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Month: November 2018

Who is Responsible for my Truck Accident Injury?

Your first thought to this question might be “the trucking company,” but that may not be entirely true. Truck accidents often involve multiple players, making them more complex to resolve than car-on-car crashes. It’s important to investigate the cause of the accident thoroughly before filing a lawsuit. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration …

Getting into an Accident While Driving Another’s Car

There are many reasons why a person might be driving someone else’s car. Perhaps they don’t own a vehicle or their vehicle is at the mechanic for repairs. They might also use a family member or friend’s car. In the state of Florida, if the driver borrowing a car is a legal resident, and the …

Street Racing Crimes Affect More Than Just the Driver

In the state of Florida, street racing is a common problem among young motorists. While it is illegal for drivers to engage in the activity, many ignore the law and race anyway. As a result, those who get caught are taken into police custody, placed under arrest, and often incarcerated. Passengers and others who help …

Negative Restaurant Review Leads To Drive-By Shooting

Bad experiences with businesses used to travel by word-of-mouth. In the digital age, that word-of-mouth review spreads faster than it used to once it goes online. When that bad review goes viral, it can all but shut down a business after customers and the public decide to boycott and avoid the business. In the case …

Convicted Felons May Not Inherit Firearms in Florida

Once convicted of a felony, an individual has lost the right to own and possess a firearm. But what happens if a family member dies and leaves a gun or guns to the convicted felon through probate, in a will or other estate plan? It’s simple–the convicted felon cannot inherit the firearms. They will have …

What to Do if You Hit a Parked Car in Florida

Any driver can find themselves accidentally hitting a parked car. It happens when you get too close to another car, usually while parallel parking in a spot that’s too tight, and bump into another vehicle. It’s important to know what to do next in case you find yourself in this predicament. When a driver bumps …

Out of Town Sexual Predator Arrested In Orlando

A woman on a business trip to Orlando was sexually assaulted by a man described by authorities as a “violent sexual predator from Illinois.” He was arrested shortly after the woman was able to escape and run to a hotel, where she contacted authorities. Joseph Thomas Paul Moore, 31, was arrested November 27th after positive …

Government Begins Push for a Reduced BAC Limit

A study from the University of California, San Diego claims that the United States should lower the legal limit on alcohol to 0.05 for driving. The finding has gained traction, and now several states cite this study as a reason to update DUI and DWI laws. However, there is one glaring problem: the science it’s …

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