Pleas and Plea Alternatives

During the arraignment hearing, the judge will do multiple things: read your charges, determine if you have counsel or require court-appointed counsel, and ask how you plea to the presented charges. Of all things mentioned, entering a plea is one the most crucial decisions you’ll make during the criminal trial process. Your response to the judge’s inquiry should not be one you determine then and there, but rather one settled on after an in-depth conversation with your attorney.

The Orlando criminal defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm can make you aware of what each plea entails and serve as your legal representation throughout the ensuing court proceedings. You may require our legal services as soon as the first appearance. Get in touch with us today so that we can start constructing your criminal defense.

Pleas in Criminal Defense Cases

You can enter one of three pleas as an accused criminal: not guilty, nolo contendere, or guilty. The plea you decide to enter may be influenced by case details, any offered plea bargains, and advice from your legal counsel. However, the decision is ultimately yours, making it all the more critical for you to understand what each plea means.

Not Guilty

Pleading not guilty means that you deny all charges presented against you. Individuals often plea not guilty in criminal cases where they believe there to be insufficient incriminating evidence and demand a public trial. It is the responsibility of the city, state, or federal government to prove your guilt in such instances.


Pleading guilty means that you admit to committing the offense or charged crime. As a result of a guilty plea, you waive your right to a trial by jury as well as the right to confront and question witnesses. You cannot enter this plea without consent from the court.

Nolo Contendere

A plea of nolo contendere means that you do not wish to contest the charges against you. It does not equate to an admission of guilt, but it does subject you to the penalties of a guilty plea. This plea differs from a guilty plea as it cannot be used against you in other court proceedings. You must receive the court’s consent to enter a nolo contendere plea.

Plea Alternatives

First-time offenders and those facing particular drug charges may be able to avoid entering a plea by pursuing a plea alternative. This allows you to resolve your case without a formal conviction and can even result in the charges being dropped altogether.

Pretrial Diversion

The State Attorney’s Office offers pretrial diversion (PTD) as a plea alternative. PTD is a diversionary program that’s commonly provided to individuals charged with their first or a nonviolent offense. With PTD, you’ll have to regularly check in with a supervising officer, refrain from criminal activity, and complete community service hours. Depending on the origins of your case, you may even have to submit to random drug tests. Your charges are dropped as a result of successful completion of the program.

Pretrial Intervention

Similar to PTD, pretrial intervention or PTI may require you to report to the court regularly and also submit to drug tests; however, it is offered to individuals facing more severe charges.

PTI can be offered to “Any first offender, or any person previously convicted of not more than one non violent misdemeanor, who is charged with any misdemeanor or felony of the third degree is eligible for release to the pretrial intervention program on the approval of the administrator of the program and the consent of the victim, the state attorney, and the judge who presided at the initial appearance hearing of the offender.” according to Florida Statute Section 948.08. All charges are dropped upon successful completion of the program.

Drug Court

Drug court is an option for those facing felony drug charges. It is a diversionary program that gives felony drug abusers the opportunity to avoid the formal criminal justice system. The program offers the evaluation, management, and placement of substance abusers into rehabilitation programs. The drug court judge is made aware of any compliance issues and can implement consequences he or she deems necessary. All charges are dropped upon successful completion of the program.

The Orlando criminal defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm can analyze the facts of your case, help you settle on a plea or make you aware of possible plea alternatives. Contact us today at 407-228-3838 for a free case evaluation.

Recent Criminal
Case Results

Burglary of Dwelling; Petit Theft

Withhold with 6 months probation and impulse control; adjudication withheld

Grand Theft ($300-$5000)

Nolle Prosequi-Case Dropped

CT-Driving Under the Influence Car (M1)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

CT- Driving under the influence car

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

Grand Theft Third Degree

Adjudicated Guilty; One day jail/one day time serve; Restitution fees; Court Cost

Petit Theft < 300

We negotiated an agreement that entailed the State dropping the charge after our client completed a Pre-Trial Diversion Program. The Charge was dropped via a Nolle Prosequi.

Unlawful Speeding

Withhold of Adjudication; No points on license; Paid fine and clerk cost; 8 hour aggressive driver class; 90 days to satisfy fine and class

Shoot/Throw Missile Into Dwell/Struct/Veh; Child Abuse; Criminal Mischief; Battery (Domestic Violence)

No Information Notice - Charges Dropped

Attach Tag/Lic Plate To Unassigned Vehicle (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped

DUI with Minor In Car or BAL of .20 or Higher

Pled No Contest, 1 Year Probation, 10 day Car Impound, Community Service

Motion to Modify Probation

Motion Granted in 48 hours

Petit Theft

Adjudication Withheld, 4 Months probation, Costs/Fines, Impulse Control Class

Petit Theft of $100 or MORE (M1)

Nolle Prosequi

Refuse To Submit To DUI Test (M1)

Case Dropped

Battery on Law Enforcement Officer (F3); Disorderly Conduct (M2)

Nolle Prosequi - Case Dropped


Charges Dropped

Scheme to Defraud(F3); Grand Theft(F3)

Motion to Terminate Probation Granted

Unlawful Speed


Failed to Yield at Intersection

Not Guilty

Leave Scene Of A Crash W/Property Damage (M2)

Case Dropped

Motion to Modify and Impose a Withhold of Adjudication


Attempted Burglary of a Conveyance

Charges dropped

Possession of Cannabis (less than 20 grams)

Charges dropped


Reduced to reckless driving

Possession of Alcohol Under the Age of 21

Charges dropped

Driving Under the Influence

Reduced to Reckless Driving

Violation of Probation

Case Dismissed

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