Criminal Law

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September 2018 Criminal Cases Results


Charge(s):Result(s):Case Number County/Judge:
Assault (Domestic Violence)Charges Dropped2018-MM-007182-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
Battery Domestic Violence and Possession of More than 20 Grams of CannabisCharges Dropped2018-CF-038107-AXXX-X Brevard/Fran Jamieson
Order Terminating Child from Drug Court Treatment ProgramCompleted Diversion Program: Charge Dropped2018-CJ-000946-AXXX Brevard/James H Earp
DUI- Driving While Under The InfluenceCharge Dropped2015-CT-009145-A-O Orange/Elizabeth J Starr
No TagAdjudication withheld; amended to civil, $116 fine issued, and the other ticket was dismissed2018-CT-003870-A Lake/Senior Coverage Judge 2
Possession of not less than 20 grams of cannabisAdjudication withheld; must pay $228 in fines.2018-MM-004405-A Seminole/John Woodward III
Written Threats to Kill or do Bodily HarmCharges dropped2017-CF-002149 Osceola/Jon B. Morgan
Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped, Charges Dropped2018-mm-001991 Osceola/Draper, Carol E.
Driving Vehicle in Unsafe ConditionAdjudication Withheld2016-TR-040631 Osceola/Irwin, Michael L.
The client was arrested for violation of probation because they failed their drug test.A week later we got her out of jail and off probation. The state revoked probation with credit for time served.2017-MM-010502-A Seminole/John Woodard III
CT-Reckless Driving (Reduced from DUI)This was the client’s second DUI with a crash. We got one reduced to reckless driving with no drivers license suspension. As well, we got leaving the scene of an accident dropped.2018-CT-005875-A-O 2018-CT-005877-A-O Orange/Tine L Caraballo
Petit Theft of $100 or More; Scheme to DefraudAvoided Conviction; No Action Taken2018-CF-004934-A-O Orange/Keith White
Driving while license canceled suspended or revoked; Driving w/o headlights during rainAdjudicated Guilty, 20 days jail and court costs; dismissed without reason2018-MM-004666A Seminole/Jerri Collins
Scheme to Defraud; Petit TheftAvoided Conviction; Charges Dropped2018-CF-006577-A-O Orange/John Jordan
Leaving Scene of Accident w/ Property <$50.00Adjudicated Guilty – Defendant charged with leaving the scene of accident with injuries, (mandatory 3 years license suspension) he has CDL, we got it reduced to misdemeanor leaving the scene, no license suspension, fine and driving class.2018-CF-000718 Osceola/Greg A. Tynan
Grand Theft 3rd Degree (>$300, <$5,000); Providing False Information to Law Enforcement Officer; Possession of Fictitious IDAvoided Conviction; Charges Dropped; Charges Dropped2017-CJ-002301 Orange/Sally D.M. Kest
Aggravated battery with a deadly weaponNo information notice2018-CF-006305-A-O Orange/James A Craner
1)Attaching tag not assigned
2) Ticket-Failure to yield
1) Amended to civil infraction; withhold, $114 fine, $33 court costs
2) Dismissed
2018-CT-006001-A-O Orange/Tina L. Caraballo
Possession of MDMAClient was charged with trafficking and facing three years minimum prison up to possibly 30 years. Resolved case with reduced charged and probation, client avoided being a convicted felon and losing his drivers license.2018-CF-000870A Seminole/Melissa Souto
Battery (Domestic Violence); Assault (Domestic Violence)Pretrial Diversion2017-MM-010158-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
Possession of Cannabis <20 gramsAdjudication Withheld; This case was before Judge Draper. The client lives out of state, and the client gave two clean drug tests to the court. The court accepted no conviction and court costs as sentence.2018-MM-002051 Osceola/Carol E. Draper
Battery (Domestic Violence)Charge Dropped2018-312340-MMDB Volusia/Belle B. Schumann
Motion for early termination of probationGranted2017-MM-010182-A-O Orange/Tina Caraballo


August 2018 Criminal Cases Results


Charge(s):Result(s):Case Number County/Judge:
Receipt of Child PornographyAdjudicated Guilty, Imprisoned for a total term of 120 months, Supervised release for a term of 7 years6:18-cr-111-Orl-37GJK Seminole/Roy B. Dalton Jr.
Failed to Leave Information Unattended VehicleAdjudication Withheld; Withhold and Court Costs2018-CT-000576 Orange/Andrew L. Cameron
1)Aggravated Stalking After an Injunction
2-5) Violation of a Domestic Violence Injunction or Foreign Protection Order by Communicating or Contacting
1) Charge Dropped
2-5) Adjudication Withheld
Charged with aggravated stalking (felony). We got him a misdemeanor withhold and 12 months probation.
2018-CF-004661-A-O Orange/John E. Jordan
N/AInjunction granted – Indefinite Cannot go within 900 feet of work and home/ 100 feet of car2018-DR-007443-O Orange/Wayne C. Wooten
Possession of Cannabis < 20 grams – adj guiltyCase Dropped2018-MM-001738 Osceola/Carol Draper
Possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis- Adj GuiltyNo Action2018-MM-000515 Osceola/Carol Draper
Fraudulent use of personal identification informationCase dropped2016-CF-002508 Osceola/Greg Tynan
Violation of a domestic violence injunction or foreign protection order by communicating or contactingCase dropped2017-MM-009020-A-O Orange/Wilfredo Martinez

1)Traveling to meet a minor for unlawful sexual activity

2) Solicitation of a minor via a computer

3) Resisting officer without violence

1) Charges Dropped

2-3) Adj Guilty

2017-CF-003014 Osceola/Elaine A. Barbour
Violation of ProbationDismissed2017-CF-000745 Lake/Mark J. Hill
Motion for Early Termination of ProbationGranted2017-CT-038915-AXXX-XX Brevard/Thomas J. Brown
Driver’s license not carried or exhibited on demandAdjudicated Guilty; State wanted 15 days jail on driving while license suspended. We got client time to fix her license and got crime reduced to civil ticket, $164.00 fine. Also, we had two other tickets dismissed.2018-CT-002083-A-O Orange/Maureen A. Bell
Possession of Marijuana <20 gramsCharge dropped2018-MM-003383-A Seminole/Frederic Schott
DUI with crash and injuriesClient received minimum DUI penalties2018-MM-003045-A Seminole/Frederic Schott
Driving while license suspended or revokedOur client completed the Deferred Prosecution Program, and the charges were dropped.2018-CT-001288-A Polk/Robert Griffin
Motion to Terminate ProbationGranted2017-CF-015907-A-O Orange/K Shepard
Possession of Cannabis <20 grams and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped2017-MM-000234-A-E Orange/Gisela T. Lauren
Possession of Cannabis- 20 grams or less and Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaCharges Dropped2018-mm-00376 Lake/James Baxley
BatteryAdjudication Withheld2016-MM-012959-A-O Orange/Tina L. Caraballo
Driver’s License not carried or exhibited on demandWe reversed two driving while license suspended tickets and got his license back. Also, we got his criminal case reduced to a civil.2017-CT-003344 Osceola/Heather K. O’Brien
No Valid Driver LicenseClient hired us with no clue how to fix license. We helped him set up payment plans, and got his license. Also, we got the state to come off 60 days jail to no jail with a reduced charge.2018-CT-000055 Osceola/Heather K. O’Brien
Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Battery-Touch or StrikeAdjudication Withheld and Charge Dropped2018-CF-000781 Osceola/Gregg A. Tynan
Possession of cocaine, possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabis, two counts of use or possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence with one priorOur client made the mistake of picking up a second DUI and was looking at felony charges. He desperately needed a second chance to turn his life around. The court sentenced him to two years of probation, during which he completed a series of difficult mandatory conditions. Not only did our client complete everything required of him, but he did so in the first half of his probation term. Due to his diligence and commitment to making things right, we convinced the court to terminate his probation an entire year early, commending him for his efforts. Our client, although no longer required to by the court, continues to give back to the community through volunteer work.2017-CF-000265-A Seminole/McIntosh

1) Delivery of Cocaine

2) Possession of Cocaine

1-2) Adjudicated Guilty2017-CF-005871-A-O Orange/Gail A. Adams
Resisting Officer Without ViolenceAdjudication Withheld2018-MM-001589-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett
Possession of Cannabis Over 20 Grams; Possession of ParaphernaliaDismissed; Dismissed2017-CF-000801-A Lake/Don Briggs
BatteryCharges Dropped2018-MM-00311-A-O Orange/Evellen Jewett


July 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • DUI (BAL >=.15)
    • Adjudicated Guilty; the state stipulated to <.15 and 12 months probation
    • 2018-CT-002996-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett
    • Burglary of dwelling and theft from public lodging establishment
    • Charges dropped
    • 2018-CF-004158-O Orange/Dan Traver
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Charge Dropped; Client is a lawyer and she got her second DUI with property damage. We filed several motions to suppress and state dropped the charges.
    • 2017-CT-009412-A-O Brevard/Steve Jewett
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Charges dropped
    • 2017-CT-000046-E Orange/Andrew L Cameron
    • Grand Theft third degree felony
    • Pre-Trial Diversion, charges dismissed
    • 2017-CF-005872-A-O Orange/Judge John Marshall Kest
    • Charge 1- battery 1st degree
      Charge 2- Battery 1st degree
    • PTD program completed
    • 2017-MM-004268 Orange/Wayne J. Shoemaker
    • Domestic violence
    • Disposition enroll and complete batterer’s intervention program
    • 2017 dr 003540 o Orange/Judge Latimore
    • Careless Driving
    • Dismissed
    • 2018-TR-014731-a-w Orange/Judge Laurent
    • Burglary of dwelling and theft from public lodging
    • No information notice
    • 2018-cf-004158-a-o Orange/Judge Traver
    • Burglary of Dwelling
      Dealing in Stolen Property
      Receiving money from pawnbroker by false verification of ownership or identity
    • All withhold with 3 years probation and impulse control
    • 2018-CF-002235-A-O Orange/Judge Kimberly M Shepard
    • Aggravated Child Abuse
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CF-13350-A-O Orange/Judge Kimberly M Shepard
    • Burglary of Dwelling; Petit Theft
    • Withhold with 6 months probation and impulse control; adjudication withheld
    • 2017-CF-016819-A-O Orange/Judge Kimberly M Shepard
    • 3rd degree felony- felony driving while license cancelled or suspended
    • Adjudicated guilty (client caught driving w/ license revoked since the 80’s . 4 prior DUI’s and violent felonies. State wanted 300 days in jail, state finally agreed to 12 mos probation.)
    • 2018-CF-001227-A Seminole/Melissa D. Souto
    • Injunction
    • Dismissed
    • 2018 dr 002800 Orange/Judge Rodriguez
    • Burglary of Dwelling
      Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)
      Receiving Money From Pawnbroker by False Verification of Ownership
      Criminal Mischief (>$200, <$1,000) Grand Theft (Third Degree, >$300, <$5,000)
    • All counts F2s dropped Client pled to F3 placed on probation for two years with w/h
    • 2017-CF-001968-B-O Orange/Judge Leticia Marques
    • Possession of Cannabis <20 Grams
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2018-MM-000367-A-W Orange/Judge Elizabeth J Starr
    • Case was set for trial and state dropped all charges.
    • 2018-MM-000474 Orange/Judge Wilfredo Martinez
    • Driving while License Suspended with One Prior
    • We negotiated with the State and got them to amend the charge to a No Valid Driver’s License. Client received adjudication of guilt on the amended charge and credit time served. The State was originally seeking 30 days of jail time because our client had a Habitual Traffic Offender suspension. Our attorney was able to get the HTO suspension removed, and get the client a valid driver’s license. Now he has a valid driver’s license for the first time in years.
    • 2018-MM-000109-A Seminole/Herr
    • Reckless Driving- reduced from a DUI
    • The TR was dismissed
    • 2018-CT-001433 Osceola/Judge Carol E Draper
    • Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Death; No Valid Driver License
    • Defendant faced 4 years minimum mandatory prison. He resolved his case without any prison.
    • 2018-CF-001680 Osceola/Judge Jon B Morgan
    • 1) battery on a LEO (F3)
      2) Battery (M1)
      3) Resisting officer without violence (M1)
    • Charge dropped from felony to a misdemeanor
      2 days OCJ
      3 years probation
    • 2018-CF-001680 Osceola/Judge Greg Tynan
    • 1. Counterfeited traff possession 50 or more counterfeit credit cards
      2. Possession of counterfeited- traffic poss. 4 to 14 counterfeit credit cards
    • Both dismissed
    • 2018-cf-007607-a-o
      2018-cf-007676-a-o Orange/Judge Adams
    • Sale of alcoholic beverage to a person under 21 years of age
    • Client completed 25 hours of community service and in exchange state dropped charges.
    • 2018-100825-MMDL Volusia/Angela A. Dempsey
    • Possession of Cocaine
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2016-CF-036771 Seminole/Jessica J Recksiedler
    • Fail yield oncoming traffic when making left turn
    • Adjudication Withheld; $164.00 in fines plus court costs
    • 2018-TR-006439-A-E Orange/Maureen A Bell


June 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • 1. Poss. Of Cannabis (MARIJUANA) with intent to sell or deliver
      2. Poss. Of more than 20 grams of Cannabis (MARIJUANA)
      3. Poss. Of firearm in commission of felony.
    • Motion to Withdraw granted because of rejection to PTD
    • 2017-CF-013643Seminole/Dan Traver
    • Grand theft third degree felony
    • PTD completed, charges dismissed
    • 2017-CF-001545-A-O Orange/John E. Jordan
    • DUI
    • Adjudicated guilty- client blew a .214 on her second DUI, we got her first time minimums and state stipulated to below .15. TR dismissed
    • 2017-CT-006807-A-OOrange/Evellen H Jewett
    • Violation of Probation: Charge one possession of controlled substance charge two possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Revoked and terminated violation of condition
    • 2017 cf 000418 xxx axx Osceola/Barbour
    • Battery dating violence
    • No information
    • 2018- MM- 027636- AXXX- XXBrevard/David E. Silverman
    • 1) Poss. Of Cannabis (MARIJUANA) with intent to sell or deliver
      2) Poss. Of more than 20 grams of Cannabis (MARIJUANA)
      3) Poss. Of firearm in commission of felony.
    • Motion to Withdraw granted because of rejection to PTD
    • 2017-CF-013643Orange/Dan Traver
    • 1) Sex asslt-by 24 yoa older sex batt victim 16 or 17 YOA
      2) Cruelty towards child abuse causes great bodily harm disability
      3) Use of a two way comm. device to facilitate felony
      4)Battery touch or strike
    • 1)Nolle pros
      2)Adjudicated guilty
      3)Adjudicated guilty
      4)Noelle pros
      The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the sex offender charge and probation.
    • 2017-CF-004172-A-OOsceola/Greg A Tynan
    • Unlawful Speeding
    • Traffic citation amended from 40 mph over to 24 mph over.
      Attorney Michael Brown was able to negotiate a Withhold Adjudication, and got the fine reduced from $356.00 down to $281.00.
      No points were assessed towards the client’s license.
    • A3666ZPSeminole/N/A
    • Failure of sexual offender to report at sheriff’s office every 30 days as a transient
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2017-CF-013147-A-OOrange/Dan Traver
    • Possession of Heroin, Possession of Paraphernalia
    • Charges Dropped
    • 2018-CF-001280-AXXX-XXLake/Mark Nacke
    • 1) Possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis
      2) Possession of drug paraphernalia
      3) CT-Operating motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license
    • 1) Charge Dropped
      Adjudicated Guilty
      2) Adjudicated Guilty (dropped marijuana charge, court costs only on paraphernalia charge and no valid license charge)3) Client wanted to take plea to avoid drivers license suspension.Also client had criminal history
    • 2018-MM-002724-A-OOrange/Steve Jewett
    • Violation of probation
    • Client violated probation 3 weeks after being placed on probation because he possessed guns, alcohol, and drove on a suspended license.
      At bond hearing judge reinstated his probation.
      He was looking at 90 days.
    • 2018-MM-000377-ASeminole/Jerri Collins
    • Possession of Cocaine
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2018-CF-000679-A-OOrange/Marc C Lubet
    • Reckless Driving- When Reduced from Dui
    • Adjudicated Guilty
      Client got reckless driving and no driver’s license suspension.
      Judge did not want to accept offer but we convinced her.
    • 2018-CF-001435Osceola/Carol Draper
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2013-CF-000041Lake/William G Law
    • TR-Unlawful Speed
    • Dismissed
    • 2018-TR-009779-A-WOrange/Tina Caraballo
    • Reckless Driving Alcohol Related
    • Adjudicated Guilty
      DUI blew .29.
      Really bad video.
      We got the state to amend to reckless after asking judge to get involved.
      No driver’s license suspension.
    • 2018-CT-001926-A-OOrange/Maureen Bell
    • Marijuana Possess over 20 grams
    • Nol pros
    • 2018-CJ-0001313-A-OOrange/Sally D. Kest
    • Possession of not more than 20 grams of Cannabis
    • Court Withheld Adjudication
    • 2017-MM-001561Seminole/Frederic Schott
    • Cruelty towards child-abuse causes great bodily harm/disability
    • Charges dropped
    • 2018-CF-0001437-XXX-AXXOsceola/Elaine A Barbour
    • Student sold THC to another student who got sick.
    • Expulsion Upheld
    • 2018 ExpulsionOrange/Student Crime
    • Careless Driving
    • Dismissed
    • A2RERBESeminole/John L Woodward
    • Petit Theft Of $100 or more
    • ADJ on VOP
    • 2016-MM-002986-XXX-AXXOsceola/Heather Obrien
    • Marijuana Intoxication
    • The school dismissed level 4 before DTM
    • 2018 ExpulsionOrange
    • Battery- touch or strike
    • Dismissed
    • 2018 MM 000998 XXX AXXOsceola/Jancewicz Stefania
    • Operating motor vehicle without valid id
    • Adjudication withheld
    • 2018-ct-002825-a-oOrange/Judge A. Cameron
    • Domestic Battery by Strangulation
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2017-cf-3956-a-oSeminole/Judge Nelson
    • CT- Driving under the influence
      TR- Failed to obey traffic control device
      TR-Driving wrong way on one way street
    • Had a DUI, and we were able to get the judge to rule stop was illegal.
      Citations Dismissed
    • 2017-CT-005321-A-O
      2017-TR-093503-AOrange/Steve Jewett
    • Joint Stipulation to a Final Judgment for Domestic Violence
    • Petitioner alleged sexual battery and domestic violence battery against ex-boyfriend.
      She wanted permanent injunction plus 26 week counseling and mental health evaluation.
      We obtained one year injunction with no other conditions.
    • 2018-DR-006423-OOrange/Wayne C Wooten
    • Possession of Buprenorphine
      Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Charges Dropped
    • 2018-MM-001310Osceola/Carol Draper
    • PTD; PTD
    • 2017-MM-004858-A-OOrange/Steve Jewett


May 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Careless Driving and Driving Under the Influence
    • Case Dismissed and Adjudicated Guilty; Client blew over .24 got state to stipulate to below .15 minimum penalties which reduced costs and got rid of interlock device.
    • 2018-MM-000377-ASeminole/Jerri Collins
    • Criminal Use of Personal Identification and Scheme to Defraud (<$20,000)
    • Case Dropped; PTD with only condition being $3,000 restitution
    • 2017-CF-003180-APolk/William D Sites
      • Cr-Criminal mischief
      Burglary of dwelling
  • PTD, PTD
    No action taken – PTD rejection on this case and then pled
  • 2017-CF-006345-A-OOrange/John E. Jordan
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Charges Dropped
    • 2018-MM-002796-A-OOrange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • Speed Posted Municipality/County Road
    • Case Dropped
    • A-9F3D4ESeminole/Frederic Schott
    • TR-Failed to yield/vehicle approaching intersection
    • Dismissed
    • 2018-TR-012036-A-OOrange /Traffic Judge
    • Possession of More Than 20 grams of Cannabis; Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Driving Motor Vehicle Without License
    • Adjudicated Guilty; Case Dropped; Case Dropped
    • 2017-CF-004092-ASeminole/Donna L Mcintosh
    • Tag- Operating a Motor Vehicle Expired Registration; Fail to Display Registration; Stop Sign- Ran
    • Dismissed; Court Withheld Adjudication; Court Withheld Adjudication; Criminal charges dropped
    • 2017-MM-011183-ASeminole/John Woodard III
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Case Dropped
    • 2018-CT-001196-A-OOrange/Could not find judge because it is a juvenile case
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Case Dropped
    • 2018-CJ-001196-A-OOrange/Could not find judge because it is a juvenile case


April 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Possession of Alprazolam and Possession of Controlled Substance (Attempt)
    • Charge Dropped and No Action Taken
    • 2017-CF-012046-A-OOrange/James A Craner
    • Child Abuse
    • Case Dismissed (No Information Notice)
    • 2018-CF-002142-A-OOrange/John M. Kest
    • 1. 3rd degree felony- Poss. Of Controlled Substance
      2. 3rd degree felony- Grand Theft (controlled substance)
      3. 3rd degree felony- Poss. Of controlled substance
    • Motion for early termination granted.
    • 2014-CF-003342-ASeminole/Melanie Chase
    • Solicitation to Commit Prostitution
    • Charge Dropped
    • 22017-MM-002843Orange/Elizabeth J Starr
    • Driving on wrong side of highway
    • TR Dismissed
    • 2017-TR-154862-A-OOrange/Judge 98 hearing officer
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Paid Fine Or Civil Penalty
    • 2018-mm-00762Osceola/Judge Carol E Draper
    • Driving while license suspended
    • Case Dismissed, D6 lifted, late fees waived.
    • 1999-CT-058663-A-OOrange/Judge Evellen H Jewett
    • Possession of Cannabis <20 grams
    • Case Dropped
    • 2017-MM-001575-A-OOrange/Brian F Duckworth
    • Possession of Cannabis <20 grams
    • Case Dropped
    • 2017-MM-001575Orange/Andrew L Cameron
    • CR-Resisting Officer with Violence
      CR-Battery on a law enforcement Officer
      CR-Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
      CR-Resisting Officer with Violence
    • Adjudication Withheld (PTD)
      Charge dropped (PTD)
      Adjudication Withheld (PTD) No Action Taken
    • 2016-CF-002571-A-OOrange/Judge Dan Traver


March 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Petit Theft
    • Charge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)
    • 2017-MM-001390-A-OOrange/Brian F Duckworth
    • Possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis; Reckless Driving; No driver license or operating a motor vehicle without valid driver’s license; Resisting officer without violence; Use or possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Adjudication Withheld; Case Dropped; Adjudication Withheld; Adjudication Withheld; Dropped
    • 2017- MM-030610-ABrevard/Benjamin B Garagozlo
    • Reckless Driving amended to Carless Driving
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-102842-MMDLVolusia/Steven Henderson
    • Possession of alcoholic beverage by person under 21 years of age
    • Case Dropped
    • 2017-314764-MMDBVolusia/Frigenbaum
    • Petit Theft
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CF-007598-A-OOrange/Leticia Marques
    • Violation of Probation
    • Dismissed
    • 1984-CF-004919-A-OOrange/James Craner
    • Possession of Cannabis <20 grams
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MM-011544-A-OOrange/Steve Jewett
    • Retail Theft >$300
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-CJ-2212Orange/Not Listed (Juvenile Case)
    • Grand Theft 3rd Degree (>$300, <$5,000)
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-CF-005521-A-OOrange/John Marshall Kest
    • Petit Theft
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MM-004285-A-OOrange/Wayne J Shoemaker
    • Being in a park after hours
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MO-001359-A-OOrange/Jamie Grosshans
    • Criminal Mischief (>=$1000)
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-CJ-1935-AOrange/None Listed (Juvenile Case)
    • Violation of Probation
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-CJ-002536-A-OOrange/Sally D M Kest
    • Battery
    • Dismissed
    • Jamaris VieraOsceola/Luis F Calderon


February 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Domestic Battery by Strangulation/ Battery
    • Adjudicated Guilty/ Dismissed
    • 2017-CF-008441-A-OOrange/Gail A Adams
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Charge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)
    • 2018-CT-000257-A-O Orange/Gisela T. Laurent
    • Domestic Battery and resisting officer without violence
    • Battery charge dismissed, adjudicated guilty to resisting officer- one year probation
    • 2018-100054-MM-DL Volusia/Judge Robert A Sanders JR
    • DUI 2nd within 5 years crash and BAC .250
    • State wanted 90 days, plea to court, got minimum 10 days
    • 2017-CT-038915-AXXX Brevard
    • Driving Under the Influence; Failure to slow down for emergency vehicle/wrecker/sanitation/utility; Possession of open container
    • Charge dropped (nolle prosequi); Dismissed; Dismissed
    • State V. 2017-CT-009287-A-O; State V. 2017-TR-150184-A-O; State V. 2017-TR-150148-A-O/Orange/Steve Jewett
    • DUI- Driving while under the influence
    • Case dropped
    • 2015-CT-003196-A-O Orange/Judge Blechman
    • DUI- Prior Conviction (3rd DUI); Operating motor vehicle without a valid driver license
    • Adjudicated Guilty- Got state to agree to 2nd time sanctions and waive mandatory jail; Charge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)
    • State V. 2017-CT-006902-A-O; State V. 2017-CT-006903-A-O Orange/Evellen H Jewett
    • Petit theft
    • Adjudicated Guilty, 12 months probation, anti theft class, no jail time.
    • 2017-MM-009932-A Seminole/John Woodard
    • Battery ( domestic violence)
    • No information
    • 2018-MM-000291-O Orange/Judge Martinez
    • Violation of Probation on Battery Domestic Violence Charge
    • Credit time served. Probation reinstated.
    • 2017-MM-006951-A Seminole/John Woodard
    • Battery on person 65+
    • Case dropped
    • 2017-CF-000818-AXXX-XX Seminole/Judge Nelson
    • Assaulting/Resisting or impeding certain officers or employees
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-CF-000818-AXXX-XX Federal
    • 2 Charges of Domestic Battery
    • Charge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)
      No Bill (Diversion)
    • 2017-MM-006228 Polk/Judge Nelson
    • 1. Expired driver’s license more than 6 months amended to Expired driver’s license less than 6 months
      2. Possession of a false ID card amended to driver license not carried or exhibited on demand
      3. Operating a motor vehicle/mobile home with expired tag
    • 1. Adjudication Withheld
      2. Adjudication Withheld
      3. Dismissed
    • 1. 2018-CT-000026-A-W
      2. 2018-CT-000027-A-W
      3. 2018-TR-000389-A-W Orange/Andrew L Cameron
    • Unknowingly operating vehicle while DL suspended/cancelled/ revoked
    • Adjudication withheld by judge
    • 2017-TR020757-A Lake/Judge Chris Polak
    • Driving while license suspended, one or more prior offenses
    • Probation
    • 2017-CT-003074-A Lake/Judge Brian J Welke
    • 1. Domestic Violence with Children
      2. Tampering with Witness to Hinder Communication and Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • 1. Dismissed
      2. No Information
    • 1. 2017-DR-017295-A-O
      2. 2017-CF-015508-A-O Orange/
      Marc L. Lubet
    • DUI Second Offense, refuse breath urine blood dui test after prev susp,and fail to use designated lane single lane
    • Guilty
    • 2017-CT-016166-AXXX
      Brevard/Judge David C Koenig
    • Battery ( domestic violence)
    • Case dropped
    • mm-001327-a-wOrange/Judge Martinez
    • Dui- driving under the influence
    • Case dropped
    • 2016-CT-000761-A-WOrange/Judge Cameron
    • Poss of weapon in commission of felonyPossession of cannabis > 20 grams
    • Case dropped
    • 2017-cf-011070-a-oOrange/Judge Marques
    • Driving Under the Influence (two prior dui convictions); Refuse to submit to dui test; Driving while license suspended
    • Not Guilty- Jury Trial; No Action Taken; No Action Taken
    • 2017-CF-008420-A-OOrange/James A Craner
    • Grand Theft Third Degree
    • Charges Dropped
    • 2017-CF-014834-A-OOrange/Judge John Marshall Kest
    • Possession of controlled substance, Possession of drug paraphernalia, four counts of principal to import cannabis into state
    • Pre Trial Diversion and four counts of principle to import cannabis to state were dropped.
    • 2017-CF-014834-A-OOrange/Judge Jenifer M Harris
    • Intimidation written plea to kill or injure, aggravated stalking, battery 2nd degree, & assault
    • Count 1 & 2 nolle prosequi, count 3 & 4 adj guilty
    • 2017-CF-003479-XXX-AXXOsceola/Judge Jon B Morgan
    • Grand Theft- Third Degree
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2013-CF-013582-A-OOrange/Judge Keith F White
    • Two counts of aggravated battery
    • Dropped/Abandoned
    • 2017-CF-004124ASeminole/Judge Marlene M Alva


January 2018 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Grand Theft 3rd degree
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2016-OF-004529-AOrange/Jenifer Harris
    • 1.Use of antishoplifting or inventory control device countermeasure2.Petit theft of $100 or more3.Resisting merchandise recovery (Trafficking)
    • 1.Dismissed2 and 3.Entered plea of nolo contendereGuiltySentenced to 364 days in jail with a credit of 154 days served with no additional punishment
    • 2017-CF-009117-A-OOrange/Jenifer Harris
    • Possession of cannabis 20 grams or less
    • PTI program
    • 2017-MM-003645/Judge Brian J Welke
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Case dropped
    • 2017-MM-011794-O Orange/Judge Martinez
    • Reckless driving
    • Case dropped
    • 2017-CT-009026-A-O Orange/Judge Jewett
    • Battery- commit domestic battery by strangulation
      Battery- to touch our strike
    • No information
    • 2018-cf-00041-a Seminole/Judge Alva
    • Possesion of a controlled substance
    • Case dropped
    • 2018-cf-000142-o/Judge Marques
    • DUI
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2017-MM-003689-A Seminole/Judge James J Dekleva
    • Aggravated assult with a deadly weapon
    • No information
    • 2017-CF-00395A Seminole/Judge McIntosh
      2. PETIT THEFT OF $100 OR MORE
    • 1. adj guilty
      2. adj. withheld
    • 2017-cf-002784/Judge Morgan
    • Possession of methamphetamine
      Possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Case dropped
    • 2017-cf-002981/Judge Barbour
    • Possession of controlled substance (F3) and possession of drug paraphernalia (M1)
    • Charges Dropped
    • 2016-CF-011467-A-OOrange/Judge Dan Traver
    • Driving while license suspended with knowledge
    • Felony was dropped to MM
    • 2017-CT-009272-AOOrange/Judge Gisela T. Laurent
    • One count of Grand theft >= $100 from dwelling andone count of grand theft third degree
    • Nolle Prosequi- charged with One count of Grand theft >= $100 from dwellingand one count of grand theft third degree
    • 17-CF-003695/Osceola/Judge Greg A Tynan
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Adjudication Withheld- Probation for 362 days
    • 2017-MM-009309-AOrange/Judge Wilfredo Martinez
    • Careless Driving Ticket
    • Ticket Dismissed
    • 2017-TR-130971-A-OOrange/Hearing Officer Roger J McDonald
    • 1.DUI with alcohol level of .15 or higher2.Obstructing traffic – improper stopping/standing/parking
    • 1.Amended to simple DUIClient received minimum DUI sanctions.Adjudication of guilt.12 months probation.2.Charge dismissed
    • 2017-TR-130971-A-OSeminole/Jerri Collins
    • 1.Possession of Methamphetamine2.Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 1.State was seeking 2 years of probation.We pled to the bench.Client received Withhold of Adjudication and credit time served on all charges.No probation 2.Withhold of Adjudication and credit time served
    • 2017-CF-002726Osceola/Elaine Barbour
    • 1.Possession of Methamphetamine2.Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 1.Withhold of Adjudication and credit time served.2.Withhold of Adjudication and credit time served
    • 2017-CF-003412Osceola/Elaine Barbour
    • DUI
    • Amended to Reckless Driving – withhold of adjudication and 12 months probation
    • 2017-CT-001432-A-W-OOrange/Jamie Grosshans
    • Petit Theft Second Degree: Misdemeanor
    • Adjudicated Guilty, Credit Time Served, Court Cost
    • 2017-MM-005604-A-OOrange/Gisela T Laurent
    • DUI: Driving Under the Influence / State Stipulated to below .15 DUI
    • 12 Months Probation and Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2017-MM-4642Seminole/Frederic Schott
    • Expulsion
    • 90 Day Suspension (not expelled)
    • Expulsion: Caleb JonesOrange Country Public Schools
    • 1.CT- Leaving Scene Without Giving Information >$50 of Damage2.DUI- Driving While Under the Influence
    • 1.Adjudication Withheld/ Plea2.Reduced from DUI to CT-Reckless Driving
    • 1.2017-CT-008942-A-O2.2017-CT-007626-A-OOrange/1.Elizabeth J Starr/ 2.Andrew L Cameron
    • DUI- Driving While Under the Influence
    • Charge Dropped (Nolle Prosequi)
    • 2014-CT-009355Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • Battery on a law enforcement officer
    • Case dismissed
    • 2017-CF-6754-A-OOrange/Judge K Shepard
    • DUI
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2017-CT-005165Lake/Judge Brian J Welke
    • Driving under the influence
    • Nolle Prosequi
    • 48-2015-CT-011199-OOrange/Judge Evellen H Jewett
    • Resisting merchandise recovery and petit theft
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CJ-002710Orange/Judge Gail A Adams


December 2017 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Petit Theft
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CF-007164-A-OOrange/K. Shepard
    • Criminal Mischief (>$1000)
    • No Petition Notice
    • 2017-CJ-003643-A-OOrange/Juvenile
    • Petit Theft (Retail) – Second Degree
    • Case Dismissed
    • 2017-MM-000932-A-WOrange/Maureen A Bell
    • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CJ-3072 Orange/Sally D. M. Kest
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • Charges dropped
    • 2017-MM-010032-OOrange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • Client hired for motion to modify sentence to a withhold of adjudication
    • Motion granted
    • 2017-CT-002161-A-OOrange/Maureen Bell
    • Traffic infraction- Following too closely
    • Infraction dismissed
    • 2017-TR-128393-AOrange/Roger J McDonald
    • Level IV Code of Conduct Complaint – Alcohol
    • Dismissed. Student’s suspension converted to excused absences.Student was allowed to return to class same day.
    • School Expulsion/Discipline Team MeetingOrange County Public Schools
    • Violation of Probation (Robbery w/ Deadly Weapon)
    • Client scored 57 months.State was offering 24 months.We plead to the bench and got 51 weeks with credit for 77 days.
    • 2015-CF-007061Orange/Robert Egan
    • Client hired for motion to modify sentence to withhold of adjudication
    • Motion granted
    • 2014-TR-018570-A-EOrange/Traffic Hearing Officer
    • DUI
    • adjudicated guilty –was given a plea agreement which includes the mandatory minimum sanctions under FS 316.193.
    • 2017-CT-000723Osceola/Heather O’Brien
    • DWLS knowingly
    • adjudicated guilty
    • 2017-CT-001271-A-WOrange/Wayne Shoemaker
    • Poss 20g< cannabis
    • adjudication withheld
    • 2017-MM-002112-A-OOrange/Wayne Shoemaker
    • Poss <20g cannabis
    • adjudication withheld
    • 2017-MM-001039-A-WOrange/Elizabeth Starr
    • Battery – touch or strike – dating violence
    • adjudication withheld
    • 2017-MM-009958-ASeminole/John L. Woodard
    • Possession of alprazolam, and drug paraphernalia
    • nolle pros—state dropped charges
    • 2017-CF-002856Orange/Elizabeth Starr
    • Battery- domestic violence
    • State filed nolle prosequi. Charges dropped
    • 2017-MM-009111-A Orange/James Dekleva
    • 1.Grand Theft 3rd Degree2.Grand Theft 3rd Degree3.Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)4.Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)5.Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)6.Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)7.Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)8.Dealing in Stolen Property (Trafficking)
    • 1.Adjudication Withheld2.Adjudication Withheld3.Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)4.Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)5.Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)6.Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)7.Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)8.Nolle Prosequi (charge dropped)
    • 2017-CF-003097-A-OOrange/Judge Egan
    • Sexual Battery
    • Charges dropped
    • 2017-CJ-003551 Orange/Juvenile
    • 1.Possession of cannabis <20 grams2.Possession of drug paraphernalia
    • 1.Adjudication Withheld2.Nolle Prosequi, case dropped
    • 2016-MM-78420-A-O Orange/Judge Underwood
    • 1.Possession of cannabis2.Possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Nolle Prosequi, case dropped
    • 2016-MM-000714 Orange/Judge Draper
    • Battery
    • Nolle Prosequi, case dropped
    • 2017-MM-000131-A-O Orange/Judge Bell
    • DUI
    • DUI amended to Reckless Driving. Client received withhold of adjudication, 6 months of probation, NO DL suspension
    • 2016-CT-006009-A-O Orange/Jamie Grosshans
    • 1.Armed trespass in occupied structure2.Criminal Mischeif
    • 1.Adjudication Withheld2.Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CF-11517-A-O Orange/Judge Shepard
    • Carrying a concealed firearm
    • No information notice, case dismissed
    • 2017-CF-6607 Orange/Judge Apte
    • 1.Possession of Controlled Substance2.Possession of Cannabis (Marijuana) With Intent to Sell or Deliver3.Possession of More Than 20 Grams of Cannabis (Marijuana)4.Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 1.Adjudication Withheld2.Noelle Prosequi3.Adjudication Withheld4.No action taken
    • 2017-CF-6550-A-O Orange/Marc Blechman
    • Possession of Heroin
    • State dropped charges
    • 2016-CF-000441Orange/Judge Marques
    • Grand Theft Third Degree Use of Anti-shoplifting/inventory control device countermeasure
    • Adjudicated Guilty, 8 months community control and court costs Charge dropped- no action taken
    • 2017-CF-003434Orange/Leticia Marques
    • DUI
    • This was client’s fourth DUI. We negotiated w State to get client first time DUI minimums
    • 2017-CT-006142Lake/Brian Welke
    • Exposure of sexual organs
    • State dropped charges
    • 2017-MM-4355Lake/Judge Welke
    • DUI
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2015-CT-011027-A-OOrange/Evellen H. Jewett
    • Possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabis
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MM-005205Seminole/Jerri Collins
    • Grand Theft 3RD Degree (>$300, <$5,000)
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2016-CF-003271-A-OOrange/Christi L Underwood
    • Petit Theft (Retail)
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MM-001929-A-OOrange/Brian F Duckworth
    • Possession of Cannabis <20 grams / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2016-MM-000280Osceola/Heather K Obrien
    • Petit Theft of $100 or more
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2016-MM-013315-A-OOrange/Brian F Duckworth
    • Petit Theft
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MM-010657-A-OOrange/Andrew L Cameron
    • Early termination of probation
    • Granted
    • 2013-CF-012486-A-OOrange/Dan Traver


November 2017 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Petit Theft
    • Charge Dropped
    • 2017-MM-3220-A Seminole/Dekleva
    • Traffic Ticket
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-TR-015508-A-A Orange/Pleus
    • Possession of Cannabis <20 grams, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Pre-Trial Diversion (Charges Dropped Upon Completion)
    • 2017-MM-000334-A-E Orange/Laurent
    • DUIFailure to Stop at Red LightDriver’s License Not Carried or Exhibited
    • Charge Dropped (Noelle Prosequi)DismissedDismissed
    • 2016-CT-002840-A-O2016-TR-044838-A-O2016-TR-044838-A-OOrange/Wayne J. Shoemaker
    • No Valid Driver’s LicenseFailure to Change Address on RegistrationUnlawful use of ID card
    • Case DismissedAdjudication WithheldCase Dismissed
    • 2005-CT-012370-A-O2005-CT-012371-A-O2006-CT-012372 -A-OOrange/Steve Jewett
    • Trafficking in 28 grams or more of CocaineUnlawful use of a two-way communication device
    • Sentenced reduced to minimum mandatory sentence
    • 16-CF-013425-A-O Orange/Keith Carsten
    • DUI
    • Case Dropped
    • 16-CT-848-A-W Orange/Tina Caraballo
    • Burglary of ConveyancePetit Theft
    • Case Dismissed
    • 17-CJ-001192Orange/N/A
    • Expulsion Hearing
    • Permanent Expulsion reduced. Student may return in Fall 2018
    • 17-CJ-001192Orange County Public Schools
    • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-MM-001106-AOrange/Steve Jewett
    • Moving Traffic Violation with Expired License for More than 6 Months
    • Charge Dropped (Noelle Prosequi)
    • 2017-MM-009461Seminole/James Dekleva
    • Driver’s License not carried or exhibited on demand
    • Amended to civil citation. Withhold of Adjudication
    • 2017-CT-007414-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett
    • Careless Driving
    • Amended to civil citation. Withhold of Adjudication
    • 2017-CT-007235-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett
    • Client hired to modify sentence from adjudication of guilt to withhold of adjudication
    • Motion granted
    • 2017-TR-059024 Orange/Hearing Officer
    • Grand Theft 3RD Degree (>$300, <$5,000)
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-CJ-2724Orange/Sally D M Kest


October 2017 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • DUI w/ BAC > .15
    • 12 months probation, 6 month DL suspension
    • 2017-CT-003496 Lake/Welke
    • Battery – Touch or Strike
    • Case Dropped – No Information
    • 17-MM-008212-A Seminole/Dekleva
    • Dealing in Stolen Property – 2nd Degree Felony
    • Amended to Petit Theft – Adjudication Withheld, 12 months probation
    • 2017-CF-007242-A Polk/Durden
    • Failure of sexual offender to report at sheriffs office
    • Sex Offender Violation
    • 2017-CF-013147-A-O Orange/Judge Dan Traver
    • Resisting Officer Without Violence
    • Case Dropped
    • 16-MM-006773-A Orange/Shoemaker
    • 1. Trespass on Property other than STR/COV.(Ref. LEAVE)2. Resisting Officer without Violence
    • Case Dropped
    • 17-MM-000382-A-O Orange/Jewett
    • 1. Possession of more than 20g of Cannabis2. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 1. Adjudication Withheld2. Charge Dropped
    • 17-CF-005903-A Orange/Apte
    • 1. Harming a Public Servant with Intent to Influence a Public Duty2. Harming a Public Servant with Intent to Influence a Public Duty3. Resisting Officer without Violence
    • 1. Charge Dropped2. Charge Dropped3. Adjudicated Guilty
    • 17-CF-4418 Orange/Blechman
    • Aggravated Battery with a Deadly WeaponBattery Domestic Violence
    • Case Dismissed No Information
    • 17-CF-011164-A Orange/Apte
    • Petit Theft
    • Dismissed
    • 16-MM-004060 Osceola/O’Brien
    • Solicitation to commit prostitution, lewdness, or assignation
    • Nolle Prosequi (Case dropped)
    • 2016-MM-012694-A-O Orange/Brian Duckworth
    • Unlawful Speed in School Zone
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-TR-013297-A Orange/Pearcy, Sharron
    • motion to vacate injunction
    • Motion Granted
    • 2017-TR-013297-A Seminole/Rusisill
    • Client hired for motion to early terminate probation
    • Motion granted
    • 2016-MM-010788-A Polk/Gerald P Hill
    • Client hired to modify sentence from adjudication of guilt to withhold of adjudication
    • Motion Granted
    • A-2E438P Seminole/Debra Krause


September 2017 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Battery (domestic violence)
    • No Information Notice (Case dropped)
    • 2017-MM-003703-A-0 Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • Possession of Cannabis / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 2016-MM-000871 Osceola/Epperson, Hal, JR
    • Possession of Cocaine
    • 2015-CF-003139-A-O Orange/John Marshall Kest
    • Driving under the influence
    • Nolle Prosequi (Case Dropped)
    • 2015-CT-011361 Orange/Evellen Jewett
    • Aggravated Child Abuse
    • 2016-CF-003980-A-O Orange/Leticia Marques
    • Driving under the influence
    • 2015-CT-003595 Osceola/Carol E Draper
    • Violation of Probation
    • Violation DISMISSED
    • 2016-CT-001882Osceola/Heather O’Brien
    • Petit Theft
    • Pre-Trial Diversion
    • 2016-MM-009923-A-O Orange/Elizabeth J Starr


August 2017 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • Grand Theft/3rd degree/More than $5,000
    • Probation for 18 months – ADJUDICATION WITHHELD
    • 2016-CF-014449-A-O Orange/James Craner
    • Attempted Battery
    • 2016-MM-000584-A Orange/Evellen H Jewett
    • Disabled parking permit, False statements
    • AMENDED to Illegally parked in handicap parking space, fine of $214
    • 2017-CT-000233-A-O Orange/Duckworth
    • 1. Possession of More Than 20 grams of Cannabis2. Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Nolle Prosequi (Charges Dropped); Pre-Trial Diversion Completed
    • 2016-CF-001160 Seminole/Debra Nelson
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • 2017-MM-002497 Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • Driving under the influence
    • 2015-CT-003595 Osceola/Carol E Draper
    • Permitting Unauthorized Minor to Drive
    • 2017-CT-002215 Orange/Wayne J Shoemaker
    • Resisting Officer without violence
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2017-MM-000667 Orange/Tina L Caraballo
    • Aggravated Assault/Neglect of Child
    • Probation
    • 2016-CF-002567 Orange/Debra Nelson


July 2017 Criminal Cases Results


    • Charge(s):
    • Results:
    • Case Number County/Judge:
    • 1. Burglary of a conveyance2. Petit theft
    • 2016-CJ-000598-A Seminole/Melissa D. Souto
    • 1. Trafficking of 25lbs of cannabis2. Cultivating of cannabis3. Possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Adjudication withheld on all charges
    • 2016-CF-007399-A-O Orange/Robert J Egan
    • 1. Alcohol beverage sold w/ improper and/or without license2. Failure to display beverage license
    • 2017-MM-002474-A-O Orange/N/A Criminal Division A
    • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 2017-MM-002657-A-O Orange/Maureen A Bell
    • Burglary of structure and Grand theft third degree motor vehicle
    • Pretrial Diversion Program
    • 2017-CF-006926-O Orange/Judge Dan Traver
    • Driving under the Influence
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2016-MM-006816 Orange/Maureen A Bell
    • Possession of More Than 20 Grams of Cannabis (Marijuana)
    • Probation for 18 months – ADJUDICATION WITHHELD
    • 2016-CF-012682-A-O Orange/Mark S Blechman
    • Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • 2017-MM-000148-A-E Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • Domestic Battery by Strangulation
    • 2017-CF-002230-A-O Orange/Robert J Egan
    • 1. Tampering W/Witness To Hinder Comm. To Law Enforcement Officer2. Battery (Domestic Violence)
    • 2017-CF-002070-A-O Orange/Robert J Egan
    • Carrying a Concealed Firearm
    • 2015-CF-015722-A-O Orange/Keith Carsten
    • Solicit Prostitute
    • 1. Pled to Amended Counts2. Withhold of Adjudication3. Saved the client $6000
    • 2017-MM-2667 Polk/Susan L. Barber
    • 1. Lewd or Lascivious Conduct (Attempt)2. Child Abuse
    • 1. Charge Dropped2. Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2015-CF-003438 Orange/Keith A Carsten
    • Solicit Prostitute
    • 2017-MM-2667 Polk/Susan L. Barber
    • Early Termination of Probation
    • 2012-CF-001883 John M Kest
    • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
    • 2017-CT-000844 Lake County/Brian Welke
    • 1. Grand Theft 3rd Degree (>$300, <$5,000)2. Grand Theft 3rd Degree (Pursuant to Scheme or Course of Conduct)
    • 1. No Action Taken2. Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2016-CF-016181-A-O Orange/John Marshall Kest
    • Grand Theft Third Degree
    • 2016-CF-014517-A-O Orange/Mark S Blechman
    • Violation of Probation
    • 1991-MM-001060 Osceola/Heather O’Brien
    • 1. Possession of not more than 20 Grams of Cannabis2. Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Withheld Adjudication on all counts
    • 2016-MM-009747 Seminole/John Woodward III
    • Violation of Pretrial Condition on Domestic Violence Case
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2013-MM-012490 Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • 1. Possession of Controlled Substance2. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Charges were dropped (Nolle Prosequi)
    • 2013-CF-014387 Orange/Janet Thorpe
    • Petit Theft
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2016-MM-000555 Osceola/Carol Draper
    • Petit Theft
    • 2015-MM-004782 Orange/Faye L Allen
    • Trafficking Cannabis // Synth Narcotic-Sell Schedule 1 or 2
    • Case Dismissed
    • 2014-CF-00160 Orange/Jenifer M. Davis
    • Domestic Battery
    • 2015-CJ-001036 Orange
    • Attempted Battery
    • 2016-MM-000584-A Orange/Evellen H Jewett
    • Disorderly Conduct
    • 2017-MO-000131-A-O Orange/Tanya Wilson
    • Unlawful Speed
    • Adjudicated Guilty
    • 2016-TR-148585 Orange/As assigned 55
    • 1. Improper or Unsafe Equipment2. Possession of Not More Than 20 Grams of Cannabis3. Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 1. Dismissed2. Dismissed – Nolle Prosequi3. Guilty Adjudication
    • 2017-MM-001810 Seminole/Jerri Collins
    • Making a False Statement in Insurance Application
    • Dismissed
    • 2016-CF-000261 Osceola/Elaine Barbour
    • Petit Theft of $100 or More
    • Adjudication Withheld
    • 2015-CF-001027 Osceola/Leticia Marques
    • 1. Possession of Not More Than 20 Grams of Cannabis2. Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • 1. Court Withheld Adjudication2. Court Withheld Adjudication
    • 2017-MM-001021-A Seminole/James J. Dekleva
    • Battery (Domestic Violence) First Degree Misdemeanor
    • Dismissed
    • 2017-MM-002169 Orange/Wilfredo Martinez
    • No Valid Driver License
    • 2008CT008997 Orange/Maureen A Bell
    • Welfare Fraud – FOOD STAMP
    • 2015-CF-002714 Lake/William Law
    • 1. Violation of Traffic Control Device2. Driving under the Influence
    • 2016MM010393 Seminole/James J. Dekleva
    • Violation of Probation
    • 2009CT004686 Osceola/Heather O’Brien
    • Battery (Violation Of Probation)
    • 2016MM006669A Seminole/Mark E Herr
    • Battery – Domestic Violence
    • 2017-MM-000604 Orange/Carol E. Draper
    • Battery – Domestic Violence
    • 12 months probation – ADJUDICATION WITHHELD
    • 20170-MM-000386 Osceola/Heather K. O’Brien
    • Battery – Touch or Strike
    • 2017-MM-000923 Orange/Carol E. Draper
    • Indecent Exposure – In public / Exposure of Sexual Organs
    • Osceola/Carol E. Draper
    • Driving under the Influence
    • 2015-CT-004936-A-O Orange/Steve Jewett
    • Driving under the Influence
    • PTD Completed, Nolle Prosequi, CHARGES DROPPED
    • 2016-CT-000261-A-E Orange/Maureen A Bell
    • Petit Theft
    • 2017-MM-000176-A-O Orange/Wayne J Shoemaker
    • Indecent Exposure – In public / Exposure of Sexual Organs
    • 2017-MM-000526 Osceola/Carol E. Draper

Cases Continued >>>

Are you looking for the best criminal lawyer in Central Florida? As criminal defense attorneys we take pride in our work and we want you to be able to research our results to see how we handle our cases. You have the right to know the past outcomes of the criminal attorney you hire. If you would like to hire an experienced criminal attorney in Florida, give us a call at 407-228-3838

Aggravated Assault With a Firearm Charge Dropped

Motion To Dismiss Granted On Domestic Injunction

Restraining Order Case Dropped

Domestic Violence Case Dropped

Juvenile Assault Case Dropped

Aggravated Assault Gets Dropped

Bullying of Minors Case

Concealed Weapon Case Dismissed

Criminal Defense

Stalking And Resisting Officer Without Violence Charges Dropped

Two Disorderly Conduct Cases For Loud Music Dropped and Dismissed

Refusal To Sign Citation Gets Dismissed!

Dependency Case Dismissed

Wildlife Ordinance Charge Dropped!

Cases Involving a Firearm

Felony of Shooting a Deadly Missile

Arson Case Dropped

Criminal Mischief and Violation of Pretrial Condition

Exploitation of the Elderly Case

Driving Related

Suspended License Case Dropped

Client Gets Expired Tag Case Dropped After Second Time Being Charged!

Expired Driver’s License Charged Dismissed

Careless Driving Charge Dropped

Invalid License in Another State Case Dropped

Client Who Got Charged With Accident Still Receives Policy Limits


DUI Gets Expunged

DUI Gets Dismissed

Client Facing Second DUI Charge Gets Case Dropped

Drunk Driving Charge Gets Dismissed

First Time Offender DUI Cases


Motion to Modify Probation Granted

Motion to Terminate Probation Early Granted

Second Felony Violation of Probation Case Dismissed

Violation of Probation Case Dropped

Released From Custody in Violation of Probation Charge

Felony Violation of Probation Case


Theft and Drugs

Felony Grand Theft And Contracting Without License Gets Dismissed!

Manufacturing Charge With Three Year Minimum Prison Sentence Reduced!

Possession Of Marijuana Case Dismissed

Theft Charges Get Expunged

Robbery Charge Gets Dropped

Theft From Home Depot

Petty Theft From Target

Vacationing Client From Georgia Avoids Probation On A Drug Charge

Theft From a Construction Site Case Dropped

Burglary of a Dwelling

Orange County Worthless Check Gets Dismissed! DUI Gets Dismissed!

Trafficking of Oxycodone Case With Confession Still Dropped

MDMA Case Dropped

Tampering With Evidence Case Dropped

Sex Crimes

Motion To Dismiss Granted On Sexual Exposure Case

Computer Sex Crime Dropped

Orlando Prostitution Cases Reduced

Recent Criminal
Case Results

Burglary of Dwelling; Petit Theft

Withhold with 6 months probation and impulse control; adjudication withheld

Grand Theft ($300-$5000)

Nolle Prosequi-Case Dropped

CT-Driving Under the Influence Car (M1)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

CT- Driving under the influence car

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

Grand Theft Third Degree

Adjudicated Guilty; One day jail/one day time serve; Restitution fees; Court Cost

Petit Theft < 300

We negotiated an agreement that entailed the State dropping the charge after our client completed a Pre-Trial Diversion Program. The Charge was dropped via a Nolle Prosequi.

Unlawful Speeding

Withhold of Adjudication; No points on license; Paid fine and clerk cost; 8 hour aggressive driver class; 90 days to satisfy fine and class

Shoot/Throw Missile Into Dwell/Struct/Veh; Child Abuse; Criminal Mischief; Battery (Domestic Violence)

No Information Notice - Charges Dropped

Attach Tag/Lic Plate To Unassigned Vehicle (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

DUI with Minor In Car or BAL of .20 or Higher

Pled No Contest, 1 Year Probation, 10 day Car Impound, Community Service

Motion to Modify Probation

Motion Granted in 48 hours

Petit Theft

Adjudication Withheld, 4 Months probation, Costs/Fines, Impulse Control Class

Petit Theft of $100 or MORE (M1)

Nolle Prosequi

Refuse To Submit To DUI Test (M1)

Case Dropped

Battery on Law Enforcement Officer (F3); Disorderly Conduct (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped


Charges Dropped

Scheme to Defraud(F3); Grand Theft(F3)

Motion to Terminate Probation Granted

Unlawful Speed


Failed to Yield at Intersection

Not Guilty

Leave Scene Of A Crash W/Property Damage (M2)

Case Dropped

Motion to Modify and Impose a Withhold of Adjudication


Attempted Burglary of a Conveyance

Charges dropped

Possession of Cannabis (less than 20 grams)

Charges dropped


Reduced to reckless driving

Possession of Alcohol Under the Age of 21

Charges dropped

Driving Under the Influence

Reduced to Reckless Driving

Violation of Probation

Case Dismissed

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