/ John Marshall Kest18-Dec
Petit Theft of $100 or more (M1)Charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-000641 Osceola/ Stefania C Jancewicz18-Dec
Refuse to submit to DUI Test (M1)Dropped Charges2018-CT-007788-A-O Orange/ Brian F. Duckworth18-Dec
DUI – Prior Conviction (M1)Dropped Charges2018-CT-007378-A-O Orange/ Brian F. Duckworth18-Dec
Retail TheftSuccessful completion of Deferred Prosecution Agreement – charges dropped.State v. 2018-313384-MMDB Volusia/ Belle Schumann18-Dec
Driving under the influenceDUI > .15 reduced to simple DUI, 12 months probation and other minimumsState V. 2017-CT-001432-A Orange/ Steve Jewett18-Dec
Possession of Heroin and Possession of AlprazolamCharges DroppedState V. 2018-CF-009544-A-O Orange/ James Craner18-Dec
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charge DroppedState V. 2015-MM-011756-A-O Orange/ Wilfredo Martinez18-Dec
Violation of Dom. INJ/PROH. PL. W/I 500’(M1)Nolle Prosequi- charges droppedState v. 2018-MM-009644-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez18-Dec
Cocaine-Possession of Cocaine, Marijuana-Possession not more than 20 grams, Drug equip-possession and or use, weapon Offense under 18 unlawful possession firearms subsq off.Adjudicated Guilty on Cocaine possession and weapon offense under 18 – charge reduction on unlawful possession of firearm. Committed to a non-secure program on possession of cocaine and firearm by a minor. Marijuana possession and drug equip possession and or use both dismissed, Nolle Prosequi.State v. 2018-CJ-000198 & State v. 2018-CJ-000415 Osceola/ Luis Calderon18-Dec
Grand Theft more than $20,000 less than $100,000Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-CF-008762 Polk/ Kevin J Abdoney18-Dec
Petit Theft less than $100Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-003796-AXXX-XX Lake County/Brian J. Welke18-Dec
3rd Degree Felony: Kidnap-false imprisonment; 3rd Degree Felony: Kidnap-false imprisonment child under 13 years of age; Infractions: Riding on exterior of vehicle.Dropped/Abandoned; Dropped/Abandoned; Dropped/AbandonedState v. 2018-CF-003416A Seminole/ Melissa Souto18-Dec
Unlawful Conveyance of FuelNolle ProsequiState v. 2018-CF-002224 Osceola/ Elaine A. Barbour18-Dec
Aggravated Battery with a deadly weaponNo InformationState v. 2018-CF-003319 Osceola/ Elaine A. Barbour18-Dec
Assault (on a Firefighter)Adjudicated GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-008962-A-O Orange/ Tina L Caraballo18-Dec
Battery by strangulation-domestic violence (F3); False Imprisonment (F3)Nolle Prosequi - Charges DroppedState V. 2018-CF-008494-A-O Orange/A. James Craner18-Dec
Possession of firearm by convicted in state felonAnnouncement of No Information - Charges DroppedState V. 2018 102786 CFDL Volusia/James R. Clayton18-Nov
1.Possession of Cannabis more than 20 grams- Third Degree Felony

2.Possession of Drug Paraphernalia- First Degree Misdemeanor

3.Possession of Cannabis more than 20 gram with Attempt- Third Degree Felony
1. Adjudication Withheld

2. Adjudication Withheld

3. No Action Taken (Charge Dropped)
State v. 2018-CF-011424-A-O Orange/Dan Traver18-Nov
Unlawful Speed- Traffic InfractionDismissedState v. 2018-TR-016103-A-A Orange/Brian F. Duckworth18-Nov
StalkingAdjudication WithheldState V. 2018-MM-002609A Seminole/Mark E Herr18-Nov
Battery Domestic ViolenceCharges dropped.State v. 2018-MM-009595-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez18-Nov
DUI While Accompanied by a MinorAdj GuiltyState v. 2018-CT-001581 Osceola/Heather O’Brien18-Nov
BatteryVoluntarily Dismissal by StateState v. 2018-MM-000998 Osceola/Stefania Jancewicz18-Nov
Battery Domestic ViolenceCharges Dropped, completed diversionState v. 2017-MM-010639-A-O Seminole/Mark Herr18-Nov
Poss of Cannabis < 20 GramsCharges DroppedState v. 2017-MM-003592-A-O Osceola/Heather O’Brien18-Nov
Sexual Battery; Felony BatteryCharges Dropped; Adj WithheldState v. 2017-CF-016563-A-O Orange/Leticia Marques18-Nov
Poss not more than 20 grams cannabis; Violation of Traffic Control deviceAdj Withheld, $100 fine, $100 donation, col $114.45, cc; 166.00 fine, ccState v. 2018-MM-008391-A Seminole/Jerri Collins18-Nov
Child Abuse Without Great Bodily HarmCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CF-013919-A-O Osceola/Greg Tynan18-Nov
Petit Theft 100 or MoreCharges Dropped; Completed PTDState v. 2017-MM-010147-A-O Orange/Wayne Shoemaker18-Nov
Operating Motor Vehicle Without LicenseCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CT-001873-A-W Orange/Elizabeth Starr18-Nov
Grand Theft Third DegreeAdj Guilty (18 mo probation). D had 2 prior thefts including a prior felony theft. Attorney Zahra Umansky was able to negotiate a nonjail/prison sentence for D.State v. 2018-CF-008700-A-O Orange/John Kest18-Nov
Driving Under the InfluenceCompleted PTD, charges droppedState v. 2017-Ct-001942-A-O Orange/Tina Carabello18-Nov
False and Fraudulent Insurance ClaimsPre-Trial Diversion and then successful completion resulting in charges being droppedState v. 2016-CF-002458 Osceola/Jon Morgan18-Nov
Possession of Cannabis <20 Grams; Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaADJ Withheld, No Conviction; ADJ Withheld, No Conviction. Client had 2 prior pit charges and we still avoided a conviction and license suspension.State v. 2016-MM-001313 Osceola/Carol Draper18-Nov
Resisting Officer Without Violence (M1)Charges Dropped; completed PTD programState v. 2017-MM-010426-A-O Orange/18-Nov
Possession of Cannabis <20g, possession of drug paraphernaliaNot convictedState v. 2018-MM-003042 Osceola/Carol E Draper18-Nov
Driving Under the InfluenceCharges Dropped; successfully completed PTD programState v. 2017-CT-004111-A-O Orange/Tina Carabello18-Nov
No Valid Driver LicenseAdj GuiltyState v. 2018-CT-000035 Osceola/Heather O’Brien18-Nov
Unlawful Speeding, Possession of over 20 grams of CannabisDismissed; Reduced to a lesser charge “Possession of less than 20 grams of Cannabis”: Adjudication Withheld, must pay 385.44 in court costs and finesState V. 2018-CF-002013-A Seminole/Melissa D. Souto18-Nov
Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Harm; Child Abuse; Battery (Domestic Violence)Allegation was that D had 60 grams of cannabis.  Attorney Zahra Umansky able to convince prosecutor to offer misdemeanor Possession of Cannabis <20 grams.  Also Attorney Umansky was also able to get a plea offer with no probation!State v. 2018-CF-013799-A-O Orange/John Jordan18-Nov
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of CocaineAdj Guilty; Charges not pressedState v. 2018-CF-002882 Osceola/Greg Tynan18-Nov
Leave Scene of Crash Involving Injury2 yr probation and no restitutionState v. 2018-CF-000623 Lake/Heidi Davis18-Nov
Driving Under The InfluenceAdj GuiltyState v. 2018-CT-001507 Osceola/Heather O’Brien18-Nov
Petit TheftAdjudication WithheldState V. 2018-MM-002466 Orange/Carol E. Draper18-Nov
Knowingly Drive While License is SuspendedCharges DroppedState v. 2018-CT-003147 Osceola/Carol Draper18-Oct
Possession of 20 Grams or Less of Cannabis; Poss of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped, PTD; Charges Dropped, PTDState v. 2017-MM-006654-A-O Orange/Tina Caraballo18-Oct
Resisting Officer Without Violence; Assault on Law Enforcement Officer; Disorderly IntoxicationAdj Guilty; Charges Dropped; Adj GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-005115-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett18-Oct
Resisting Officer Without Violence; Assault on Law Enforcement Officer; Disorderly IntoxicationAdj Guilty; Charges Dropped; Adj GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-005115-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett18-Oct
TR Unlawful SpeedDismissedState v. 2018-TR-016098 Lake County/Judge James Baxley18-Oct
1. Possession of Cannabis less than 20 grams; 2. Possession of Paraphernalia(1-2) Withhold of adjudication – 12 months probation with possibility of early termination and completion of drug evaluation; in addition to 7.5 community service hoursState v. 2018-MM-003781 Lake County/Judge James Baxley18-Oct
Petit theft property more than $100 and less than $300.Adjudicated Guilty and ordered to pay $397.50 . The defendant is not to return to location of offense for a period of 1 year.State v. 2018-MM-030661 Brevard County/Judge Thomas James Brown18-Oct
BatteryNolle Prosequi (Charge Dropped)State v. 2018-MM-001776 Lake County/Judge James Baxley18-Oct
Grand Theft 3rd Degree (>$300, <$5,000)Charge DroppedState V. 2017-CJ-4020 Orange County/Sally D.M. Kest18-Oct
Possession of Cannabis <20 GramsAdj WithheldState v. 2018-CF-007815-A-O Orange/Gail Adams18-Oct
Careless driving and Hit and run (failure to report info. to injured person).Careless driving- dismissed and hit and run- adjudication withheld. Hit and run was amended from a criminal charge to just a civil infraction. D received no conviction or points on her DL record.State v. 2018-MM-007040A Seminole County/Judge Mark Herr18-Oct
InjunctionDismissedState V. 2018-DR-2123 Lake County/Michael G. Takac18-Oct
Carry Firearm in Place Prohibited by LawAcquitted Jury Trial- Not GuiltyState v. 2018-MM-006223-A-O Orange/Maureen Bell18-Oct
Careless drivingDismissedState v. 2018-TR-011996-A-E Orange County/Judge Gisela Laurent18-Oct
Failure of driver to report crash resulting in injury/death/property damage of at least $500Adjudication Withheld (Nolo Contendere)State v. 2018-CT-000961-A-E Orange County/Judge Gisela Laurent18-Oct
BatteryNolle ProsequiState v. 2017-MM-010963-A-O Orange County/Judge Andrew Cameron18-Oct
Assault (Domestic Violence)Charges Dropped2018-MM-007182-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez18-Sep
Battery Domestic Violence and Possession of More than 20 Grams of CannabisCharges Dropped2018-CF-038107-AXXX-X Brevard/Fran Jamieson18-Sep
Order Terminating Child from Drug Court Treatment ProgramCompleted Diversion Program: Charge Dropped2018-CJ-000946-AXXX Brevard/James H Earp18-Sep
DUI- Driving While Under The InfluenceCharge Dropped2015-CT-009145-A-O Orange/Elizabeth J Starr18-Sep
No TagAdjudication withheld; amended to civil, $116 fine issued, and the other ticket was dismissed2018-CT-003870-A Lake/Senior Coverage Judge 218-Sep
Possession of not less than 20 grams of cannabisAdjudication withheld; must pay $228 in fines.2018-MM-004405-A Seminole/John Woodward III18-Sep
Written Threats to Kill or do Bodily HarmCharges dropped2017-CF-002149 Osceola/Jon B. Morgan18-Sep
Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped, Charges Dropped2018-mm-001991 Osceola/Draper, Carol E.18-Sep
Driving Vehicle in Unsafe ConditionAdjudication Withheld2016-TR-040631 Osceola/Irwin, Michael L.18-Sep
The client was arrested for violation of probation because they failed their drug test.A week later we got her out of jail and off probation. The state revoked probation with credit for time served.2017-MM-010502-A Seminole/John Woodard III18-Sep
CT-Reckless Driving (Reduced from DUI)This was the client’s second DUI with a crash. We got one reduced to reckless driving with no drivers license suspension. As well, we got leaving the scene of an accident dropped.2018-CT-005875-A-O 2018-CT-005877-A-O Orange/Tine L Caraballo18-Sep
Petit Theft of $100 or More; Scheme to DefraudAvoided Conviction; No Action Taken2018-CF-004934-A-O Orange/Keith White18-Sep
Driving while license canceled suspended or revoked; Driving w/o headlights during rainAdjudicated Guilty, 20 days jail and court costs; dismissed without reason2018-MM-004666A Seminole/Jerri Collins18-Sep
Scheme to Defraud; Petit TheftAvoided Conviction; Charges Dropped2018-CF-006577-A-O Orange/John Jordan18-Sep
Leaving Scene of Accident w/ Property <$50.00Adjudicated Guilty – Defendant charged with leaving the scene of accident with injuries, (mandatory 3 years license suspension) he has CDL, we got it reduced to misdemeanor leaving the scene, no license suspension, fine and driving class.2018-CF-000718 Osceola/Greg A. Tynan18-Sep
Grand Theft 3rd Degree (>$300, <$5,000); Providing False Information to Law Enforcement Officer; Possession of Fictitious IDAvoided Conviction; Charges Dropped; Charges Dropped2017-CJ-002301 Orange/Sally D.M. Kest18-Sep
Aggravated battery with a deadly weaponNo information notice2018-CF-006305-A-O Orange/James A Craner18-Sep
1)Attaching tag not assigned1) Amended to civil infraction; withhold, $114 fine, $33 court costs2018-CT-006001-A-O Orange/Tina L. Caraballo18-Sep
2) Ticket-Failure to yield2) Dismissed18-Sep
Possession of MDMAClient was charged with trafficking and facing three years minimum prison up to possibly 30 years. Resolved case with reduced charged and probation, client avoided being a convicted felon and losing his drivers license.2018-CF-000870A Seminole/Melissa Souto18-Sep
Battery (Domestic Violence); Assault (Domestic Violence)Pretrial Diversion2017-MM-010158-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez18-Sep
Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsAdjudication Withheld; This case was before Judge Draper. The client lives out of state, and the client gave two clean drug tests to the court. The court accepted no conviction and court costs as sentence.2018-MM-002051 Osceola/Carol E. Draper18-Sep
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charge Dropped2018-312340-MMDB Volusia/Belle B. Schumann18-Sep
Motion for early termination of probationGranted2017-MM-010182-A-O Orange/Tina Caraballo18-Sep
Receipt of Child PornographyAdjudicated Guilty, Imprisoned for a total term of 120 months, Supervised release for a term of 7 years6:18-cr-111-Orl-37GJK Seminole/Roy B. Dalton Jr.18-Aug
Failed to Leave Information Unattended VehicleAdjudication Withheld; Withhold and Court Costs2018-CT-000576 Orange/Andrew L. Cameron18-Aug
1)Aggravated Stalking After an Injunction
2-5) Violation of a Domestic Violence Injunction or Foreign Protection Order by Communicating or Contacting
1) Charge Dropped
2-5) Adjudication Withheld
2018-CF-004661-A-O Orange/John E. Jordan18-Aug
Possession of Cannabis < 20 grams – adj guiltyCase Dropped2018-MM-001738 Osceola/Carol Draper18-Aug
Possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis- Adj GuiltyNo Action2018-MM-000515 Osceola/Carol Draper18-Aug
Fraudulent use of personal identification informationCase dropped2016-CF-002508 Osceola/Greg Tynan18-Aug
Violation of a domestic violence injunction or foreign protection order by communicating or contactingCase dropped2017-MM-009020-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez18-Aug
1)Traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sexual activity

2) Solicitation of a minor via a computer
3) Resisting officer without violence
1) Charges Dropped
2-3) Adj Guilty
2017-CF-003014 Osceola/Elaine A. Barbour18-Aug
Violation of ProbationDismissed2017-CF-000745 Lake/Mark J. Hill18-Aug
Motion for Early Termination of ProbationGranted2017-CT-038915-AXXX-XX Brevard/Thomas J. Brown18-Aug
Driver’s license not carried or exhibited on demandAdjudicated Guilty; State wanted 15 days jail on driving while license suspended. We got client time to fix her license and got crime reduced to civil ticket, $164.00 fine. Also, we had two other tickets dismissed.2018-CT-002083-A-O Orange/Maureen A. Bell18-Aug
Possession of Marijuana <20 gramsCharge dropped2018-MM-003383-A Seminole/Frederic Schott18-Aug
DUI with crash and injuriesClient received minimum DUI penalties2018-MM-003045-A Seminole/Frederic Schott18-Aug
Driving while license suspended or revokedOur client completed the Deferred Prosecution Program, and the charges were dropped.2018-CT-001288-A Polk/Robert Griffin18-Aug
Motion to Terminate ProbationGranted2017-CF-015907-A-O Orange/K Shepard18-Aug
Possession of Cannabis <20 grams and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped2017-MM-000234-A-E Orange/Gisela T. Lauren18-Aug
Possession of Cannabis- 20 grams or less and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped2018-mm-00376 Lake/James Baxley18-Aug
BatteryAdjudication Withheld2016-MM-012959-A-O Orange/Tina L. Caraballo18-Aug
Driver’s License not carried or exhibited on demandWe reversed two driving while license suspended tickets and got his license back. Also, we got his criminal case reduced to a civil.2017-CT-003344 Osceola/Heather K. O’Brien18-Aug
No Valid Driver LicenseClient hired us with no clue how to fix license. We helped him set up payment plans, and got his license. Also, we got the state to come off 60 days jail to no jail with a reduced charge.2018-CT-000055 Osceola/Heather K. O’Brien18-Aug
Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Battery-Touch or StrikeAdjudication Withheld and Charge Dropped2018-CF-000781 Osceola/Gregg A. Tynan18-Aug
Possession of cocaine, possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabis, two counts of use or possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence with one priorOur client made the mistake of picking up a second DUI and was looking at felony charges. He desperately needed a second chance to turn his life around. The court sentenced him to two years of probation, during which he completed a series of difficult mandatory conditions. Not only did our client complete everything required of him, but he did so in the first half of his probation term. Due to his diligence and commitment to making things right, we convinced the court to terminate his probation an entire year early, commending him for his efforts. Our client, although no longer required to by the court, continues to give back to the community through volunteer work.2017-CF-000265-A Seminole/McIntosh18-Aug
1) Delivery of Cocaine
2) Possession of Cocaine
1-2) Adjudicated Guilty2017-CF-005871-A-O Orange/Gail A. Adams18-Aug
Resisting Officer Without ViolenceAdjudication Withheld2018-MM-001589-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett18-Aug
Possession of Cannabis Over 20 Grams; Possession of ParaphernaliaDismissed; Dismissed2017-CF-000801-A Lake/Don Briggs18-Aug
BatteryCharges Dropped2018-MM-00311-A-O Orange/Evellen Jewett18-Aug

Recent Criminal
Case Results

Burglary of Dwelling; Petit Theft

Withhold with 6 months probation and impulse control; adjudication withheld

Grand Theft ($300-$5000)

Nolle Prosequi-Case Dropped

CT-Driving Under the Influence Car (M1)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

CT- Driving under the influence car

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

Grand Theft Third Degree

Adjudicated Guilty; One day jail/one day time serve; Restitution fees; Court Cost

Petit Theft < 300

We negotiated an agreement that entailed the State dropping the charge after our client completed a Pre-Trial Diversion Program. The Charge was dropped via a Nolle Prosequi.

Unlawful Speeding

Withhold of Adjudication; No points on license; Paid fine and clerk cost; 8 hour aggressive driver class; 90 days to satisfy fine and class

Shoot/Throw Missile Into Dwell/Struct/Veh; Child Abuse; Criminal Mischief; Battery (Domestic Violence)

No Information Notice - Charges Dropped

Attach Tag/Lic Plate To Unassigned Vehicle (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

DUI with Minor In Car or BAL of .20 or Higher

Pled No Contest, 1 Year Probation, 10 day Car Impound, Community Service

Motion to Modify Probation

Motion Granted in 48 hours

Petit Theft

Adjudication Withheld, 4 Months probation, Costs/Fines, Impulse Control Class

Petit Theft of $100 or MORE (M1)

Nolle Prosequi

Refuse To Submit To DUI Test (M1)

Case Dropped

Battery on Law Enforcement Officer (F3); Disorderly Conduct (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped


Charges Dropped

Scheme to Defraud(F3); Grand Theft(F3)

Motion to Terminate Probation Granted

Unlawful Speed


Failed to Yield at Intersection

Not Guilty

Leave Scene Of A Crash W/Property Damage (M2)

Case Dropped

Motion to Modify and Impose a Withhold of Adjudication


Attempted Burglary of a Conveyance

Charges dropped

Possession of Cannabis (less than 20 grams)

Charges dropped


Reduced to reckless driving

Possession of Alcohol Under the Age of 21

Charges dropped

Driving Under the Influence

Reduced to Reckless Driving

Violation of Probation

Case Dismissed

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