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Instances of fraud cost the U.S. economy trillions of dollars. Retailers alone lose over $190 billion to credit card fraud, while consumers lose over $16 billion to identity fraud. It costs businesses an average of $2.66 to fight just $1 of fraud. The U.S. government vehemently prosecutes men and women suspected of fraud to mitigate the effects of fraudulent activity.

Mail and wire fraud charges often accompany charges for other fraud crimes. Such charges are so severe they can damage your reputation and strip you of your future if one is convicted. Due to the overly-enthusiastic pursuit of these offenses, many innocent people get caught up in the criminal justice system over misunderstandings and simple errors, making it more likely that the government is pursuing the wrong people. The moment you are questioned regarding a fraud investigation, seek the legal counsel of a skilled Orlando federal defense lawyer.

Understanding Mail and Wire Fraud in Orlando

Mail and wire fraud are very similar crimes in the U.S. Code. Title 18 USC §1341 describes mail fraud as a federal offense which involves the use of the United States Post Office or any other private parcel service to receive or send information, money, or other materials in relation to a fraud scheme. Anyone who attempts to obtain money or property through fraud and uses the mail to advance the scheme may face prosecution for mail fraud.

Eventually, the government added wire fraud to the U.S. Code as a way to keep up with evolution in communications technology. The statute is nearly identical to the statute which describes mail fraud with the exception of the manner in which information, money, or other goods are transmitted. To commit wire fraud, the defendant must use “wired” communication technology, like the telephone, television, radio, or the internet. Using emails, cell phones, text messages, or chat services to commit fraud can lead to federal wire fraud charges.

These days, nearly every fraudulent action involves the use of the internet. A person who unknowingly submits an application over the internet with incorrect information may face wire fraud charges. It’s important to understand that the United States government has an extensive arsenal of resources they can and will use to pursue federal charges, which stresses the importance of obtaining a knowledgeable and experienced federal crimes lawyer in Orlando to represent you in court.

Possible Penalties Following a Conviction of Mail or Wire Fraud

Any federal organization that can launch an investigation may come after you if you are a suspect in a fraud case. The FBI, IRS, or other agency may knock on your door to question you. You are urged to politely but firmly keep anything that may implicate you in the crime to yourself. The penalties you could face if you are convicted are dire.

If you are convicted of mail or wire fraud, you could face the following consequences:

  • Up to 20 years in a federal prison
  • Paying fines of up to $250,000

Additionally, if you are convicted of defrauding a financial institution, you may face up to 30 years in a federal prison and a fine of up to $1,000,000.

Mail and wire fraud charges accompany many other charges for federal crimes. Some of the most common fraud crimes in Orlando include:

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