Burglary of Dwelling and Conveyance

Zahra Umansky had a case where a client was alleged to have broken into a person’s house and stolen property. The State said they had a fingerprint of the client on a window, outside of the house. Zahra prepared the case and got ready for trial. There were research documents to cross examine their experts, showing that fingerprint analyses, and that there can be human error. And if there is a human error, of course you can get a wrong result.

The reason burglary is prosecuted so heavily is because of the gravity of what is being done. It is breaking and entering into a home that could knowingly be occupied, while often using force, with the intention of committing theft or even something more nefarious. Often times, families are met with a flight or fight situation when someone breaks into their homes, adding to the complexity of the situation. It takes an experienced burglary lawyer to sort out the facts of the case, put together testimonies, and put together a defense to the person committing this crime.

The morning at trial, the prosecutor knew that Zahra was prepared to go and aggressively challenge the evidence. The prosecutor dropped the charges. The result was great for the client, who was facing a mandatory prison sentence.


(Volusia County) – Attorney Zahra Umansky represented a client charged with Burglary of a Conveyance (car), Fraudulent Use of a credit card, & Petit Theft. It was alleged that the client broke into a car & stole a credit card that was allegedly used fraudulently. Attorney Umansky’s aggressive representation was successful in getting the prosecutor to dismiss all charges against her client!


Both of these cases showcase Zahra Umansky’s ability to represent clients in burglary cases. The intent to commit a crime is present in burglary cases, which may differ from trespassing which includes the physical intent to access places which may not be permitted. This difference increases the severity of the charge exponentially, making the retention of a lawyer direr in these situations. The charge also changes when the vehicle or the structure is occupied or unoccupied.

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Case Results

Grand Theft ($300-$5000)

Nolle Prosequi-Case Dropped

CT-Driving Under the Influence Car (M1)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

CT- Driving under the influence car

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

Grand Theft Third Degree

Adjudicated Guilty; One day jail/one day time serve; Restitution fees; Court Cost

Petit Theft < 300

We negotiated an agreement that entailed the State dropping the charge after our client completed a Pre-Trial Diversion Program. The Charge was dropped via a Nolle Prosequi.

Unlawful Speeding

Withhold of Adjudication; No points on license; Paid fine and clerk cost; 8 hour aggressive driver class; 90 days to satisfy fine and class

Shoot/Throw Missile Into Dwell/Struct/Veh; Child Abuse; Criminal Mischief; Battery (Domestic Violence)

No Information Notice - Charges Dropped

Attach Tag/Lic Plate To Unassigned Vehicle (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

DUI with Minor In Car or BAL of .20 or Higher

Pled No Contest, 1 Year Probation, 10 day Car Impound, Community Service

Motion to Modify Probation

Motion Granted in 48 hours

Petit Theft

Adjudication Withheld, 4 Months probation, Costs/Fines, Impulse Control Class

Petit Theft of $100 or MORE (M1)

Nolle Prosequi

Refuse To Submit To DUI Test (M1)

Case Dropped

Battery on Law Enforcement Officer (F3); Disorderly Conduct (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped


Charges Dropped

Scheme to Defraud(F3); Grand Theft(F3)

Motion to Terminate Probation Granted

Unlawful Speed


Failed to Yield at Intersection

Not Guilty

Leave Scene Of A Crash W/Property Damage (M2)

Case Dropped

Motion to Modify and Impose a Withhold of Adjudication


Attempted Burglary of a Conveyance

Charges dropped

Possession of Cannabis (less than 20 grams)

Charges dropped


Reduced to reckless driving

Possession of Alcohol Under the Age of 21

Charges dropped

Driving Under the Influence

Reduced to Reckless Driving

Violation of Probation

Case Dismissed

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