Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me

The time immediately following an unanticipated arrest in central Florida can cause severe distress and panic, particularly for anyone who has been arrested for the first time. The laws you may have broken can seem perplexing; it can be difficult to understand why you were arrested and the full scope of the charges against you. If you were arrested in Greater Orlando, it’s important to quickly take steps to find a quality criminal defense lawyer near you.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our qualified team of criminal defense lawyers has over 100 years of experience practicing criminal law in and around Orlando. We will make sure to thoroughly evaluate your case and pair you with just the right attorney to resolve your criminal matters. We deeply believe that everyone deserves a second chance and are determined to provide just that when we work with you.

Why Do I Need an Experienced Defense Lawyer Near Me?

Working your way through the criminal process can be a daunting experience, especially for someone who has never done it before. Our lawyers have helped guide people like you through these confusing processes hundreds of times. We have obtained hundreds of successful outcomes for clients who have been charged with a wide range of offenses. If you face misdemeanor or felony charges in Orlando, you should work with an attorney who will do everything possible to have your charges reduced to lesser charges, or dropped altogether, saving you from opening a criminal record. Hiring a local attorney who can cater to your needs is the ideal solution to tackling the obstacles that lay ahead of you at this difficult time.

What Should I Look for in a Quality Criminal Attorney Near Me?

Above all, a criminal defense lawyer near you should have a successful record of handling charges like yours. Criminal defense lawyers throughout Orlando come in all types. The key is finding an attorney that has successfully defended cases like yours and feels comfortable doing so. Additionally, you must feel comfortable with the attorney and be able to trust him to handle your case effectively. The private attorney you choose should also be available to dedicate the full attention your case deserves. Strike a balance between a personal criminal attorney and an affordable one that fits your budget.

How Do I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me?

Most criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations to understand the depth of your case. These no-charge meetings allow the attorney to determine whether your case is one he can defend and whether it would be wise to have you for a client; additionally, this is the ideal time to get to know the attorney you are considering hiring to resolve one of the most significant matters of your life. Use the time wisely by asking detailed questions that help you understand what you face and how your potential lawyer will be a boon to your case.

Why Choose the Umansky Law Firm?

At The Umansky Law Firm, our team of attorneys eagerly seek favorable resolutions to our clients’ criminal matters. We strive to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every case, dedicating our full attention to a wide array of cases. Our lawyers have decades of experience successfully fighting DUI charges, domestic violence charges, drug charges, charges of assault and battery, theft charges, juvenile charges, and more. Chances are high that someone on our team has significant practice defending a case like yours.

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