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Month: July 2019

How to Choose a Defense Attorney for a Successful Appeal

So you’ve been to trial and, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. You may have hired private legal counsel or accepted court-appointed legal representation, but you still ended up getting convicted for the charges you faced. It may seem as if you’ve lost out on your final opportunity to have those charges dismissed. However, state …

What to do Immediately After a Construction Site Accident

Construction sites are home to heavy machinery and loose objects, making these locations extremely hazardous. Construction site workers and visitors are aware of these dangers and are sure to wear the proper safety gear, but what about bystanders? An individual walking or driving past a construction site is at as much at risk of sustaining …

Walmart Robber Sentenced to 26 Years for Robbery With Deadly Weapon

This past June in Orlando, local WalMart employees and customers became part of what seemed like a scene out of a cops and robbers movie after Catrell Ivory entered the store and held workers at gunpoint. According to Police Reports, this wasn’t Ivory’s first brush with the law. In 2017, he successfully held up two …

What Happens If A DV Victim Refuses to Testify?

Victim testimony usually makes or breaks an allegation of domestic violence in court. If a victim in a case will not testify, the state may decide not to pursue charges against a defendant. This is not an unusual occurrence as the state can’t make someone give a statement.  All too often, as the date of their …

New Study Shows Teens with ADHD Have a Higher Risk of Car Accidents and Traffic Violations

Every parent worries at some point about their child getting behind the wheel. For young drivers especially, there are plenty of outside distractions they face, including electronic devices that take their attention off the road and put them at risk for getting into potentially devastating accidents. Recently, however, research has been released indicating that young …

Summer Means Underage Drinking is in Full Swing in Florida

The summer months in Florida are long and hot. Along with trips to the swimming pools, beaches, and theme parks, popular activities for local teens also include long nights out with friends. More often than not, long nights out lead to parties that involve binge drinking and potentially dangerous decisions. In the state of Florida, …

Prisoners’ Rights While Incarcerated

Those facing a criminal proceeding may wonder what will happen if convicted and sent to prison as part of their sentencing. Many understand that once they are found guilty and sentenced they no longer have the same liberty as before, but what happens while they’re incarcerated? Basic human rights for inmates are still fundamental and …

What Are My Pre-Arrest Investigation Rights In Florida?

Are you a suspect in a criminal investigation? If so, it’s likely you’re experiencing a range of emotions from anxiety to fear and everything in between. One of the worst parts of it all is that, although you have yet to be arrested, you’re constantly approached and questioned by law enforcement. This leaves you with …

Orlando Police Department Rejects Amazon’s Facial Recognition Tool

On the heels of Amazon Prime Day 2019, which recorded more than 175 million orders from online customers, it’s safe to claim the world loves Amazon. However, the internet and technology tycoon recently launched a pilot program for a facial recognition system that’s sparked plenty of controversy.  Rekognition, the facial recognition program developed by Amazon, …

Can I Get a DUI for Sitting in a Parked Car While Drunk?

So you’re on the way home from a bar and realize that you’re a bit more tipsy than you initially thought. Rather than continue driving and risk getting a DUI or causing an accident, you decide to pull into the local Walmart parking plaza, recline your seat, and sleep it off. One would assume that …

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