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Month: October 2019

Rideshare Users Face Challenges when Reporting Sexual Assault

Imagine that you’re working for the gig economy as a rideshare driver to make ends meet. You already have a full-time job, but your student loan debt takes most of your paycheck, putting you in a position where you need an additional source of income to keep yourself afloat. Taking people where they need to …

Customs Agent Seizes $72k in Cash at Orlando Airport

In late October, Orlando International Airport seized $72,000 in cash from a traveler’s backpack. The traveler came through the airport but failed to report any amount of cash in his possession to customs. Once the sizeable stash was discovered, U.S. customs agents gave the offender multiple opportunities to report the currency. During the investigation, however, …

Theme Park Employees and Former Educator Face Child Pornography Charges

On Friday, November 8, the Computer Crimes Unit of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested 17 men on child pornography charges. Among those arrested were two Disney employees and a former Florida educator. The sting was named “Operation Guardians of Innocence: Fall Haul.” According to Polk Sheriff Grady Judd, “The people arrested during this operation …

Florida-Based Cruise Line Convicted of Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a rapidly-growing problem that’s having a disastrous impact on our environment. In 2017, the world’s largest cruise line made national headlines for allegedly committing severe environmental violations involving the illegal disposal of waste and other atrocities. U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Seitz published a 205-page report detailing more than 800 incidents and …

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