Revocation of Your Bond

This article was first published June 4th, 2012. Some of the laws may have changed since this that date.

George Zimmerman turned himself into jail again in Sanford, Florida as prosecutors alleged that he misled the court about his finances at his first bond hearing. As a result, his bond was set to one million dollars and required a sort of “fundraising” to get him out of jail.

Whether the allegation against Zimmerman was true or not, the moral of the story is to never lie to the judge or present perjured testimony on your behalf in an effort to get your bail or bond reduced. When you lie to a judge and jury about your income, the judge has the right to increase your bond or revoke your bail altogether. Other instances that may result in the revocation of your bond include:

  • Committing a crime while released
  • Violating a condition of bail

Dangers of Providing Misleading Statements in Court

There are numerous situations where family and friends may not be able to raise enough money to post bond, and the individual will have to wait an extended period until the court date. A bondsman can step into this situation and post the bond, but it will essentially work much like a loan that will be paid back with interest or a set fee.

At an initial bond hearing, the defendant by him or herself or through witnesses may present testimony that his or her financial resources are limited in an effort to convince the judge to set a low bond. Just remember that the state can independently investigate the veracity of your testimony and you do not want to be put in a position where the state, your lawyer or the judge suspects you of not being one hundred percent truthful.

In cases when the state finds out the defendant or his or her witnesses may have lied, the government will move to revoke the bond set and potentially prosecute the perpetrator with perjury. Prison time and fines are legitimate penalties for being found guilty of perjury but ultimately is at the discretion of the judge. Individuals who work in career fields where trustworthiness is valued (legal profession, public service, and law enforcement) may lose their professional license as a result of a conviction.

How an Orlando Bond Hearing Lawyer Can Help

Having a bond set will at least grant you freedom for the time being, allowing you to spend time with friends and family. It is important to be able to organize your life outside of jail while you can instead of waiting for a court or trial date behind bars. If you or a loved one find your bond has been revoked and in need of a hearing, contact the bond hearing lawyers at the Umansky Law Firm.

We understand that staying behind bars as you await your trial does you no good. Allow us to help you get back home to the people you love. Contact us today at 407-228-3838 to speak with an experienced attorney.

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