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Arrested for DUI in Altamonte Springs

Being arrested by the Altamonte Springs Police Department can be a harrowing experience. DUI charges can be complicated and the ordinary citizen can become panicked when they discovers they’ve lost their driver’s license. Our attorneys have experience handling DUI cases that occur in Altamonte Springs area and will be glad to give you a free consultation on your case. where we can advise you on how to get a temporary permit to drive your car or truck.

Altamonte Springs DUI Defense Strategies

Once arrested for DUI your license will be suspended and usually confiscate on the spot. Our attorneys will schedule an arrangement with the DMV that may give you an extended one that will be valid while your case is being processed.

Our goal for every DUI case is to mitigate the potential penalties and fees to a point where the situation doesn’t become unbearable for you. We have used tactics like pre-trial diversion to attempt to get the case dropped altogether under certain conditions. We will guide you through all of your options and help you choose the best one for you.

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Do not let an arrest for DUI deter you from living your life and doing what you need to do. A DUI lawyer with experience and knowledge can guide you through this horrible ordeal. Receiving a DUI often means you’re going to face problems with your license, and have it show up on your record indefinitely. Having a lawyer fight to keep your license valid, and dismiss your case, will enable you to go about your life and eventually expunge your record.

Please contact one of our DUI lawyers today by calling our office at 407-228-3838 for a free case review.

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