Slip and Fall Accidents at Wal-Mart

As a consumer you are always looking for low prices and bargains when shopping for you and your family, especially if you can go to a one-stop supercenter such as Wal-Mart where you can purchase all of your household items. Because of Wal-Mart’s low prices and wide variety of consumer goods to choose from it attracts thousands of shoppers to its stores, which are usually busy at all hours of the day and night.

With the high volume of business that Wal-Mart does on a daily basis and the number of customers that shop within its stores, it is no wonder that shoppers are occasionally injured. Often times these injuries may be the result of negligence by Wal-Mart employees, perhaps from stacking shelves too high and allowing merchandise to fall and injure customers, not promptly cleaning spilled liquids on the floor where a customer can slip and fall, or numerous other potentially unsafe practices that can cause serious injury to Wal-Mart customers.

If you are injured on Wal-Mart’s premises you need to protect yourself by getting the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and even business cards of any witnesses. Also be sure to write down the name of any Wal-Mart employee who may have witnessed your incident and noting their approximate height, weight, race and age. Typically a Wal-Mart manager or supervisor will complete an incident report asking you how the incident happened, recording date, time and place of the incident, as well as any witnesses present. Be sure to read this over carefully! If it is inaccurate as to how the incident happened either make your corrections and initial beside it or if the manager will not let you make any notations on the incident report simply refuse to sign it. Further, request a copy of the incident report before you leave the store and if possible, try to photograph the scene of the incident by purchasing a disposable camera at the store or by using your cellphone. If you can’t get a photograph of the scene before it is cleaned up, try to get a couple pictures of Wal-Mart employees cleaning up. Of course, first and foremost, if you have been seriously injured and require emergency care, please request that Wal-Mart call an ambulance to tend to your injuries.